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Skyblue’s Weekly Adventure Roundup (9/4-9/10)

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Each week, I bring you my most captivating discoveries in the areas of adventure, outdoor gear, travel, and wellness. Read on to find out what you may have missed this week and more!

Welcome to Skyblue’s Weekly Adventure Roundup!

This week, I’m bringing you the latest and greatest in adventure, outdoor gear, travel, and wellness. Get up to speed with all of the newest product updates, releases, and news from Skyblue’s weekly report for 9/4 to 9/10/2023.

Read on for a roundup of what happened this past week and more!

Highlights From The Week

We recently published our Explorer’s Guide to Colorado’s Peak-to-Peak Scenic Byway. This route is one of my favorite weekend drives in the Front Range. The entire route can be done in just a couple of hours and is a great route to Estes Park.

The Peak-to-Peak Scenic Byway in Colorado passes through silent forests to alpine lakes with breathtaking views of the Front Range. Originally intended to connect Longs Peak and Pikes Peak, the scenic byway leads past Roosevelt National Forest, Brainard Lake Recreation Area and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Start your engines and get ready to embark on a journey throughout America with our Explorer’s Guides. Have all the fun you can on the open roads!

Peak to Peak Highway through the Rocky Mountains near Estes Park, Colorado.

Hiking To The Lion Lakes and Snowbank Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado – This week we updated our trail guide to the hiking trail to the Lion Lakes and Snowbank Lake. Deep in the heart of Wild Basin, Lion Lakes and Snowbank Lake offer unspoiled alpine beauty. Photographers will love the expansive vistas with no signs of human settlement. Swimming is limited on the lower lake, but treed shores make cozy spots for hammocks. Snowbank Lake may offer better water opportunities. This area offers some of the best views of Wild Basin and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Snowbank Lake (L.) and Lion Lake #2 (R.) from near the summit of Mt. Alice.

Adventure Travel

Build Your Winter Backcountry Skills With evoTrip! Turn your outdoor education into an adventure with evoTrip’s selection of winter backcountry courses. Sharpen your avalanche safety, wilderness medicine and backcountry skiing skills in beautiful mountain settings all over Colorado, Utah, Washington and British Columbia. Check out evoTrip’s list of ’23/’24 courses and join them for an amazing experience in the great outdoors!

Christy Sports Seasonal Rentals are now Live for 2024/2025 Winter Season! RESERVE ONLINE AND AVOID THE RUSH. Save Up to 20%! Reserve your season rental gear now so you can shred later. Pick up your equipment when the leaves change and return when spring has sprung!

57hours Adventure Talk: Transformative Journey to Everest Base Camp Trek with Caroline Pemberton

Embark on a life-changing journey as Caroline Pemberton takes you to the crest of Everest Base Camp. Explore her personal tale, from her brother’s monumental climb to an unexpected proposal upon reaching the peak. Experience the unique charm of the Khumbu Valley, with its rich history, diverse culture, and mouth-watering cuisine. Witness the ultimate Everest adventure up close while learning valuable tips about altitude, training, and essential gear. This is not just any trek; it’s a metamorphic odyssey.

Book your Everest Base Camp adventure


Wet Weather Fire Starters: Feeling waterlogged and chilled at Camp? The Filson Journal got the best advice from survival expert Dan Wowak on how to get warm and dry quickly in damp weather. He recommended four items that are probably found around your campsite and can help you start a fire with ease! Read more!

Photo: Filson.

Iron & Resin’s Music Monday: Edition No. 166 – Beach Comber: Every Monday, Ventura, California based, Iron & Resin, makes a wonderful Spotify playlist. This past Monday, they made this playlist collection of chilled-out beach tunes will fit perfectly with any environment you find yourself in. So, sit back and take a listen to Music Monday: Edition No. 166 – Beach Comber.

Skyblue Featured Video: Extra Careful Nice Boys

A Filson Life film following John and Alex. As Found Customs & Extra Careful Nice Boys Towing.

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