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Meet Rad Power’s New RadRunner 3 Plus High-End E-Bike

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The RadRunner 3 Plus redefines electric utility biking. Featuring a low-step frame, hydraulic brakes, and advanced tech, it promises an unmatched riding experience.

Rad Power Bikes recently announced the arrival of the RadRunner 3 Plus, their newest and most advanced model of electric utility bike.

Rad Power Bikes is out with the newest model of its RadRunner Plus. Called the RadRunner 3 Plus (not to be mistaken for the still-available and more affordable version, the RadRunner 2), this is the company’s high-end electric utility bike. This new model has some significant changes to its features, design, and performance.

Let’s take a look at how Rad Power took a great e-bike and made it even better!

Photo: Rad Power Bikes

The RadRunner Series

The RadRunner line is a staple in budget utility e-bikes. It made its debut in 2019 and caused a sensation, inspiring competitors to create similar models. Its step-through design, ability to carry an extra rider, and compact wheelbase have been favoured by many riders. The design has been duplicated frequently but never quite matched.

The RadRunner has experienced several iterations. First, the RadRunner Plus, then the RadRunner 2, and now the most recently-released RadRunner 3 Plus. Rad Power Bikes continues to make improvements with each new model.

RadRunner 3 Plus

The RadRunner 3 Plus shares the same power specifications as the prior models, with a max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a battery range of 25-45 miles (40-70 km) when in pedal or throttle assist mode. Furthermore, the company is developing a second battery to elevate its mileage capacity up to 100 miles (160 km).

The 750W motor has been revised to improve hill-climbing so that riders can scale their local slopes 10% faster. The frame of the bike has also been restructured to offer better handling and enhanced stability, plus a longer seat for more cargo. This is a vital feature since it supports up to 350 lb. (160 kg). Meanwhile, the flat land speed remains unchanged.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is flexible, with a halo headlight, durable fenders, and 350 lb. capacity — it can keep up with any plan. Photo: Rad Power Bikes

The bike carries a brand new half-integrated battery to its frame of 48V 14Ah design which still offers the same 672 Wh of capacity, though it is much sleeker than on the last RadRunner Plus model.

Tektro hydraulic brakes provide a speedy and reliable stop, and the levers are adjustable for small or large hands. The bike itself is designed with an expansive rider height range of 4’11” to 6’2″ (150-188 cm), ensuring that anyone can take it for a spin.

Pedal assist riders can select from five different levels, while throttle-only passengers also have an option. The RadRunner 3 Plus is designed to grant comfort when pedaling with its true adjustable bike saddle that many other moped and utility style e-bikes lack.

The RadRunner has a semi-integrated battery, dual-screen display and optimized motor for faster hill-climbing, perfect for stress-free rides. Photo: Rad Power Bikes

For those that wish to ride even farther, a second battery which can be bolted on the rear rack will give up to 100 miles (160 km) of range. Unfortunately, it appears that this additional power source is not currently available for purchase yet. One can hope Rad launches it soon, as it seems like a great extra for delivery workers or anyone else who travels long distances on their electric bike.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is able to be fitted with a multitude of accessories, such as a locking center console, an upgraded rear seat for passengers, sturdy locking panniers, an extra RadTrailer for towing cargo behind the bike and much more. Rad claims that the e-bike has over 350 unique accessory combination possibilities, making it easy to create a very one-of-a-kind setup if desired.

Personalize your ride with over 350 combinations. Keep items safe with the 3 Console, or bring a friend with our Passenger Package. The choice is yours. Photo: Rad Power Bikes

The new RadTrailer from Rad Power has caught my eye, especially with the Rad Trailer Pet Insert that provides a stable platform to safely carry your four-legged companion. Interested buyers can purchase the already available RadRunner 3 Plus online, or in any of Rad’s brick-and-mortar stores throughout the US; potential customers can even test out the bike in person before they purchase it.

Bring more stuff. Go further. Rad Power’s heavy-duty trailer can hold up to 100 pounds and is simple to set up when you need extra room on your ebike. Photo: Rad Power Bikes

If you’re a cyclist who has been wanting an improved ride, with a bike that does it all, and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, Rad Power’s premium model may be exactly what you need. Take a look at their updated version today!

The RadRunner 3 Plus is offered in the United States for US $2,499. Customers from Canada can purchase it at CA $2,999, while those from the UK can pick it up for UK £2,199 and citizens of Europe can buy it at EU €2,499.

Get the new RadRunner Plus 3!

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