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Buyer’s Guide To Toad&Co’s Fall Collection

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New Styles To Love

Toad&Co is a brand that makes clothes using sustainable methods and ethical business practices. The brand is known for its fresh, seasonal pieces with funky prints, vibrant colors, and detailed designs. Toad&Co offers many collections, including hemp, vegan, organic cotton, recycled, travel gear, and loungewear. With sustainability at the heart of its business practices, purchasing Toad&Co clothes supports the good.

Toad&Co’s durable fabrics, comfortable styles, and practical designs offer travelers an easy-to-pack alternative that’ll last. The company’s focus on sustainability shines through every design. Build your fall wardrobe with these performance pants, tops, fleece, sweaters, and jackets made for the rigors of travel.

The Toad&Co team traveled to the picturesque village of June Lake in the Eastern Sierra to highlight their new fall collection. Photo by Toad&Co.

From flannel shirts to long-sleeve dresses and everything in between, Toad&Co just dropped several new products and colors for the new season. In celebration of the new fall styles, I put together a new Toad&Co Buying Guide composed of great pieces for fall. The Toad&Co team traveled to the picturesque village of June Lake to highlight their new fall designs.

June Lake is the oldest mountain resort town in California’s Eastern Sierra, where the Villager motel has been welcoming guests since the 1920’s. During the spring, summer, and fall, visitors fish in the nearby award-winning lakes and streams, hike the scenic passes, and mountain bike the trails… all under the glorious blue Sierra sky.

Here’s few of my favorite pieces from Toad&Co’s fall collection (some have colors still on sale, too!)

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New Women’s Styles

Women’s Karuna Cord Wide Leg Pant

Women’s Karuna Cord Wide Leg Pant in Brown Sugar. Photo by Toad&Co.

A high-rise waist and relaxed fit will flatter all figures, and a 7/8 length plays well with boots and sneakers alike. Toad&Co’s cords are strong and sustainable with just a hint of stretch, perfect for saddlin’ up or headin’ downtown.

Available in 5 colorways, including Soot, Fir, Brown Sugar (shown above), Dark Chino and Autumn.

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Windmere II Long Sleeve Dress

Windmere II Long Sleeve Dress in the Fir Spray Print. Photo by Toad&Co.

The swingy Windmere Dress is a fall must-have that flatters every body. A pair of pockets keep what you need at hand whether you’re wine tasting or whiling away the afternoon underneath bright-colored leaves. Available in a range of colors and patterns, it might be hard to choose just one.

Available in 5 colorways, including Fir Spray Print (shown above), True Navy, Black, True Navy Dot Floral Print, and Silver Pine 90s Stripe.

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Bianca Cardigan

Bianca Cardigan in Almond Stripe. Photo by Toad&Co.

Just as some flowers bloom all year-round, this sweater is always in season. Need something light to throw over a sundress when fall starts to hit? Grab this cardi. An extra layer on brisker days? Grab this cardi. What about when it’s not-quite-jacket weather? Do we even have to say it? Grab. This. Cardi.

Available in 4 colorways, including Glacier (my favorite because it matches my Jeep!), Almond Stripe (shown above), Manzanita, and True Navy.

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Manzana Pull-On Skirt

Manzana Pull-On Skirt in Starshine Print. Model is also wearing the Women’s Epiq Short Sleeve Crew. Photo by Toad&Co.

Every lady has her secrets, and this skirt is no exception. Her swingy silhouette and functional, flattering design will initially catch your eye, but look closer, and you will notice she’s more than meets the eye. A button-front design gives you options in terms of leg exposure, while an elastic waist and sneaky hand pocket makes her as practical as you are pretty.

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Cottonwood Overall

Cottonwood Overall in Iron Throne Vintage Wash. Photo by Toad&Co.

Overalls are timeless to the core and Toad&Co’s easygoing overalls can make an outfit out of anything, be it sweater or tee. Durably built from soft and sustainable organic cotton and polyester twill, take her out to the game or dig around in the garden—she might be cute, but she’s just as tough.

Available in 4 colorways, including Iron Throne Vintage Wash (shown above), Tabac Vintage Wash, Beetle Vintage Wash, and Barnwood Vintage Wash

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Rosalinda Dress

Rosalinda Dress in Salt Vine Print. Photo by Toad&Co.

