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Shine Brighter In The Proviz REFLECT 360 Reflective Running Jacket

Skyblue Overland may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.

Skyblue Overland may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article

Stay safe and look cool zipped into the Proviz Reflect360 running jacket.

Many runners claim the hours around sunrise as their own time. They make breakfast, lay out the running clothes, put on their shoes, and head out the door. It’s dark outside and the early morning dew cools your skin. The streets are empty of cars. The bright stars are still high in the sky and the moon is setting as you run. A few minutes into your run, you begin to see rays of light as the sun breaks through the clouds. Your eyes chase after neon signs and traffic on the horizon, trying to make sense of them amongst the false darkness. There’s something very powerful about rising every morning and getting out on the road.

I run my weekly miles in the early mornings or evenings, after work. I usually run on my own, so my safety is always a concern. I carry my phone with me just in case and turn my earphones down to a low volume. Occasionally when I’m running, I check in with a friend who is also training for a race.

In daylight, the REFLECT 360 jacket appears gray. Photo by Proviz.

But I also know that I can’t expect cars to see me. That’s why I rely on the Proviz REFLECT 360 Reflective Running Jacket. In daylight, the jacket appears gray; when oncoming cars approach, however, the jacket lights up so that drivers can see me as easily as a giant disco ball. If you like to sparkle, you’ll definitely sparkle in this jacket.

When oncoming cars approach, however, the jacket lights up so that drivers can see me as easily as a giant disco ball. Photo by Proviz.

Run Like A Sparkler

Reflect360 gear boasts 100 percent reflective material that spreads out light from headlights and flashlights with “full 360-degrees of visibility,” according to the company. This hi-viz material is made from tiny, reflective glass beads. If you look closely at the material you can see the glistening sparkles. The reflective material covers the entire front of the running jacket, full sleeves and panels down the back, while fitting softly and being flexible. The jacket also squishes itself down to a packable size.

I used a few fall season test runs to try on the jacket and ran between the 30- to 50-degree temperature range. I found the jacket to be thin enough wear a base layer underneath. The jacket is effective in a wide range of temperatures, but definitely needs some layers as the weather gets cooler. I thought the material might trap too much heat during warmer days, but the mesh panel on the backside allowed for airflow. The jacket was not waterproof, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on days when it is raining heavily.

This jacket is super bright and makes you pop out, but it doesn’t look tacky. The quality and fit make it worth the price, mainly because it will last a long time.

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About Proviz

Proviz is an International Multi-Award Winning Sports Brand, distributed in 40 countries, sold online globally and acknowledged as one of the most innovative sports brands in the world. The premium British lifestyle brand is renowned for style, innovation and quality and has the largest range of specialist enhanced visibility & reflective sports products on the market. The products are specifically designed to empower customers and therefore making a positive difference in their lives and are available to ship directly to you from its USA Warehouse.

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