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Camp Better in a Roofnest Roof Top Tent

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If you are planning to get out and camp this summer and you have an overlander, you should be thinking about getting a hard shell roof top tent. Hard shell roof top tents are built for the overland style, allowing you to camp wherever you can get to.

Photo by Roofnest.

Roofnest is built on… adventure

One of the best hard shell roof top tents on the market is made by Roofnest. Roofnest is a Boulder, Colorado local company that is built on adventure. Roofnest’s driving mission is to escape from the familiar sights and sounds of your familiar routine and immerse yourself in nature. Being outside reminds us of what is easy, relaxing and most important. To keep yourself grounded it is essential to get outside as much as possible! 

Roofnest was founded by Tim Nickles, a Boulder resident who has the bug for outdoor adventure. He has spent his whole life experiencing all that the outdoors has to offer from backpacking and hiking to skiing and camping. Through Nickles life as an outdoor enthusiast, he came to realize that experiencing the outdoors is only possible with the great gear he has gathered throughout the years. His camping gear was his key to accessing the outdoors and he wanted more people to have access to that. This drove Nickles to a lifelong pursuit of modifying, designing and creating outdoor camping gear that made sleeping under the stars easier and more comfortable than ever. 

When Nickles first tried a rooftop tent, he knew this is what he wanted to make. He loved the comfort and the ease of feeling like you are sleeping in your own bedroom, but directly under the stars. 

Outdoor camping is made easy by Roofnest. They make campers that are accessible, convenient, and comfortable for campers of every experience level. Their easy-to-use hardshell rooftop tents are a great tool to get you out into the wilderness and immersed in the experience. 

What Makes Hard Shell Roof Top Tents Ideal For Overlanders

Nickles took his vision and carefully grew his business to create some of the best rooftop tents on the market. Having a mobile base-camp means you are not tied down to a specific campsite and you can travel around more than you could if you had to pack up and carry your tent and supplies everywhere. This gives you more freedom and flexibility to explore more on four wheels. The best part about the rooftop tents, is that they only take less than a minute to set up and takedown. This is way less time than a traditional tent and you don’t even have to carry it anywhere. 

Most rooftop tents even allow you to store your blankets, sleeping bags in pillows in them when collapsed. This makes setting up that much more convenient. These tents are waterproof and extremely durable, not to mention easy to clean. Chances are if you are overlanding you are going to be getting this tent dirty. The hard-shell exterior makes it easy to hose down to look brand new. 

Roofnest’s Tents 

Roofnest makes a few models of hard shell rooftop tent. Each of these tents are easy to attach to your car and extremely good quality. To find the perfect tent for your needs, you can simply select your car type, look through the different models of tents, and find which one will fit best with your car and your adventure needs. 

The brand new, redesigned 2020 Sparrow is ready to join you for all your road trip adventures. Photo by Roofnest.

The Sparrows are the best tents for the everyday camper. They are easy to use, offer an impressive amount of headroom, and offer extensive storage inside and outside of the tent. These are perfect for campers of all experience levels and come in three different sizes to fit on your car with your desired number of people. 

The beauty of the Condor is that you can have it all – a large, comfy sleeping space as well as the easy setup and aerodynamic shape of a hard shell tent. Photo by Roofnest.

The Condors have a smaller footprint than the Sparrows, they are meant to fit better on smaller cars or even over truck bed racks. Though it has a smaller footprint, the Condor XL is big enough to fold out to comfortably sleep four people, while still being small enough to fit on most vehicles. 

The Falcon is our 50″ wide aluminum hard shell roof top tents that are less than 7″ tall when closed. Photo by Roofnest.

The Falcons are the most durable and versatile tents, often favored by overlanding enthusiasts. These tents are designed for more advanced campers. The durability, ruggedness and ability to attach multiple accessories make it the best option for those who want to do a lot while out there on their adventure. 

Having your tent and all that you need to camp stored on top of your car saves you so much room to pack more into your vehicle. You can fit mountain bikes on the back of your car to experience some epic mountain biking. You can use the extra room in your trunk to bring along a grill and make a high-quality, delicious meal with your family. You can even load your overlanding vehicle up with food, water, and plenty of clothing and equipment so you can immerse yourself in nature for days, or weeks on end! The options that overlanding with a hard shell rooftop tent bring are endless. 

This summer, consider experiencing more of nature by overlanding and sleeping under the stars in a comfortable, safe and durable campsite on top of your vehicle.

Skyblue Featured Video: Roofnest Condor Overland Walk-Around

This is Roofnest’s brand new, all aluminum Condor Overland – the toughest foldout rooftop tent on the market. Condor Overland combines the features and materials of Roofnest’s Falcon clamshell series with the extra sleeping room and compact footprint of a foldout. This tent is the ideal choice for overlanders and outdoor adventurers who require a rooftop tent that is compact, sturdy, and capable of carrying gear — a trio of features that are virtually unheard of in the foldout rooftop tent market, until now.

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