Clothes can bring out the best in a relationship, just not without some work. Toad&Co wants the best with their Rosalinda Dress, composed of a complementary shape, a stretchy Samba knit blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell, organic cotton, and spandex, and adaptable work-to-play features to ensure that you’re happy together. The V-neck will accentuate your curves, while the bust pleats and double-layer empire bodice will refine them. Three-quarter sleeves add coverage for your arms and hand pockets for your hands. An A-line drape to the knee lengthens your body.

Available in 6 colorways, including Antler Fan Print, Big Sky Vine Print, True Navy Spray Print, Salt Vine Print, Black and North Shore Stripe Print.

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Women’s Sespe Sherpa Zip Jacket

Women’s Sespe Sherpa Zip Jacket in Glacier. Model is also wearing the McCloud Wide Leg Pant in Autumn Tie Dye. Photo by Toad&Co.

This one is old-school Toad to the bone. Based on a heritage look from back in the day, Toad&Co took all the best traits of their vintage zip jacket and remixed them into this eco-friendly update. That means it’s got the same warmth and eternally cool styling as its classic cousin, but improved with our 100% recycled fiber. Can you dig it?

Available in 5 colorways, including Glacier (shown above), Dark Roast, Ruska, Beetle II, and Light Heather Grey II.

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McCloud Wide Leg Pant

McCloud Wide Leg Pant in Evergreen. Model is also wearing the Manzana Long Sleeve Peasant Top. Photo by Toad&Co.

We all love sweatpants, but sometimes, you gotta mix it up. Cozy 100% organic cotton waffle knit joins forces with a wide leg that goes with the flow and sways with the rhythm (and looks good doing it). Give ‘em a flip at the cuff for a little peek of rolled jersey, just ‘cause.

Available in 5 colorways, including Evergreen (shown above), Soot, Fawn, Autumn Tie Dye (pretty awesome!), and Sea Blue.

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Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress

Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress in Cedar Ombre. Photo by Toad&Co.

If you can’t resist swinging on playground equipment, the Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress is just for you. Made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester, this shirtdress will have you kick up your heels and pump! It has plenty of pockets, so that you can gather everything you need for a great day. And an optional tie waist will cinch it the perfect fit. It will be a cinch to wear into fall. Available in 7 colorways, including Cedar Ombre (shown above), Riverside, Fawn, Antler Ombre, Monarch, Almond and Manzanita.

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Re-Form Flannel Shirt

Re-Form Flannel shirt in Canoe. Photo by Toad&Co.

A staple of any true aficionado, whether you’re a devotee of the great outdoors or an intrepid urban explorer, a flannel shirt is not heavy like the flannels of yesteryear but soft and light, thanks to recycled cotton and polyester. In modern colors, Toad&Co’s Re-Form Flannel is the perfect garment to help you join the club while heading out on your next adventure. Available in 11 colorways, including Canoe (shown above), Riverside, Glacier, Fawn, Cedar Ombre, Antler Ombre, Barley, Monarch, Blue Slate, Big Sky and Dawn.

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Earthworks 5 Pocket Skinny Pant

Earthworks 5 Pocket Skinny Pant in Brown Sugar. Photo by Toad&Co.

Toad&Co’s classic Earthworks pant has been subtly reinvented, giving it a slimmer leg, a more jean-like appearance, and a higher rise. These trusty trousers will help you get through a day on the job, whether you’re hammering nails or hammering out carpool details. Available in 7 colorways, including Brown Sugar (shown above), Soot, Beetle, Auburn, Barnwood, Salt, High Tide and Picante.

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Follow Through Hooded Dress

Follow Through Hooded Dress in Camp Green. Photo by Toad&Co.

The Follow Through Hooded Dress is a staple of Toad style. It is simple, casual attire that you can wear while eating lunch with your friends or during a trip to the dog park. It is lightweight and has a hood that can come in handy if you’re outside during a storm. Four colorways are available, including Camp Green (shown above), Manzanita, Big Sky and Heather Gray.

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New Men’s Styles

Moonwake Long Sleeve Shirt

Moonwake Long Sleeve Shirt in Dark Roast. Photo by Toad&Co.

A super-soft organic cotton and recycled poly blend make this slightly-lofted button-down as sustainable as it is comfortable, while oversized chest pockets will have you looking rugged and dapper at the same time. Rupper? Dagged? Whatever you choose, this shirt is it.

Available in 3 colorways, including True Navy, Heather Grey and Dark Roast (shown above and nearby).

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Men’s Sespe Sherpa Vest

Men’s Sespe Sherpa Vest in Dark Roast. Photo by Toad&Co.

