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Yeti’s New Rambler French Press: Elevating Your Coffee Game

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The Yeti Rambler French Press makes smooth, flavorful coffee for multiple servings. Its durable design includes a GroundsControl Filter to prevent over-brewing and DuraSip™ Ceramic Lining. Keep your coffee hot with double-wall vacuum insulation and easily clean in the dishwasher.

After completing a grueling hike, my body is exhausted and my muscles are screaming for rest. But the campsite comes to life with the invigorating scent of freshly brewed coffee. The enticing aroma awakens my senses and revitalizes my tired body, giving it the much-needed energy to continue on.

As an unapologetic coffee lover, I have developed a keen appreciation for the difference between a mediocre cup and an exceptional one. That’s why I am drawn to YETI’s latest offering – a powerful french press designed specifically for outdoor adventurers like myself.

YETI has unveiled their newest product, a coffee maker. Created with the same meticulousness and strength as their renowned coolers, these French presses are crafted to enhance your coffee indulgence – whether you’re relaxing at home or on the move.

The Rambler French Presses are offered in both 34oz and 64oz options and boast double-walled insulation and puncture and rust-resistant 18/8 stainless steel construction. These features guarantee that your coffee will stay at the perfect temperature for hours, whether you’re enjoying a slow morning at home or embarking on an outdoor excursion.

Yeti Rambler French Press

Rambler French Press Features

The YETI Rambler French Press has some unique features that set it apart. First and foremost, its double-walled insulation keeps coffee hot for extended periods of time, perfect for long camp mornings spent packing and organizing gear. And don’t worry about the coffee going bitter – YETI claims their special GroundsControl filter stops the brewing process after plunging, allowing the user to keep their coffee warm without over-extracting it.

For coffee enthusiasts, over-extraction is a major problem, but perhaps YETI has found a solution. While we can’t say for sure until we try it ourselves, this feature would make the YETI Rambler a great choice even for at-home use where coffee tends to sit in the french press for too long.

Another standout feature is the Twist-to-Lock lid, which securely seals in heat and liquid, preventing spills and ensuring your coffee stays fresh. Additionally, the Grounds Control filter stops the brewing process after plunging, preventing over-extraction and ensuring a smooth, flavorful cup every time.

Crafted with stainless steel for unrivaled durability, the YETI Rambler French Press comes in two sizes – 34 ounces for $110 and 64 ounces for $130. With its larger capacity, it is perfect for groups needing a quick caffeine boost on their camping expeditions.

But this french press offers more than just strength and size. Its thoughtful design includes features that make it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

YETI French Press Plunger

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