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The 5 EPIC TRIPS to Take Now 

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After COVID turned our worlds upside down and stopped us from all travel, people are craving a good trip! As vaccinations become more common and people feel safer traveling, many are planning trips to take this summer or next year. The light seems to be at the end of the tunnel and outdoor adventures are a great way to reintroduce yourself to the international world. 

About 57hours 

57hours is an guided outdoor adventure company founded on the idea that we must make the most out of the 57hours between Friday afternoon Sunday night. These hours are wide open for adventure. This should be a time you experience with your family and friends, reconnecting to yourself and to nature. With that mission in mind, 57hours began their journey of establishing spectacular guided adventures all around the world. With that in mind, here are five of the most epic trips to take with 57hours now: 

Hiking the Hidden Trails of Iceland 

Journey through landscapes straight out of a sci-fi movie on the Hidden Trails of Iceland. Photo by 57hours.

The Hidden Trails of Iceland is one of the most epic hiking adventures you will ever go on. What better way to end a time of restrictions than by going on one of the coolest hikes you can imagine. This 12-day trek takes you through remote trails, woven between landscapes that make you feel like you’re walking through a fairy tale story. Eventually you will link up with the famous Laugavegur Trail, where you’ll see some of the most far-reaching landscapes you have ever come across. This adventure will take you on a journey more than 80 miles through vast deserts of black sand, past the stunning rhyolite mountains, turquoise lakes, and even lava fields. Throughout this amazing adventure, you’ll spend your nights relaxing and sleeping in mountain huts. The varying weather conditions will have you experiencing all four seasons within just a few hours! This trip is an awesome adventure for those looking to challenge themselves. 

Iceland is a common tourist destination for obvious reasons. It is simply stunning, with unique and magical landscapes sprawling farther than you can imagine. With 57hours’ guided tour, you will leave civilization and all the tourists behind, and venture into your near two week trek underneath the never-setting Iceland sun. 57hours finds the best local guides to work with, drenching your experience with the best insider-knowledge possible. Your local guide will provide great info on the best photo-ops, hidden local treasures, and lead you through the most epic landscapes you will likely ever see. The landscapes along the Hidden Trails of Iceland make Yellowstone look like your boring backyard. Yeah, it’s that great. You’ll travel across volcanic terrain, over rivers and past glaciers. On this trip, you get to hike all day through varying landscapes, relaxing in authentic Icelandic mountain huts. Some nights you’ll even be able to sleep under sleeping volcanoes. This trip is a really unique opportunity to explore areas of Iceland not usually accessible by tourists. 

Hike and Sail the Mythical Faroe Islands 

Remote, wild and untouched hiking in Faroe’s volcanic islands. Explore the Faroe Islands by land and sea on this eight-day tour. Photo by 57hours.

Hiking and Sailing the Mythical Faroe Islands is an unforgettable adventure. With 57hours, you are able to explore the Faroe Islands by both land and sea on this eight-day tour. You will have the opportunity to hike trails along steep cliffs and rugged coastlines before boarding a sailboat and navigating the majestic fjords. The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 mysterious, forgotten islands. Travelers are often drawn to the Islands to visit brightly painted cities, festival scenes, and one-of-a-kind, unforgettable wilderness. This sailing and hiking expedition will take you to landscapes so extraordinary that you will feel as though you are traveling through a mythical land. Many visitors swear that the Faroe Islands are made of magic. 

On this 57hours adventure, you will begin to understand why the Nordic lifestyle gets all the hype. The Faroe Islands experience the beautiful glow of the midnight sun in one season, and other seasons feature the stunning and vivid northern lights, brighter than you ever expected they would be. Regardless of the season, you can expect gradual hikes with jaw-dropping views as far as you can see. Aside from hiking, you’ll sail on the historic Norðlýsið from island to island across 80 nautical miles. This is an adventure in it of itself, nevermind all the beautiful and challenging trekking you’ll accomplish. Your trek will take you through picturesque villages, coated in mist and vibrant green moss. You’ll experience Nordic culture in 15 of these small villages, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ancestral relationship of the human being with the sea, the land and the rocks, guarded by the coast. 

The best part about this trip is the opportunity to explore both the rugged trails and cliffs of the Faroe Islands, and the sweeping and mystical seas maintaining the secrecy and mystery of the 18 forgotten islands. 

Hiking the Salkantay and Inca Trails to Machu Picchu

Overview of Machu Picchu, agriculture terraces, Wayna Picchu and surrounding mountains in the background. See the best of what the Andes have to offer. This 46.7-mile-long trek to Machu Picchu will be an in-depth experience of life in the Andes.