Toad&Co. is throwing it back to a time when outside was free and mustaches were unironic. With a vintage silhouette and old school textures, the untrained eye would think you pulled this sherpa fleece vest straight from your old man’s closet. No disrespect to dad’s ancient camp stove or canvas tent, but 100% recycled materials (including 70% recycled wool) mean this one is 100% modern in all the best ways.

Available in 2 colorways, including Dark Roast (shown above) and Light Heather Grey II.

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Men’s Timehop Jogger

Photo by Toad&Co.

Adventure doesn’t stop at climbing mountains or roaming coast lines. Neither do these action-ready joggers. Combining buttery softness with forgiving stretch and anti-odor coverage, they’ll run, jump and swim to find the best view or the tastiest taco.

Available in 2 colorways, including Black (shown above) and Dark Graphite Melange.

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Mojac Dos Shirt Jacket

Mojac Dos Shirt Jacket in Cedar. Photo by Toad&Co.

Deftly engineered to act like a jacket, but feel like a shirt, the Mojac is truly a living riddle of dynamic proportions. Made of 100% organic cotton flannel, and buttery soft shirt knit liner, the Mojac Dos has a rustic vintage quality right out of the box. A relaxed shirttail hem and snap closures at the chest, pockets and cuffs round out the deck, and seal the deal.

Available in 3 colorways, including Cedar (shown above), Fjord,  and Soot Herringbone.

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Men’s Sespe Sherpa Zip Jacket

Men’s Sespe Sherpa Zip Jacket in Glacier. Photo by Toad&Co.

One of Toad&Co’s best “back in the day” pieces, revived for the 21st century. For the guy who values timeless style as much as he does sustainability, the Sespe Sherpa Zip Jacket is ready to tackle the great outdoors and look good doing it. Belay on, brother.

Available in 3 colorways, including, Glacier (shown above0, Light Heather Grey II and Beetle.

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Airsmyth Long Sleeve Shirt

Airsmyth Long Sleeve Shirt in Cabin. Photo by Toad&Co.

Helping save the planet by resurrecting landfill doomed materials into glorious new threads is an act of greatness. Combine that with the Airsmyth’s 100% recycled cotton and polyester fabric, plus its lightweight, moisture-wicking and spirited disposition, and you’re ready to embrace every day as an adventure. Let spontaneity be your guide and the Airsmyth your faithful brother in arms.

Available in 9 colorways, including Cabin (shown above), Barnwood, Antler, Tabac, Chrome II, Silver Pine, Manzanita, Straw and Autumn.

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Men’s Scouter Cord Pull-On Pant

Men’s Scouter Cord Pull-On Pant in Midnight. Photo by Toad&Co.

From early morning wave scouting to well-deserved post-surf naps, these easy-wearing pull-on pants mask loungeable comfort with date night good looks.

Available in 3 colorways, including Honey Brown, Midnight (shown above), and Light Ash.

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Men’s Primero Long Sleeve Shirt

Primero Long Sleeve Shirt. Photo by Toad&Co.

T-shirts were the heroes of their own stories, especially the Primero Long Sleeve Shirt. A spinoff of the classic Primo Tee, this easy-going long sleeve presented like a chambray shirt, offering a softer look and feel that primed it for cooler fall days. It was as comfortable as your favorite tee shirt and ready for anything dappled with light and warmth.

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Our friends at Toad&Co are big on enjoying the simple things in life, embracing the silly and letting go every once in a while. It keeps their spirits high and gives us the energy to focus on the things that matter, like empowering people with disabilities, sourcing the most sustainable materials, partnering with the cleanest factories and looking for new ways to do more with less.

Sustainable materials make a world of difference. Toad&Co uses organic cotton, recycled fibers, and other high-quality materials known for low-impact growing and clean manufacturing.

About June Lake Villager Motel

Nestled in the picturesque village of June Lake, the oldest mountain resort town in California’s Eastern Sierra, the Villager motel has been welcoming guests since the 1920’s.

The Villager motel has an affordable variety of accommodations to fit your needs. The Villager is centrally located in the June Lake Village-walking distance to June Lake or the Gull Lake Marina (home of the Monster Trout), restaurants, shops, and galleries. All the while enjoying the incredible views made famous by Ansel Adams’ stunning photographs.

The Villager is an all-season, pet friendly resort! In winter, enjoy many snow play opportunities including skiing, snow boarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, ice skating, ice climbing, and sledding. Strap on your skis and head off to the June Mountain Ski Area which is only one mile away or take a 20-minute drive to nearby Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

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