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Favorite Fall Hiking Gear Picks For Women

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At Skyblue Overland™, we’re always testing gear to take your adventures to the next level.  That includes everything from the best new adventure gear like a trailer hitch mounted adventure grill, gear to keep you organized on road trips, or the most comfortable rooftop tents.  We’re always looking out for new gear to make your adventures fun and enjoyable.

As you prepare for fall hiking adventures, here are our favorite hiking gear picks for women! Not compromising on quality or style, these items will be a great addition for your hiking needs. 

Osprey SIRRUS® 24 Women’s Day Hiking Backpack

Photo courtesy of Osprey.

Osprey is most widely known for their quality packs. Osprey’s Hikelite 26 is an unassuming technical pack that is perfect for dayhikes and everyday use. Their incredibly ventilated AirSpeed backpanel means you won’t have to deal with the discomfort of hoisting a sweaty pack onto your back. No matter your daily destination, If you’re looking for a simple pack that provides excellent comfort, incredible ventilation, and added features like an integrated raincover for less than bluebird days, the Hikelite 26 is the right pack for you. Coming in five colors – black, Shiitake Gray, Blue Baca, Aloe Green, and Kumquat Orange it’s sure to add some style to your hiking gear. 

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Stio Women’s Millibar WINDSTOPPER® Hooded Jacket

Photo courtesy of Stio.

As all fall adventurers know, the weather can turn for the worst quickly. In preparation for inclement weather you’ll want to pack the Stio Women’s Millibar WINDSTOPPER® Hooded Jacket – fit for late fall to early winter months, this jacket will be the perfect companion to help you stay warm, block the wind, and stay dry. The underarm stretch-woven panels allow for maximum movement to not impede on your hiking or fall adventure. Coming in three different colors, this jacket will certainly match with any of your other outdoors apparel. 

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Stio All-Action Valley Sock

Photo courtesy of Stio.

Keeping our feet happy during hiking might be the most important factor to truly enjoying an adventure. Cold feet, wet feet, blistered feet – all cause such discomfort. You will not have to worry about uncomfortable feet again with the Stio All-Action Valley Sock. The merino wool/nylon blend will provide all day comfort, is odor resistant, and frictionless on the exterior to prevent from rubbing against your boots. For those long adventures, the socks have targeted cushioning and comfort that will reduce fatigue. If you want happy feet at the end of a long day, you’ll need these socks immediately!

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Stio Women’s Glide High Rise Tech Tight

Photo courtesy of Stio.

Stio’s reputation and foundation of being outdoor focused from Jackson Hole, WY is what makes all of their apparel the right choice for any activity. The Glide High Rise Tech Tight was designed with long runs, race days, or any endurance activity in mind. The fabric was created to wick moisture and reduce odor. A wide waistband provides for a strong comfort level with any intensity of activity. The full-length finishes these tights off with a flattering yet functional fit. 

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Merrell Women’s Bravada Hiking Sneaker

Women’s Bravada 2 Hiking Sneaker in Navy. Photo by Merrel.

Merrell is consistently known as the top producer of hiking footwear. For a specific hiking shoe, you should definitely consider the Women’s Bravada Hiking Sneaker – offered in both a waterproof and non water proof option, this boot will fit like a sneaker and hug your ankle without stiffness and pinching. The Merrell mountain-grade Quantum Grip rubber outsole will provide secure footing and confidence on all types of terrain. 

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Black Diamond Women’s Trail Pro Trekking Poles

Photo courtesy of Black Diamond.

Black Diamond continues to prove their dominance in hiking and outdoor adventure gear with these Women’s Trail Pro Trekking Poles – using the FlickLock® Pro technology to allow for quick and efficient deployment and are easily collapsible. The Trail Pro offers incredible performance and premium features – perfect for your fall adventure. Some of these features to give you confidence on the trail include solution straps and a soft-touch ergonomic grip to provide comfort for your hands. Arguably the best feature is the Trail Pro poles are all season, including a snow basket for those late fall snow storms. 

[$120 at]

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Black Diamond Storm 500-R Headlamp

Photo courtesy of Black Diamond.

Fall quickly loses daylight which is why adding a headlamp to your gear kit is a necessity. The headlamp name speaks for itself – it’s award winning and will provide 500 lumens of light power. Black Diamond Storm 500-R Headlamp has a variety of settings including full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red, green and blue night-vision, and lock mode. If you’re a dawn hiker, night approacher, or climbing, this headlamp will guide your way. 

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Nocs Provisions Honor Native Land Binocular Bundle

Photo by Nocs Provisions.

