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Tentrr: A Better Way to Camp

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Less Roughing It. More Enjoying It. That’s What Tentrr Is All About.

Everyone loves to camp and loves the outdoors but let’s be honest. Some of us just don’t want to sleep in a flimsy tent with high winds and freezing temperatures. Or a steaming tent, hot from the sun covered in flies. To make camping more enjoyable for all, glamping was created. Glamping is short for “glamorous camping”. Glamping has the reputation of being completely removed from the outdoors, or that it isn’t real camping. Of course it is not as rugged as traveling out on your own, carrying your shelter and supplies yourself, but it still gets you out into the wilderness, which is the important part. 

Tentrr was founded by Michael D’Agostino, an avid camper. His issue with camping wasn’t that it was too rugged, but that it was hard to find a good place to camp, especially on a busy weekend in the summer. D’Agostino created Tentrr to try to connect local landowners with nature-starved and craved people from the cities. Instead of only relying on public land, D’Agostino created a platform where everyone benefits from sharing beautiful land. Tentrr works as a middle man basically to connect adventurers to private landowners who are interested in sharing their space. Tentrr is essentially Airbnb for finding campsites. 

Photo by Tentrr.

How it Works

With Tentrr, you can camp anyway you like. If your preference is glamping, Tentrr can provide you with fully set up sites where you are ready to adventure as soon as you get outside. These sites all differ but they all come with a tent already built, just awaiting your arrival. 

For the more rugged campers, Tentrr offers backcountry sites where you can have the experience of camping and backpacking, with the beautiful view on private land. You can either bring your own beloved supplies, or Tentrr can provide them for you. Once you’re connected with a secured private location, you can easily book it through their website and be on your way! For many campsites, you also have the option to add extra host adventures and local experiences to your package to make your trip even better. This is of course just an option, but local expertise is always a valuable thing to take into consideration.

Tentrr’s Best Campsites in Colorado 

Colorado is an outdoor adventure lover’s haven. With thousands of locations to choose, camping is a Coloradan’s favorite activity. There is so much to experience in the Rockies and camping, or glamping, gives you access to all of those great adventures. Colorado is home to 11 national forests and 4 national parks. Located in these beautiful forests and parks are some of the best camping, hiking, fishing and mountain biking in the United States. 

One problem with camping in Colorado? Despite the vast number of campsites, urbanites can have a hard time finding one available during the busy summer months. Colorado has a lot to offer but if you are based in Denver, your options are a bit more limited. Despite that, Tentrr offers some really cool campsites in Colorado to help everyone get to the outdoors. Here are the top 5 that we found in Colorado. 

Satori Farm Cayenne – Littleton, CO 

Photo of Satori Farm Cayenne near Littleton, Colorado. This an exquisite hideaway nestled among large and beautiful ponderosa pines. Photo by Tentrr.

This campsite is great because it is located very close to Denver. The Satori Farm Cayenne campsite offers the best of both worlds. Beautiful access to the outdoors and the experience of a mountain getaway, paired with a short distance to restaurants and town. This location is perfect if you are an outdoor lover but also love the comfort and ease of being close to town.  

At this site, you have access to beautiful trails in the Deer Creek Canyon Park, full of great hiking, and biking opportunities. Better yet, if you are at this site in the summer and yearning for some water activities, the Chadfield Reservoir and Bear Creek Lake Park are only 30 minutes away by car. The set up at this site is a luxury Tentrr setup, complete with a canvas tent, a dome tent, a queen bed and plenty of outdoor amenities. Enjoy the beautiful landscape with a picnic table, fire pit, campfire grill and more! 

100 Mile Overlook at 105 West Ranch – Victor, Colorado

The 100 Mile Overlook at 105 West Ranch has 48 acres of private camping with all the best that Colorado has to offer…Massive aspen trees, 14,115′ Pike’s Peak towering above, sunny meadows and 100+ mile views into the horizon through the door of your tent. Photo by Tentrr.

This campsite is in Victor, Colorado. At this site, you get access to 48 acres of private camping with all that Colorado has to offer. Here you’ll be able to enjoy massive aspen trees, the towering sight of Pikes Peak, and beautiful views that go on for more than 100 miles. This is another easy location to get to. Only one hour from Colorado Springs, this campsite is easy to get to from the city for a one night get away. 

At this site, you have access to miles and miles of trails to hike, bike, and explore on. This site is very comfortable, with a canvas dome tent and a queen bed, you will be extremely comfortable in this extremely remote location. A fun fact is that this site is at the highest elevation than any other Tentrr location in the entire world. 

Firewood Campsite – Powderhorn, Colorado

Firewood Campsites are spacious, open plots of land on a CampKeeper’s property that are prime for Campers that want to experience barebones camping and bring their own tents and gear. Photo by Tentrr.

This is a great example of Tentrr’s backcountry campsite. At this remote location, you can hike and pitch your tent under a beautiful, huge tree in a valley that gives you a front row view of roaming animals and the Gunnison River. This site gives you access to land that is typically off limits for hikers and campers. The hosts of this site offer an outdoor shower and soaking tub where you can wash yourself off under the stars after a long day of hiking and exploring. 

Carpe Diem – Fort Garland, Colorado 

The Campe Diem sites are spacious, open plots of land on a CampKeeper’s property that are prime for Campers that want to experience barebones camping and bring their own tents and gear. Photo by Tentrr.

This is another great example of Tentrr’s backcountry sites. This campsite is close to the beautiful and must-see Great Sand Dunes National Park. This site is spacious, close to open plots of land on private property that are prime for campers who are excited to experience barebone camping. For this site, you have to bring your own gear. This site is a great option for those campers who want to adventure on the Sand Dunes but don’t want to be around the busy summer crowds. 

Los Pinos River Camp – Bayfield, Colorado 

Secluded campsite right along the Pinos River. Photo by Tentrr.

This is a beautiful site that is in a secluded location right along the Pinos river. This site is close to Durango, Colorado, only 18 miles away. This site is so close to the river that you can basically fish from your tent. The Pinos River is full of Rainbow, German Brown and Cutthroat fish. You feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere, but you are only a mile from a grocery store and fun places to eat.


No matter where you are planning on camping, in Colorado or elsewhere, Tentrr has plenty of opportunities for any kind of camper. If you want to have more of a glamping experience, that can be accommodated. If you want a rugged, remote experience, Tentrr can get you to places that other campers do not have access to.

Tentrr aims to take the hassle out of camping so that you can enjoy your time outdoors. They connect landowners with campers seeking to explore the great outdoors.

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