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Photo Essay: Timberline Falls, Glass Lake and Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park

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Glass Lake and Sky Pond are located 4.15 and 4.5 miles away from Glacier Gorge Trailhead, which is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. The lakes sit just above Timberline Falls in a deep valley capped by Taylor Glacier, Taylor Peak (13,153′) and Powell Peak (13,208′). The peaks sit along the edge of the famous Sharkstooth Ridge, also known as The Sharkstooth.

Often called the prettiest lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Timberline Falls and Sky Pond are an excellent destination in a beautiful part of the Rockies. The pond sits high in an alpine valley, carved by Taylor Glacier, which still lives on, above the lake. It is the third in a string of alpine lakes you’ll pass en-route. Carve out a significant chunk of time for this hike as it is longer and more difficult than Bear Lake or Emerald Lake. Because of its stunning beauty, the trail is visited all year long. Plan your trip accordingly and bring a camera. Checkout our detailed trail review article.

Here’s my photo essay from my hike on July 12, 2020