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Epic Water Filters Launches New Water Dispensers

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Epic Water Filters: About the Company

Epic Water Filters is a company driven by the unnegotiable need to reduce the human impact on our environment. One impending issue that concerns Epic Water Filters, is the use of single-use plastic water bottles. According to Epic Water Filter’s mission statement, developed countries are the worst offenders of single-use plastic bottles due to concerns over the quality of their municipal water with concerns of industrial or agricultural pollutants.

Though this concern is valid in many places, bottled water is not good for our bodies, our wallets, or for our planet! Epic Water Filter’s solution to these issues is the creation of bottles, pitchers and home filtration systems that filter out any impurities and allow you to enjoy your municipal water without any skepticism! 

New Product: Epic Water Dispenser

Epic Water Filter has released a new product, the Epic Water Dispenser. This dispenser is designed to remove up to 99.9% of all tap water contaminants and impurities, making it the most sensible choice in water purification today. All of the filters are replaceable, drawing out the lifespan of the dispenser and keeping your water clean and fresh.

The new Epic Water Filter comes in two versions, one that removes fluoride and one that removes viruses. Both will make you feel better about drinking your tap water, without breaking the bank!

The Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser removes 99.9% of all tap water contaminants and is the most sensible choice in the water purification industry today. All of the filters that come with the dispensers are replaceable, each lasting around three to four months. The lifespan of the filter depends on a few factors. One, how often you are using the filter. If you are using the filter every single day, then you are bound to run through it more quickly than if you were only using it periodically. And two, it depends on the minerals and contaminants that are present in your tap water. If your filter has to work harder to get your water clean due to increased minerals, then it will not last as long as if your water was relatively clean before the purification process.

If you aren’t sure how contaminated your water is and how much it is affecting the lifespan of your filter, you don’t have to guess. The Dispenser has an LED timer which counts down from 90 days, so you will know when your filter is at the end, or approaching the end, of its purpose. Each filter is 100% recyclable so you can rest easy knowing it won’t end up in a landfill, rotting away.

In addition to being effective, the Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser is versatile.You can keep it either in your fridge or on your counter. Whatever fits and looks better in your space!

The Importance of Eliminating Plastic Water Bottles

Limiting and mitigating the human footprint on our environment needs to be one of our biggest concerns. Plastic bottles make up a disturbing proportion of our landfills and have made their way into the ocean, harming wildlife and creating huge piles of trash the size of a small island. To eliminate this problem, we need to attack it at the source. Attacking water bottle consumption at the source means that we need to make sure everyone is comfortable drinking the water that comes out of their tap.

If you are skeptical of your tap water, the best thing you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable is to purchase a product that will filter out the harmful contamination that you are afraid of, while leaving the beneficial minerals behind. This should make you feel comfortable drinking your tap water and safely prevent you from purchasing plastic water bottles that are littering the planet.

Other Products from Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Filters also makes other products like water bottles with a built in filter or a filter to attach directly to your sink’s faucet. Their products are great for the environment, great on your wallet and will make you feel so much better about drinking your tap water.

If you are interested in the Epic Water Dispenser, head over to their site and use the code DISPENSER for 15% off of your purchase. Epic Water Filters has a Clean Water Club Subscription that will deliver new filters right to your door whenever you are in need of a new one! For new members, use the code DISPENSER for  25% off of the Epic Water Dispenser with the Club Subscription.

Written by Emma Parker.