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Best Car Camping Essentials In 2022

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Car camping with the right equipment and gear can easily bring the comfort of your home to your next camping adventure! Enjoy our review of our favorite car camping gear and equipment in 2022.

Outdoorsy Escapod Topo Series

Photo courtesy of Outdoorsy.

Don’t want the full commitment of buying a camper van or trailer? Look no further than Outdoorsy! They are the best resource to experience the magic of the outdoors by providing top of the line RV, camper van, or trailer rentals. With each rental you’ll have 100% free roadside assistance, delivery to your location prior to your adventure, and many options to fit your needs and comfort! The Outdoorsy Escapod Topo Series 2021 will get you 100 miles / day for free and can be rented for a reasonable $140 / night. The rental is equipped with bedding, cooking, and dining essentials, a Yeti cooler, and more. The trailer is fully insulated so you won’t have to worry about staying warm on those chilly fall camping adventures. To learn more and reserve your rental visit here:

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Osprey STRATOS 26 Backpack

Photo courtesy of Osprey.

On your car camping trip, you’ll probably plan for a few day hikes from the camp site, be sure to include this Osprey STRATOS 26 day Backpack – combining innovation and quality this pack is fully ventilated and the adjustable AirSpeed ventilated back system and highly breathable mesh provide increased comfort in any weather. The STRATOS 26 is a must have daypack giving enough capacity for spare clothing, food, and equipment. Other features include emergency whistle, integrated rain cover, trekking pole attachment, and more. This Osprey pack is on sale! Check is out now!

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Stio Basin XT Duffel 55L

Photo courtesy of Stio.

Fall adventures bring cooler temperatures – which means more clothing and gear to pack to keep you warm and comfortable on your camping trip. The Stio Basin XT Duffel 55L is the perfect bag to stow all your fall apparel for your car camping adventure. The outside fabric is TPU-coated to withstand any of the most rugged trips. Easy to grab handles, wide mouth open, and internal pockets will make packing and hauling this bag a breeze. Stio’s quality is unmatched – check it out now!

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Goal Zero Yeti 500x Portable Power Station

Photo courtesy of Goal Zero.

Goal Zero’s name says it all – their mission is to provide the best quality portable power solutions to improve any adventure or experience their customers enjoy. With a large variety of solar products, they hope to encourage and empower people towards a sustainable future while enjoying activities they love most! One of their featured solar items, the Yeti 500x Portable Power Station is a must-have for your car camping trip, equipped with four different port options (AC, 12V, and 60W USB-C PD) it can power everything on your camping trip from your phone to your portable mini fridge. Not only can you reliably charge your devices, but the charging ports will do so at high speeds – allowing you to charge a speaker, phone, or camera in a fraction of the time. You won’t have to worry about the Yeti 500x power because the portable solar panels will keep it charged while you’re enjoying the outdoors. The best feature of the Yeti 500x? It’s compact size – with dimensions of 7.5 x 11.25 x 5.6 inches this key item won’t take up valuable space as you pack your car!

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Fireside Outdoor GO ANYWHERE Fire Pit Kit

Photo courtesy of Fireside Outdoors.

For those chilly fall nights camping that we all enjoy cozying up around a fire – you’ll want Fireside Outdoor Go Anywhere Fire Pit Kit on your car camping packing list! This fire pit leaves no trace and meets BLM fire guidelines. Weighing only 8 pounds it’s easy to pack and stow. The fire pit kit includes a heat shield so you may burn over grass or wood decks without causing any damage. Allow the ease and convenience of this fire pit set up to provide you with a cozy fire this fall camping season!

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Roofnest Condor Rooftop Tent

Photo courtesy of Roofnest.

Car and Rooftop camping are becoming increasingly more popular due to the user-friendly options. One rooftop tent to consider as you prep for your next car camping trip is the Condor tent from Roofnest. The Condor tent is the company’s first fold-out style hard shell tent, perfect for smaller vehicles or over a truck bed. This tent has it all – compactable size when closed, but large comfortable sleeping area with easy set-up. The tent can easily sleep two adults and one child (or dog). The Condor tent features almost luxury accessories such as the Annex to accommodate for a solar panel, an awning, and a detachable LED light. Roofnest provides the best quality camping tents, and the Condor Rooftop tent should absolutely be considered!

