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Buyer’s Guide To Filson’s Flannel Collection

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Filson’s flannel shirt collection has 5 different weights of fabric. These flannels are designed with multiple color options inspired by classic and vintage flannels rigorously sourced by the Filson design team.

As we start early fall, the transition into the best season for menswear has just begun. To help make the season the best it can be, I’m adding my favorite rugged, cold weather wardrobe essentials to my closet. When I gear up for a hike or adventure in the autumn wilds, there is no better choice than Filson.

I first became acquainted with Filson when I moved to Seattle in 1989 to start my first job as an engineering geologist. I worked on civil infrastructure and hydrogeology projects all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Despite the harsh conditions of working in these remote areas, I always wore Filson clothing to get me through the days and nights in the field. Their products are made out of high-quality materials that get more comfortable with use.

Filson’s Flannels By Warmth

One of my favorite cold weather wardrobe essentials are flannel shirts. A good flannel shirt is capable of keeping you dry when rain or snow falls, or when you get sweaty. It can be worn daily for decade after decade. If you have not yet invested in flannel clothing, then you may not know why so many people enjoy wearing items made from this material during the winter. A lightweight layer of flannel can be worn around the house and even as a base layer under other clothing, while a heavier layer of flannel can provide warmth when you are outdoors on the coldest winter days.

Filson’s iconic flannel is brushed on both sides, adding a layer of softness and warmth that belies its thickness and weight. Photo by Filson.

You may be curious about how flannel keeps you so warm. Unlike other fabrics, flannel is loosely woven to allow pockets of air to form between fabric strands. Air is a great insulator, and the many air pockets in flannel insulate your body in cold winter temperatures.

Filson’s flannel shirt collection has 5 different weights of fabric. Of the fabrics they offer, some come in as light as 4 ounces per square yard and others can weigh as much as 8.5 ounces per square yard. Lightweight flannel can help keep you warm on warmer winter days, while heavyweight flannel can help keep you warm on colder days and cold winter nights.

Durable and timeless, Filson’s flannel shirts have earned a favored spot among outdoorsmen, laborers, and sportsmen with their varied and capable wear. From heavyweight flannels like the iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt to the lightweight ruggedness of the Scout Shirt, there’s a Filson flannel for every season and any climate. To help prepare for oncoming cooler weather, we’ve developed this new guide to Filson’s fabrics to help you find the flannels for your needs.

These flannels are designed with multiple color options inspired by classic and vintage flannels rigorously sourced by the Filson design team.

Here are Filson’s flannel shirts organized from warm to warmest.

Scout Shirt – 4 oz. Cotton Flannel

Filson Scout Shirt. Photo by Filson.

The Scout Shirt is Filson’s lightest-weight flannel shirt, made with 4 oz. cotton flannel and cut with a trim fit.

This soft flannel shirt is a great layering piece when it’s cool enough for a t-shirt but still warm enough to need a button-up. It can be worn while transitioning through different seasons, or even in an air conditioned office on a chilly summer evening. Like all of Filson’s shirts, the Scout Shirt is pre-washed to eliminate shrinkage and maximize comfort. It’s made with 100% yarn-dyed cotton fabric, and the cut is trimmer to the body.

The Scout shirts come in 8 different color options inspired by classic and vintage flannels rigorously sourced by the Filson design team.

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Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt – 5 oz. Cotton Flannel

Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt. Photo by Filson.

This is a lightweight version of Filson iconic Alaskan Guide shirt, made with 5 oz cotton flannel and cut with room to work.

The Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt, an all-season workhorse of a shirt, is built for year-round comfort and durability. It’s a lighter-weight version of Filson’s iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt that’s been a go-to work shirt for ranchers, guides and bush pilots since 1996.

Filson’s original Alaskan Guide Shirt has proven itself a favorite time and again from Alaska to Maine to the Rockies, and when their customers asked for a version that was comfortable in southern climes and warmer months, they listened. The result has exceeded all expectations for versatility, comfort, and universal utility. The midweight 5-oz. cotton twill is soft but durable. The relaxed fit, rear-shoulder box pleat, and reflective heat-bead vents allow non-binding ease of motion while letting in plenty of airflow during hot days. The shirt is prewashed for shrinkage control and a broken-in feel from the first day. Expandable, gusseted chest pockets with button-close flaps keep small valuables handy and secure. The custom Filson logo buttons on the front closure and adjustable cuffs are built with tough, chip-resistant polyester for years of durability.

The Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt–a new standard for year-round versatility and comfort in an outdoor shirt.

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Field Flannel Shirt – 7 oz. Cotton Flannel

Field Flannel Shirt. Photo by Filson.

Filson’s Field Flannel Shirt is a strong midweight cotton flannel, made with 7 oz cotton flannel and designed for outdoor use. The flannel fabric is brushed on both sides to make it soft to the touch, yet rugged enough for all-around use. The shirt is made in a durable construction that sits between Filson’s classic and lightweight Alaskan Guide shirts, making it a versatile choice for wearing in a range of temperatures. This classic outdoors shirt is built from a plain weave cotton that’s designed to be strong as it is soft. It’s a dependable option for daily use as well as wear outdoors or at the job site.

The buttons made of melamine will not break easily. The garment has been washed to prevent shrinkage and is supposed to look worn-in right when you first put it on. Additionally, a center back pleat facilitates movement.

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Alaskan Guide Shirt – 8 oz. Cotton Flannel

Filson’s iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt. Photo by Filson.

Filson’s iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt has been trusted by bush pilots, sportsmen, ranchers, and tradesmen for a quarter-century, and for good reason. This classic is at the core of the business and has proven to be the most comfortable shirt on the market. It is durable, reliable, and will last you for years.

Preshrunk and brushed, this flannel looks as warm and inviting as it feels. The classic plaid design adds a touch of classic style, while the thickness and weight ensure warmth for cool days. Wear it over a T-shirt on cool fall days, or over a base layer on those really cold mornings. The tight weave is more durable than you might think. Dual flapped chest pockets expand to accommodate bulky items, while Filson buttons are practically indestructible. The pleated shoulders make this flannel ideal for anyone who wears a lot of layers while they’re out and about.

Filson’s Alaskan Guide Shirt–defining what an outdoor shirt should be for more than 25 years.

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Vintage Flannel Work Shirt – 8.5 oz. Cotton Flannel

Color: Cobalt/Black Plaid. Photo by Filson.

Filson’s Vintage Flannel Work Shirt is made of thick and breathable midweight cotton and is built to keep you warm when the weather cools. It has two shoulder pleats to keep it loose, giving you the flexibility to work overhead and cast a fly rod or shouldering a shotgun. The shirt has button-front closures that can be adjusted with a button for a customized fit.

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