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Aventon Aventure Is An Affordable Fat Tire E-Bike Built for Adventures

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Aventon Aventure E-Bike

Photo courtesy of Aventure.

There are a lot of E-Bikes out there, some of which are better than others! There are a lot of important details to factor in when making the decision about what bike is best for you. Aventon has been an industry leader in biking and their Aventure E-Bike is a great addition to an already competitive market. 

About Aventon

Aventon is a bike company with the mission to empower everyone to ride a bike regardless of age or ability. To them, bikes aren’t just a way to get around or a way to get a workout in, but they believe bikes are a door to freedom. The freedom of mobility offers not only a method to get from place to place, but a tool to free your mind and feel unconfined. 

They build some of the best bikes on the market that are designed to be comfortable and functional without compromising quality or durability. Aventon wants your bike to last a long time, so they make them as high-quality and long-lasting as possible! 

Sustainability is an issue near and dear to Aventon’s mission. E-Bikes are generally a great way to cut down on your personal emissions. Biking has long been a more sustainable option to driving a car or taking public transportation, but the introduction of the E-Bike gives riders an additional ease. By making bike riding that much easier with electrical assistance, E-Bikes make it easier for you to ride your bike to wherever you need to go. 

Aventon’s Aventure E-Bike 

Photo courtesy of Aventure.

Aventon’s E-Bike has the appearance of a sleek bike with the ruggedness of a sturdy, dependable mountain bike. This is the most powerful and versatile E-Bike released by Aventon to date and is an excellent ride. It has a front suspension fork, fat tires for diverse terrain, great handling to take you across different terrain, and has integrated front and rear lights to ensure safety on the trail or in the city. The Aventon Aventure E-Bike ships as a class II E-Bike but can be configured into a class III due to the high capacity battery and powerful motor. 

One of the cooler features of this bike is that it comes with a backlit LDC display that shows you your exact speed, battery charge of the bike, pedal assist level, distance traveled and even more. You can control the integrated lights on the display and even plug your phone in with a USB cord. The bike comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, so you can find the size that works best for you. It comes in three great colors: SoCal Sand, which is a light yellow color, Camouflage, a nice, deep green, and Fire Black. This bike sells for $1,899.00, which is much lower than other competitors on the market!

Tech Specs: 

  • Motor: 750 W peak-rated rear geared hub motor 
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Throttle Range: 30 miles 
  • Pedal Assist Range: 25-57 miles 
  • Battery: 48 V 14 Ah – removable 
  • Charge time: 4-5 hours 

Those are just a few of the impressive tech specifics, so head to the Aventure site if you are looking for even more information about the Aventure bike! 

Review of Aventon’s Aventure E-Bike

We’re including a review from Micah Toll because we think reading expert reviews is an essential way to decide if something is worth the money and deserving of the praise. Micah Toll is an electric vehicle enthusiast and his reviews of electric bikes, batteries, and electric cars are highly regarded. You can read Toll’s full review here on electrek, but below is a summary of his findings. 

Overall, Toll finds that the Aventon Aventure E-bike is a huge win for electric commuter bikes. It not only boasts impressive features, but also looks sleek and polished with an integrated and removable battery. Toll writes that the quality you get for the price tag is unmatched on the market. Other electric commuter bikes in its price range do not offer the same speed, quality or other components that Aventon’s does. 

Though it receives general praise, Aventon’s bike does have a few flaws according to Toll. One of which is the lighting. Though it does have integrated lights controllable by the panel, Toll wishes there were lights on either side of the rear frame. Another, perhaps more crucial flaw to the bike is that it is pretty heavy. It weighs 73 pounds, making it difficult to lift up into your truck alone. Though, Toll does recognize that you can’t have big tires, a big battery and a big motor without adding weight. 

Aventon did a great job with the Aventure E-Bike and it is a great deal for what you get for your money. We recommend this bike to anyone looking for a new E-Bike for both work and play!