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ROVR ROLLR® 45 Cooler

Photo courtesy of RovR.

This cooler will be all the envy among your adventure friends! Similar to RovR’s popular coolers, the RollR 60 and 80, the RollR 45 is designed with packing efficiency in mind – which is all what we need when packing up the car for a camping trip. The same superior level of cooling and organizational engineering was not spared when making this fun sized cooler! The Rollr 45 cooler is bear resistant, making it safe to leave outside during your car camping trip. Eight days of ice retention to hold a variety of your fun items. A Deep Freeze Removable Dry Bin with 2 compartments can be removed allowing for various amounts of capacity. Coming in 5 different vibrant colors, this cooler is sure to be a hit on your next adventure.

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Icemule Classic™ Medium 15L

Photo courtesy of Icemule

Icemule Coolers’ goal is to give you freedom of taking your cooler anywhere without the hassle of carrying a clanky cooler and keeping your hands free. The Icemule Classic™ Medium 15L cooler is the perfect companion that can comfortably strap to your back keeping your drinks and food chilled for 24 hours. When you’re done with the cooler it’s shape and material – similar to a drybag – can be rolled up and compactly stowed away until your next adventure. The Icemule Classic™ Medium 15 liter cooler is available in a variety of fun colors, check them out now!

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Luno Air Mattress 2.0

Photo courtesy of Luno.

If you haven’t heard of Luno, you absolutely need to check them out! One of the most trusted leaders for all of your car camping gear. If you’re planning a fall car camping trip, Luno is where you’ll find the best equipment to give you comfortable on your adventure. Your first purchase should be the Luno Air Mattress 2.0 – their #1 selling car camping air mattress. A quality mattress will give quality sleep – something we all desire after a long day of hiking, exploring or any activity during your camping trip. The mattress inflates and deflates in a matter of minutes and is big enough for 2 campers to fit comfortably. The mattress was designed with two separate air chambers so each person can adjust to their firmness preference. The team at Luno thoughtfully tested the mattress to make sure it could fit in more than 1,800 vehicles!

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Luno Seatback Organizer 2.0

Photo courtesy of Luno.

Another great item from Luno that is a necessity for car camping is their Seatback Organizer 2.0. Once your Luno Air Mattress 2.0 is set up, you’ll need a spot to keep your flashlight, phone, water bottle, etc. handy. The Seatback Organizer 2.0 will be your designated car camping “nightstand”. Complete with a micro-fiber lined pocket for your phone, a headlamp or flashlight pocket with translucent fabric to provide a dim reading light, and additional pockets to keep items like car keys, wallet, or a book safe and secure. The Seatback Organizer 2.0 is designed to easily fit to the back of any car set – check it out here!

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MiiR Earth Month 32-oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Photo courtesy of MiiR.

MiiR designs and produces quality water bottles, coffee mugs, and wine & beer tumblers – all made for your outdoor adventure. In celebration of Earth month, they created the Earth Month 32oz wide mouth bottle, with a creative design for a pop of color on the bottle and the double wall vacuum will keep any beverage hot or cold for hours. The bottle is a limited release and 5% of every purchase will support the Conservation Alliance and their mission of environmental stewardship. Get this unique bottle before it’s gone!

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Nemo stargaze™ recliner luxury chair

Photo courtesy of Nemo Equipment.

Yes, while a fall car camping trip means sleeping in your car – that doesn’t mean you can’t set up camp outside the car and enjoy stargazing, sipping your morning coffee, or reading a book. The Stargaze™ recliner luxury chair is the perfect seating option for any of these activities! Features include an adjustable headrest, recliner, padded armrest, cup holder, and secure footing for any surface. The Stargaze™ recliner is easy to set up and pack up when you’re done. This chair is a no-brainer if you want luxury comfort on your next camping trip!

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Rumpl Sherpa Puffy Blanket – Woven Daydream

Photo courtesy of Rumpl.

As you cozy up for the night after a fun day of adventuring during your car camping trip, you’ll want to make sure it’s with the Sherpa Puffy Blanket from Rumpl! With a Sherpa fleece bottom this blanket is guaranteed to keep you warm even on the coldest fall nights. The blanket rolls up and secures with a clip for easy packing after a good night’s sleep. The Woven Daydream design is a featured design from the RAD artist collaboration that celebrates Native artists, and a portion of the Sherpa Puffy blanket sales will support the First Peoples Fund. Get cozy now!

