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Super73 Releases New Adventure Series Of E-bikes

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The K1D is the latest addition to the family, a 16mph balance bike designed especially for kids. Meanwhile, Super73’s Z, S, and R series of e-bikes have all been given a ruggedized upgrade.

California’s Super73 now offers tougher variants of its Z, S, and R series of e-bikes as well as a new K1D balance bike for kids. Parents will be thrilled to know that their four-to eight-year-old can roll up to 16mph on the electric bike.

The Adventure Series of electric bikes undergoes a makeover with updated design, shocks, gearing system, saddles, tires, and lighting across Super73’s Z (commuter), S (multi-use) and R (top of the line) models. All the e-bikes come fitted with front suspension, while some are designed with totally adjustable front and rear shock absorbers. Models S and R have their battery placed on the down tube, which should enhance balance due to its lower center of weight.

Super73’s new Adventure Series. Photo: Super73

As an electric balance bike made for children, the Super73 K1D comes equipped with regenerative braking, throttle functions and a small 92.8Wh lithium iron phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) battery that can be swapped out. Offering a total of 60 minutes of ride time after only 45 minutes of charging.

The new Super73 K1D iss an electric balance bike made for children, ages 4 to 8 years. Photo: Super73.

LFP batteries are safer and hold a charge for longer than the lithium-ion batteries many e-bikes use, including Super73. The K1D is their first model to have an LFP battery and they’re considering using it in future models. As Mike Whitmark, a spokesperson for Super73 said, “Our engineering team is looking into incorporating LFP in the future, but we haven’t made any commitments yet.”

Super73’s new K1D electric balance bike comes in four colors. Photo: Super73.

The K1D is equipped with three different speed settings. Mode one offers up to seven mph, mode two can reach up to 13mph, and the top speed “Track Mode” tops out at 16+ mph according to Super73. The lower two speeds are adjustable by the user, but the fastest mode is locked and intended to be unlocked solely by parents on a closed course. By pushing a combination of buttons for a certain amount of time, kids will eventually discover the key combination to unlock Track Mode.

You can purchase the Super73 K1D right now for $1,295 with it arriving in early June. The Super73 Z Adventure is going for $2,695 in the US and €3,599 including taxes in Europe, while the S Adventure and R Adventure are both priced from $3,595 / €4,399 and $3,995 / €5,399 respectively. If you get your order in now, you should expect delivery within six to 10 weeks depending on what color option you choose.

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