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Roark Goes Awol in Aotearoa For Autumn

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Roark designs clothing for adventurers, inspired by the cultures and climates of destinations around the world. They produce two collections per year of clothing, luggage, and trinkets. Each collection tells a story through artful design and high-quality fabrications. Each piece is designed to take the wearer from casual wear to high-action sports, to the elements and back again.

Breathtaking view of the Milford Sound fiord in Aotearoa’s South Island.

Each season, Roark showcases new destinations. It explores locations from around the world to tell stories of adventure through the lens of a community of surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, climbers and so on.


The Awol in Aotearoa collection is Tailored by Travel. Photo by Roark.

Just in time for autumn 2022, Roark has launched its latest collection of Adventure Ready Goods, Awol in Aotearoa, now available via Roark and specialty retailers.

This collection, Tailored by Travel to the rugged shores of “the long white cloud” where adventure’s abound and the haka echoes through the fjords along Roark’s intrepid route to the core is inspired by cordial kiwis, silver ferns, Maori Ta Moko and gear needs for a rough, wet landscape laced in kauri green, deep blue and liquid gold.

The Awol in Aotearoa collection includes rugged pants, shorts, tees, boardshorts, flannels, overshirts, jackets, vests, caps, bucket hats, beanies, travel bags, knives and even a hatchet.

Liquid Gold Collection

Beautiful flowers of Manuka tree, which is a native New Zealand evergreen plant; Leptospermum scoparium (Tea tree).

New Zealand is known for a lot of things, but their sweet Nectar of the Gods stands out as one of their prized possessions. Manuka Honey is liquid gold, respected the world over for its unique properties and health benefits. The Liquid Gold Capsule may not enhance health, but it’ll definitely raise the good vibes level a notch or two.

Essential Gear

Purpose-Driven Fleece

The Landfall Fleece is a modern take on your classic camp style zip up. Photo by Roark.

Towing the line between performance and comfort, Roark introduces its most thoughtful approach to fleece yet. With adventure on the mind, Roark has created The Landfall Fleece ($115) and the Shearling Fleece ($125), built for comfort around the campfire and technical performance while you’re on the go.

The Campover

The new cotton stretch Campover Cargo Pant features all the bells and whistles necessary for an outdoor trek, with styling and fit to suit the city dwellers aesthetic. Photo by Roark.

The Campover Cargo Pant ($89) aims to solve the age-old issue of fashion vs function with modern styling and fabrication, making a solid case for wearable cargos. With a built in webbed belt, low profile pockets and a cotton ripstop stretch fabric, they’re made to suit any environment. New for fall, Roark will offer the Campover Fleece Pant ($99), with all of the loved amenities of the original but with the addition of a Polarfleece to increase warmth and comfort.

Roark’s Iconic Axeman Jacket

A true Roark companion of the line, the Axeman Jacket defies both frigid days and fairweather trends. Photo by Roark.

The Axeman – New for fall, Roark introduces the Axeman X Halley Stevensons ($349), innovators in waxed cotton, featuring Halley Stevensons waxed ripstop material lined with a soft sherpa wool blend and quilted taffeta insulated sleeves, custom metal clasps and an internal rib cuff.

Every season at Roark is inspired by stories, culture, climate, people and local textiles from travels to a different point on the map. This Tailored by Travel approach to Adventure Ready Goods yields purpose-built gear with styling details, fit to accommodate needs from trail to bar.

Roark continues to utilize and expand upon sustainable fabrics and Fair Trade partners throughout the collection, making sure they always look to tread as lightly as possible for future generations.

About Aotearoa

Aotearoa is the Māori-language name for New Zealand. The name was originally used by the Māori people in reference to only the North Island, with the name of the whole country being Aotearoa me Te Waipounamu (“North Island and South Island”) in the South Island. In the pre-European era, Māori had no name for the country as a whole

About Roark:

Roark’s 10-year journey around the world has earned its reputation as an adventure lifestyle brand that’s inspired by expeditions, cultures, people and places on the road less traveled. Their collections of Adventure Ready Goods are purpose-built with styling details fit to accommodate your needs from trail to bar.

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