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Filson’s Winter Collection – Kings of Cold

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125 years ago, Clinton C. Filson established his company to outfit prospectors driven to strike gold regardless of environmental obstacles. These miners were soon joined by hunters, anglers, engineers, and explorers. The hardiness of Filson Mackinaw Coats and Wool Field Pants made them unrivaled for keeping comfortable and staying alive in the wilderness.

Filson’s Kings of Cold Collection is inspired by three athletes and adventurers who live their lives in the Cold, like Tori Hickel, Martin Buser and Lauro Eklund.

Tori Hickel has nerves of steel. She and her older sister Zoe were raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and they closely watched the arrival of winter, when the area was enshrouded by darkness and frigidity. With the plummeting temperatures, they eagerly strapped on their skates to play hockey on ice. Tori played four years of hockey at Northeastern University before playing professionally in Sweden and Canada, where she was a crucial leader in helping her teams win championships.

During the last four decades, Martin Buser, who has won the Iditarod four times, has become an admired star and a figure of reverence in the close-knit community of professional mushers. He has never failed to finish any of the 39 Iditarods he’s entered.

With the onset of spring, Lauro Eklund, a professional dog musher, prepares his team for the harsh and gorgeous lands of the North Slope to search for Caribou. As an Alaskan subsistence hunter, he knows that if he manages to catch one of these animals, it could provide enough sustenance to last him till the early fall. He and his girlfriend make the ten-hour drive up the Dalton Highway with twenty dogs, sleds, as well as provisions and equipment that should be enough for a week in the wilderness.

I just returned from one of my regular visits to Filson’s New York City store to check out their new Kings of Cold winter collection. Here’s a round-up of my favorites from this year’s collection.


Martin Buser, a four-time Iditarod champion, has become a fan favorite and a legend amongst the small, tight-knit community of competitive mushers. Photo by Filson.

For 2022, Filson has a robust and cozy special-edition release. Filson’s Wool Packer Coat first hit the market almost 30 years ago, and it has been keeping men warm and dry in the country’s harsh winter temperatures ever since. This limited-edition variation has a lining made of Alaskan Guide flannel, providing even greater insulation and protection from wind.

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Professional dog musher, Lauro Eklund, readies his team for the North Slope to hunt for Caribou in the Chilkoot Pass Parka. Photo by Filson.

The Chilkoot Pass Parka is renowned for its ability to stand up to the harshest conditions. It is filled with fluffy goose down, a natural, ultra-lightweight insulation which has been proven to provide warmth in the Arctic and at high altitudes. The double-baffle construction prevents cold spots and the ethically sourced 850FP 90/10 goose down maximizes thermal insulation. The Responsible Down Standard guarantees that the geese providing Filson with this down were not harmed during their process. This down is also processed through bluesign®-approved facilities.

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As much a jacket as it is a heavy shirt, this updated Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt is warm, weather-resistant, and highly breathable. Photo by Filson.

This updated Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt is more than just a shirt; it’s a jacket, too. It keeps you warm and breathable, while being weather-resistant. This iconic garment has been a staple in the outdoorsman’s closet for nearly 50 years. The 2016 re-creation takes this classic to the next level. The wool used is the same wool that has been protecting adventurers from the elements since the early 1900s. This jac-shirt is built to last, even in harsh conditions.

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About Filson

Filson began as an outfitter for the daring pioneers of the 1897 Yukon Gold Rush who abandoned the shelter of society seeking fortune in wild and unforgiving territory. Those hardy souls faced unfathomable hardship – clothing and supplies were not merely matters of choice, but of survival. More than a century later, Filson remains committed to equipping those who courageously blaze new trails and challenge the unknown.

Based in Seattle, Filson’s legacy is one of manufacturing best-in-class goods engineered for dependability and maximum utility. Filson’s durable, tightly-woven Mackinaw Wool is the finest example of nature’s oldest and most-trusted cold-weather clothing. Filson Tin Cloth earned its reputation for armor-like protection in the wet and thorny forests of the Pacific Northwest. Their luggage is built with the toughest materials, including industrial-strength Rugged Twill, vegetable-tanned Bridle Leather and military-grade ballistic nylon. Filson is a supplier of provisions that meet the uncompromising demands of adventure.

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On Alaska’s North Slope, professional dog musher Lauro Eklund and team set out to hunt the migrating porcupine caribou for winter sustenance. Learn more on The Filson Journal!

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