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Huckberry Favorites For April 2023

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We’ve partnered up with Huckberry once again, bringing to you the newest, most exciting deals this month. A chance for you to own the trendiest clothes and gear perfect for any outdoor activity. Be sure to check out our carefully chosen list of the best products and deals available on Huckberry in April.

Pulaski Axe by Barebones


Photo: Barebones.

Chopping wood in the fresh mountain air has never been so enjoyable. The Pulaski Axe features an unbreakable steel core that links the axe head to its handle for steadfastness and longevity. Its two edges—an axe blade and a horizontal one—make it highly versatile for any job outdoors.

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Rover Pack by Topo Designs

Topo’s Rover Pack is made in the USA, but draw influences from classic French ski gear and Japanese day packs. It features Cordura fabric and YKK zippers, natural leather lash tabs, inner sleeves for a laptop or iPad, bold colors, and clean design. Form and function come together perfectly in this perfect marriage.

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FISHPOND Low Country Hat in Natural

Photo: Huckberry.

The Fishpond Low Country Hat is a sun hat crafted for the water, made by John Land Le Coq of Otter Creek Ranch. Founded in 1999, Fishpond honors Colorado’s wild waterways and Rocky Mountains. The hat combines coastal style with Western accents, built to last through years of outdoor fun.

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MECARMY Micro LED Flashlight in Aluminum

Photo: Huckberry.

MecArmy’s micro-flashlight offers dependable light for EDC, outdoor, and tactical purposes. Highly regarded for their impressive, compact lighting tools, MecArmy provides quality gear for military, special forces, and regular users alike. No matter the occasion, MecArmy pushes boundaries with reliable lighting after dark.

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GARMIN Forerunner 955 Solar Watch

Image: Garmin

Gear Patrol deemed the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar “the last running watch you’ll ever need.” This best-in-class ultralight timepiece, weighing in at only 52 grams, is outfitted with every gadget and gizmo needed to help you become a greater runner. With sensors to optimize your performance and emergency contact features to alert important people of your whereabouts if things get dicey, this watch will be with you on the journey to achieve greatness.

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PEAK DESIGN Travel Tripod – Aluminum

Photo: Peak Design

Peak Design has created the perfect, pro-level travel tripod after four years of hard work. It packs down to the size of a water bottle without protruding knobs and sets up lightning fast. Its side pocket grip fits it like a glove. With its intelligent features, you’ll be capable of capturing stunning shots from anywhere.

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LEATHERMAN Signal Outdoor Multi Tool

Image: Leatherman.

Leatherman’s Signal Outdoor Multi Tool is a must-have for those who love exploring the great outdoors. Not only does it have the essential tools that you need for surviving in the wild, but also features practical functions perfect for everyday life. It is designed with adventurers in mind, ensuring that you will never be unprepared in any situation.

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UBCO 2×2 ADV Electric Motorbike in Black

Photo: UBCO

The UBCO 2×2 ADV Electric Motorbike was designed for urban and offroad exploration. It gives a smooth, durable ride equipped for the city roads and mountainside trails alike. Ideal for anyone who hates traffic jams during their commute and loves the sounds of nature in their getaways. With its 30 mph top speed and 75 mile range, you won’t be able to resist going on a journey with this bike every time you have the chance.

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The Briiv Air Filter

Photo: Briiv

Briiv Air Filters are eco-friendly air filters made with coconut fibers and silk carbon fabrics that filter air as effectively as plastic filters. They get rid of pollutants from cooking, pet dander, outdoor allergens, and car exhaust while also being biodegradable and keeping thousands of tons of HEPA filters out of landfills each year.

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BRUNTON Standard Transit in Orange / Zone B USA / Azimuth (0-360)

Photo: Brunton

Premium, USA-made compasses with a full feature set for serious navigators. The Brunton Standard Transit has been the go-to tool for geologists and scientists for over one hundred years. It stands out among other compasses with its full feature set and uncompromisingly precise measurements. Geologists, researchers, outdoor adventurers, and anyone who needs reliable tools can use this pocket transit with a confidence that they won’t find anything better.

As an Engineering Geologist, I’ve had a Brunton Standard Transit in my toolbox for more than 35 years. I take it everywhere!

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