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Filson’s New Fall Camp Essentials

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As we head into the peak of camping season, we’ve compiled a list of Filson’s most dependable essentials for use around the campsite.

I first became acquainted with Filson’s outdoor gear and apparel when I moved to Seattle in 1989 to start my first job as an engineering geologist. I worked on civil infrastructure and hydrogeology projects all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Despite the harsh conditions of working in these remote areas, I always wore Filson clothing to get me through the days and nights in the field. Their products are made out of high-quality materials that get more comfortable with use.

As camping season hits its high point, we have gathered a collection of Filson’s reliable essentials for use around the campsite.


Filson’s Granite Spire Fleece Jacket. Photo: Filson.

A warm, durable, and wind-resistant fleece jacket.

The Granite Spire Fleece Jacket is made with fleece that’s hard-faced on the exterior and lofted on the interior. This construction yields a layer that is quite wind-resistant while maintaining excellent breathability. It’s warm and dries quickly. The exterior is knitted with thick yarns that provide greater durability than the typical soft shell. The forearms are reinforced with a layer of Cordura® nylon for additional protection.

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Filson’s Seattle Wool Jacket-Shirt. Photo: Filson.

A warm overshirt made with 100% virgin wool.

Introduced into Filson’s product line some fifty years ago, this iconic shirt jacket has served more outdoorsmen in a wider range of conditions than we could begin to count. A heavy shirt, overshirt, insulating layer or light jacket—it performs without fail, no matter what role it serves. One long-time Filson employee recalls his father packing his favorite Jac-Shirt on each and every hiking, camping and canoeing trip taken with his Boy Scout troop throughout the 1980s. That same Jac-Shirt is still in service.

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Filson Backpack Dry Bag. Photo: Filson.

Fully submersible and equipped with comfortable backpack straps.

When the fishing or hunting is at its best and the weather at its worst, the gear that you depend on must be kept dry. Filson’s Backpack Dry Bag, built with heavy-duty materials and industry-leading manufacturing technology, delivers reliable, waterproof protection to keep water outside, where it belongs.
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Good To Know:A summer evening spent around the campfire is incomplete without something to take the edge off. We turned to Filson’s staff for a few fresh takes on some tried-and-true tin cup cocktails (i.e. whiskey slugged from anything that won’t leak). See these Campfire Cocktail Recipes.


Filson’s Fire Mountain Blanket. Photo: Filson.

A lightweight cotton throw blanket for cabin or camp.

The throw-sized Fire Mountain Cotton blanket is ideal for taking the chill off mornings in the cabin while the coffee brews. It’s machine-washable, so there’s also no need for concern about using it around a smokey campfire in the evening. The 13-oz. Portuguese cotton flannel is brushed for softness against the skin.

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Filson’s Lined Mackinaw Wool Jacket-Shirt. Photo: Filson.

A warm, fully-lined wool jac-shirt with a snap-closure front.

As much a jacket as it is a heavy shirt, this updated Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt is warm, weather-resistant, and highly breathable. Filson’s original Jac-Shirt, introduced nearly 50 years ago and built with soft and warm wool, serves as a heavy shirt or a light jacket. It’s earned the enviable reputation for being the most versatile garment in a sportsman’s tool kit. In 2016 we re-imagined that iconic classic, creating our beefiest jac-shirt with an entirely new level of warmth and protection.

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Filson’s CPO Wool Jac-Shirt. Photo: Filson.

A heavy wool overshirt patterned after historic Navy shirts.

Taking design cues from the heavy wool shirts issued to Petty Officers, the CPO Wool Jac-Shirt is the newest addition to Filson’s overshirt legacy that spans five decades.

The U.S. Navy issued heavy woolen shirts to its senior enlisted men beginning back in the 1930s to satisfy the need for a warm, protective shirt that would serve in the unforgiving weather found at sea. Filson has made heavy wool overshirts for service in the wet and cold Pacific Northwest since the 1970s. This is a natural pairing that just makes sense.

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Filson’s Switwater Rain Jacket. Photo: Filson.

Upgraded for improved durability and sustainability with 100% recycled material.

While some situations call for a weather-resistant, heavy-duty shell that stands up to briars, brush and abrasion, our newly upgraded Swiftwater Rain Jacket is engineered for active uses that require lightweight, waterproof protection that can be pulled out in an instant.

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Skyblue Featured Video: Filson 125 Years

For 125 years Filson’s uncompromising commitment to quality has defined their authenticity. Filson has built trust within the community to become more than a clothing brand. We are stewards of the American outdoor tradition. Filson is proud of the story they’ve written. Here’s to the next chapter. More at:

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