The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, is one of the seven wonders of the world. Located outside of Cusco, Peru, Machu Picchu is an extremely busy and frequently visited tourist location. 57hours dives deeper into the Peruvian culture and takes the trails traveled by the Incas to get to Machu Picchu. The Salkantay and Incan Trails sprawl 46.7 miles, giving you an in-depth experience of life up in the Andes. This trek will take you through lush valleys to peaks capped with snow. The Salkantay trail links up to the Inca Trail, creating one of the best short thru-hikes in the world. With the expertise and guidance of a local, 57hour affiliated guide, you will explore forests and ancient ruins, ride horses, listen to waterfalls roar, and find yourself experiencing the true Incan way of life. 

This trek takes seven days, traversing anywhere from 7-10 miles a day. This unique trail takes you through subtropical and alpine climates, experiencing the best the Inca Trail has to offer while getting a more first-hand experience of the local culture. When booking your guided tour through the Salkantay and Inca Trails, you should be sure to book your ascent to Machu Picchu. Huayna Picchu is the final leg of your journey, a steep mountain connecting Machu Picchu and the home of the Temple of the Moon. Only 400 visitors are allowed at the Temple of the Moon everyday. You should be sure you are one of those 400 people, it is well worth it! 

Explore the Uncharted Hiking Trails of Iceland 

Venture on an epic adventure through untamed Iceland. Far away from world-renowned trails, beaten paths and teeming tourist spots awaits Iceland’s intact, living and breathing remote wilderness. Photo by 57hours.

This 57hours trip will take you on an epic adventure through untamed Iceland. Far away from beautiful but world-renowned trails, this trip will take you through the remote, Icelandic wilderness where you won’t see a single tourist. Over the course of eight-days, you will travel through jet black deserts, roaring waterfalls, steaming hot springs, and miles and miles of untouched, unaltered nature. Your 57hours affiliated local guide will lead you to the best, least-well-known spots, while you hike over fields of hardened lava, nestled between volcanos. You will feel as though the land you are walking with is alive, full of centuries and centuries of stories. Locals even believe that these volcanoes witnessed Ragnarok, the end of the world. 

Before you begin your trek, you’ll spend one night in Reykjavik, where you will get to experience the historic culture of the Arctic mixed with the city’s contemporary, urban charm. After your introduction of Icelandic culture, you will begin your challenging trek filled with  tricky terrain, stunning photo ops, and unforgettable scenery. On this spectacular trek, you will start to observe how this area was molded by fire and ice. You’ll have plenty of hours to hike because the Icelandic sun is never-setting during the seasons that 57hours runs of this expedition. This week of guided adventure will bring you through spectacular mountain landscapes and stops at clear, turquoise lakes that stretch for miles and miles. You’ll be able to climb dormant volcanoes covered in vibrant moss, stumbling upon canyons full of beautiful waterfalls. Each day is filled with new and exciting adventures. Just when you think you’ve seen all that the Icelandic wilderness has to offer, you are surprised with even more. 

Mountain Biking Europe’s Hidden Gems

Happy couple on bicycles, meadow, Slovenia. Get ready for amazing views and some great singletrack. This epic, eight-day trip will take you through Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia. Photo by 57hours.

If you are an avid mountain biker, chances are you have dreamed about new spots to explore. Mountain biking across Europe is nothing new, but this 57hours adventure shows you hidden gems that are not usually not visited. This 8-day trip will take you through hidden areas, rich with mountain biking potential. This trip will take you through the Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia mountainsides. Starting in Trieste, Italy, you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner before you begin your biking tour through some technical terrain in the nearby Julian Alps. You’ll make your way around the region and eventually find yourself in Slovenia, where you’ll bike along some gorgeous vineyards and beautiful mountain lakes, especially Lake Bled.

Slovenia has long been a favorite destination for skiers and rock climbers, the mountain biking community has started to travel there more. Slovenia’s trails are perfect for enduro and all-mountain biking. Mountain biking through 4 countries in 8 days is no easy task. This will be a trip that you talk about forever. Traveling through the mountainsides of Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia is something that most people do not get to do. Having a guide local to the region is absolutely essential to a trip like this. They will know all of the best locations to travel to and if you want to explore parts of these countries not on your tour, all you have to do is ask! If you want to explore Venice or Vienna, all you have to do is express your interest to your guide and they will know exactly how to get you there. 

Choosing Your Trip 

No matter what kind of outdoor adventure is for you, 57hours probably offers a perfectly fitting trip. To look further into any of these five epic trips, take a look at 57hours website and learn more about pricing, ideal times to go, and more details about these awesome trips.


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