Nocs Provisions and Artist Amelia Winger-Bearskin Partner On Limited Edition Binocular Bundle – Exclusively available at REI Co-op. The Seneca-Cayuga Nation Artist has designed a custom strap to complement the new Limited Edition Binocular Colors.

Bundle includes Nocs Standard Issue 8 x 25 waterproof binoculars, drawstring pouch, limited-edition woven tapestry strap, photo rig and lens cleaning cloth. Limited-edition woven tapestry strap design is inspired by traditional patterns and beadwork of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma, of which Ms. Winger-Bearskin is a member

[$150 at]

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Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket Sierra Spring Fade

Photo courtesy of Rumpl.

The Weatherproof, All-Season Blanket That Goes Everywhere. Inspired by the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada range, this cool blue fade sends you on a trek along the legendary John Muir trail. If you listen closely, you can even hear the mountains calling in the distance.

[$99 at]

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Nemo chipper™ reclaimed closed-cell foam seat

Photo courtesy of Nemo Equipment.

Nemo’s reliable and quality camping gear has made a name for itself among campers. If you don’t have the Nemo Chipper™ made from reclaimed closed-cell foam is not only lightweight but will provide the perfect amount of comfort that is needed after a long day of hiking, backpacking, or adventuring. Nemo is also focused on moving towards sustainable packaging and the Chipper™is made entirely from reclaimed and remolded PE foam scraps from former sleeping pad production. With is versatility of use, the environmentally responsible production, and ultimate comfort level – you will want to add this to your next fall gear purchase.  

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Patagonia Fisherman’s Rolled Beanie

Photo courtesy of Patagonia.

With crisp mornings and colder evenings quickly approaching you’ll want a beanie within reach to serve as the practical yet stylish accessory. Easy to throw on for the beginning of a hike, or sitting by the campfire at night, the Patagonia Fisherman’s Rolled Beanie is soft, skin-friendly, and made from 100% recycled polyester yarn. Patagonia’s reputation for the best quality outdoor gear speaks for itself, and it’s no question that this beanie is any different. Time to get this beanie and head out for a fall adventure! 

[$39 at]

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VSSL Day Hike Supply Pack

Photo courtesy of VSSL.

The VSSL Day Hike Supply Pack will be your ultimate hiking partner this fall. Equipped with all the necessary items to keep your favorite hikes lasting longer. The pack includes tape, first aid, a whistle, and blister repair, a water bag, and a bamboo cloth. All items were thoughtfully chosen to provide the necessary support for any adventure. The pack itself is compact and lightweight so it won’t be adding additional or unwanted weight. Get this before your next fall adventure! 

[$30 at]

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VSSL Fire Starter Supply Pack

Photo courtesy of VSSL.

For those longer fall backpacking adventures or last minute camping trips, make sure to have the VSSL Fire Starter Supply Pack in your kit. This supply pack includes everything to make starting a fire effortless and taking away the worry of not being able to get a fire going! The kit includes a ferro rod, a ceramic striker, two types of synthetic kindling, a wire saw, and razor blade to help cut wood kindling if needed. This kit will give you peace of mind during any camping or backcountry adventure.

[$35 at]

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MyMedic Sidekick First Aid Kit

Photo courtesy of MyMedic.

MyMedic is the trusted safety kit brand for any adventure. Any woman hiking should include the MyMedic Sidekick First Aid Kit, this kit is equipped with essential life-saving supplies to keep you safe. The kit is compact, water resistant, and lightweight, even as it includes 45 vital first aid supplies. The kits come in a variety of color options. 

[$69.95 at]

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Global Rescue Membership

Skyblue Overland Strongly Recommends That You Enroll With Global Rescue Prior To Embarking On Your Next Adventure.

With more people outside now more than ever, Global Rescue expanded services to include field rescue within 100 miles of home. With Local Field Rescue — automatically included in any travel protection services membership — Global Rescue is there whether you’re hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, fishing or simply enjoying the outdoors and get ill or injured and you’re unable to get to safety on your own. Purchase a Global Rescue membership for your next adventure and travel with peace of mind. Single trip, annual and family options are available.

Skyblue Featured Video: Weckuwapok (The Approaching Dawn) | Reciprocity Project Season 1

Through song and stories, Waponahkik (the people of the dawn land) bring gratitude to the rising sun.

Waponahkik (the people of the dawn land) bring gratitude to the sun where it first looks our way. Song and stories invite us to accept the new day and put behind us any harm done the day before. Featuring Passamaquoddy citizens Christopher Newell, Roger Paul, and Lauren Stevens; and Yo-Yo Ma.

Weckuwapok (The Approaching Dawn) was filmed at Moneskatik (Schoodic Point, Maine.)

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