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Photo courtesy of Sierra Designs.

Everyone knows that the key to a great car camping trip is to have a comfortable set up – both inside and outside your car. The Sierra Designs portable cabana will provide for a relaxing set-up. Quick and easy to set up the cabana brings shade and keeps dirt and sand outside. The mesh material will keep the shaded area cool with 360-airflow. This cabana is perfect for your table set-up at your camp site!

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Sierra Designs NITRO QUILT 20°

Photo courtesy of Sierra Designs.

Fall is the beginning of cozy season! Chilly nights making cozying up with a warm blanket welcomed – this is especially the case on a fall car camping trip. That’s why you need the Nitro Quilt 20° from Sierra Designs. Is it a blanket, is it a sleeping bag? That doesn’t matter, it’ll keep you warm down to 20 degrees F. The Nitro Quilt has 800-fill power Fluro-carbon free DriDown for ultra-light weight but ultra-warm insulation! Featuring an oversize design, full-length, arm pockets, and a hood – every part of you will stay warm. This quilt is a must have for your fall car camping trip!

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Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill

Photo courtesy of Snow Peak.

This portable fire pit and grill from Snow Peak will truly elevate your culinary game on your next fall car camping trip! Made from durable stainless steel, this portable and easy to set up grill can cook your favorite camping meals by fire or by charcoal. Contents of the fire pit and grill set up include a Grill net, grill bridge, pack and carry fireplace, baseplate, and a carrying case for easy transport. With these items you won’t have to worry about not getting a fire started at your campsite, you’re minutes away from a roaring fire and cooking a great meal with the Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill.

[$319.95 at]

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Snow Peak Living Lodge M

Photo courtesy of Snow Peak.

The Snow Peak Living Lodge M is the genius combination of a shelter and tent – making it ideal to set up next to your car on your camping trip. The internal height of the tent stands at 6’9” and can comfortably sit 3-5 people. The awning outside offers shade if you don’t want to be inside the tent – best of both worlds! Designed with weatherproof and durable fabric this lodge set up will provide you comfort for many years of camping trips.

[$1,749.95 at]

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Snow Peak Takibi Gathering Set

Photo courtesy of Snow Peak.

To round out our favorite Snow Peak picks to make for a great campsite set up, you’ll want the Takibi Gathering Set – pair it with the Living Lodge for a comfortable seating area to enjoy all your meals! Or place the Takibi Gathering Set around the Fire and Grill to enjoy conversation over a delicious meal cooked over the fire. The set includes two beach chairs, an ottoman, and a table – all built with the durable stainless steel and designed in Japan – promising lasting quality. You can view the Takibi gathering set here!

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Hitch Fire FORGE 15 Tailgating Bundle

Photo courtesy of Hitchfire.

Car Camping is kind of like an extended tailgate, right? Well in that case, then you will absolutely want the Forge 15 Tailgate Bundle from Hitch Fire! This bundle features everything you need for a grill get up that conveniently attaches right to your tailgate. You’ll get the Forge 15 Pivot Swing Arm to move the grill set up, Forge 15 Cover, a 5lb refillable growler for propane, and a propane adapter hose. This set up is compact, lightweight, and easy to attach to your tailgate hitch! To check it, and browse other Hitch Fire add-ons, visit here!

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SylvanSport GO camping trailer

Photo courtesy of Sylvan Sport.

Don’t have a car big enough to sleep in for your car camping trip but don’t want to buy a full RV? The Sylvan Sport GO camping trailer is your solution! The GO camping trailer can haul your gear, equipment and provide spacious shelter for your camping adventure! The lightweight pop-up tent camper can comfortably sleep 4 people, includes a gear deck, equipment rack and storage box – all thoughtfully designed and built to make your car camping trip comfortable and convenient! You’ll be able to bring your bikes, paddle board, even canoe on your adventure! With 165 lbs. of hauling capacity the GO camping trailer can do it all! Vehicles of any size, even smaller vehicles can tow this awesome set-up! For more information on how to schedule a demo, click here!

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