Explore Responsibly: Leave No Trace + Tread Lightly!

morning in the mountains

Skyblue Overland + Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Leaving basecamp in better condition than we found it.

Skyblue Overland believes that when all outdoor enthusiasts learn and practice Leave No Trace, that we can all play a key role in the protection of the outdoor spaces we love and it is their goal to make sure everyone is equipped with the skills to do so.

Leave No Trace principles are central to what we teach when we provide resources to those looking to spend more time outside and improve their outdoor skills. We share a variety of destinations, trail guides, and trip itineraries on the Skyblue Overland Journal. We want to make sure we are providing the information people need to recreate responsibly and Leave No Trace.





Skyblue Overland + Tread Lightly!

Travel Responsibly on land by staying on designated roads, trails and areas. 

Tread Lightly! and their partners lead a national initiative to protect and enhance recreation access and opportunities by promoting outdoor ethics to heighten individuals’ sense of good stewardship. Tread Lightly!’s goal is to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with our need to maintain healthy ecosystems and thriving populations of fish and wildlife.

Tread Lightly! offers a myriad of programs, trainings, and educational material to help educate recreationists across the nation on the importance of treading lightly. Tread Lightly! is also a member-based organization.

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