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Daily Gear Digest For September 22, 2023: Stio’s Fall Weather Collection

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Daily Gear Digest is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from the Skyblue Gear Lab.

Each day, the Skyblue Gear Lab has new product releases and stories to tell. We gather them all together in our Daily Gear Digest, so you can stay informed of the latest gear news.

Stio’s Clothing Fit for Fall Weather Collection

Fall is here, and we are glad to present Stio’s Fall Collection! From cozy layers to outerwear, this collection is designed to equip you with everything needed for a memorable and comfortable fall adventure.

The Bevel Flannel offers a boxy, modern fit that just meets the waist and keeps things extremely cozy with the midweight, feel-good comfort of 100% organic cotton. Photo: Stio.

  • Baselayers (Men’s // Women’s) – New Basis Midweight Merino baselayers offer the powerful warmth, wicking, and softness of our proprietary PeakWool™ fabric blend and compliments the lightweight, breathable Power Wool™ collection to provide even more ways to keep you warm and dry all season long.
  • Men’s Saratoga Shearling Jacket – The time-honored Western styling of the shearling jacket and updated it with exceptionally soft, lofted sherpa fleece and durable, organic cotton corduroy—rolling function, comfort, and style all into one for the cool days that await.
  • Flannels (Women’s // Men’s)- Lightweight or midweight, cropped or draped, whatever your flannel mode we have your comfort dialed in soft yet durable organic cotton—now in new patterns and colors for the season.

Photo: Stio.

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Skyblue Featured Video: Port To Peak

New England’s highest peak. The world’s windiest, foggiest, worst weather. A human-powered journey to bike 84 miles to the trailhead, climb and ski 3,000 feet to the summit and make it home safely. To some people, this might sound downright crazy. And it is. But to skier Jake Inger, this is his perfect day.

Story and imagery by Eastern Adventure Co.  Presented by Stio, Blizzard Tecnica and Julbo

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