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Rad Power Has An E-Bike For Everyone

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Rad Power Bikes

Electric power bikes are becoming more and more popular both in the mountain biking community and the leisure biking community. There are so many different brands selling their version of power bikes. Rad Power Bikes is one of those brands! Founder of Skyblue Overland, Brian Hamilton, often sees these bikes out on the trails in Boulder, Colorado and people seem to really love them! 

Rad Power Bikes started as a passion project of founder Mike Radenbaugh, who built his first ebike in 2007 as a way to get to and from high school. His longtime friend, Ty Collins shared this passion and in 2015, the two of them launched Rad Power Bikes. Rad’s mission is to offer an unrivaled customer experience with awesome electric bikes that are built for all terrain, for all people. 

Central to the mission and goals of Rad Power Bikes is the obligation to be respectful and act responsibly towards the environment, their community, and their team. They are a customer driven company that strives to produce the best ebikes as possible. They have a wide variety of electric bikes that are all great for different purposes. From off-road adventures to daily commuting to work or to run errands, Rad has a bike for you. Here are a few of our favorites. 

RadRover 6 Plus

The RadRover 6 Plus is the latest advancement of Rad Power’s flagship fat tire model. Photo courtesy of Rad Power Bikes.

The RadRover 6 Plus is the latest advancement of Rad Power’s flagship fat tire model and a next-level riding experience. Get more uphill capabilities with the custom geared-hub motor, better stopping power with all new high-performance hydraulic disc brakes, and a semi-integrated battery that easily pops in and out. More rider refinements maximize comfort, making this the biggest evolution in RadRover history!

The RadRunner Plus 

The RadRunner Plus is a head-turning electric utility bike that comes fully-loaded with an all-new collection of upgrades and accessories. Photo courtesy of Rad Power Bikes.

The RadRunner Plus is an electric utility bike that makes it easy to get around town. It comes with a second seat so you can even bring another person along for the ride. The RadRunner Plus is a utility bike that is fully equipped with a powerful battery, luxurious seats and other features that will be sure to be noticed. The bike has 7 different speeds that give you the flexibility to ride up even the most intimidating hills with very little difficulty. The RadRunner Plus is also equipped with a premium, bright headlight and an LCD Display that allows you to bike at night while minimizing the danger of not being seen by cars on the road. This bike averages between 25 and 45 miles per charge, maximizing each ride you go on. 

RadMission Electric Metro Bike

The RadMission is a slick, stylish single-speed electric metro bike for city riders craving more excitement and utility than your average fixie. Photo courtesy of Rad Power Bikes.

RadPower presents the RadMission 1 bike as a perfect electric bike for urban riding. The RadMission is a slick and stylish bike that will easily get you around the city. At under $1,000, this is the lowest price point you will find at RadPower, and likely in other companies as well. The RadMission has a 500W high-torque motor and can hold a charge for more than 45 miles. The power and reliability of the motor makes it easy to get anywhere you need without breaking too much of a sweat. Designed for an urban setting, this bike is sleek. Coming in six different colors, you can find one that matches your taste and style perfectly! 

RadCity 4

The RadCity 4 lets you get across town like never before. You’ll power over hills with ease, and you’ll do it in style and comfort with a stock rear rack, fenders, and front suspension. Photo courtesy of Rad Power Bikes.

Micah Toll at electrek reviewed the RadCity 4 electric bike, another one of our favorites. The RadCity 4 electric bike is the ultimate commuter e-bike and Toll gave it a very positive review. 

According to Toll, the biggest difference between this electric bike and the other ones that Rad Power offers is the frame and motor. The RadCity uses a bigger direct drive hub motor, which is better suited to carry heavy loads and long-term use. The tires on this bike are thinner than Rad Power’s other models that are designed for the trails, but not as thin as a traditional road bike. This bike is designed for an easy commute around urban settings. Overall, Toll finds that the RadCity gives an excellent ride experience. This is a high-value commuter-friendly electric bike that is designed to keep up its quality for a long time!

Take A Test Ride Today!

Rad Power Bikes have an e-bike for just about any occasion. Whether you need a utility bike, a mountain bike, or a commuter bike, you will find one through Rad Power Bikes.

Go check out the RadCity electric bike and the other electric bikes that Rad Power has to offer. They are a great company that offers high quality bikes for a high-value price. With Rad Power you are really going to get the most bang for your bike.

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