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Pulled from the Filson archives, the Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket

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A warm work jacket pulled from the Filson archives and sewn in Seattle.

I first became acquainted with Filson when I moved to Seattle in 1989 to start my first job as an engineering geologist. I worked on civil infrastructure projects all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and I always wore Filson clothing. The thing I appreciate most about Filson is how well the clothing is made.

This year, Filson is celebrating its 125th anniversary. For more than a century, generations of anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, mariners and ranchers, and anyone who refuses to stay indoors have trusted Filson for their outerwear needs.

Since 1897, Filson has been a leading manufacturer of wool products. In fact, their name at the time was Seattle Woolen Manufacturing Company, then later the Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers. The company got its start making woolen goods for adventurers heading north to seek fortunes in the Alaskan Gold Rush.

Photo by Filson.

Mackinaw Wool Work jacket

A classic pulled from the archives of Filson, the highly functional Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket provides warmth and is a study in durability. Sharing its DNA with Filson’s iconic 1914-patented Cruiser, this highly functional work jacket is built with naturally breathable wool from Shetland sheep. This provides the fabric with a tight weave that blocks wind and provides the durability to last generations.

Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket is now available in Blue Coal / Copper Heather Plaid for Fall 2023. Photo: Filson.


The design is streamlined, with a length that’s cut to hip length so as not to ride up when seated as well as for easy access to pockets and a tool belt. The zipperless, custom-fit closure and adjustable cuffs are easy to operate even with small buttons or wearing work gloves. Patterned after the Cruiser jacket, the pockets are designed with flaps and hidden hand warmer pockets. There are two layers of pockets on the left exterior and one inside open pocket on the interior.

Wool has been the natural fabric of choice for protection from cold and wet weather for centuries, in large part due to its ability to insulate even when wet. When wool fibers come into contact with moisture, they draw it in and disperse it to the tips where the moisture evaporates. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling damp or clammy.

Filson – Celebrating 125 Years of Unfailing Goods

Filson has been trusted by generations of anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, mariners and ranchers, and anyone who refuses to stay indoors.

For an all-purpose, all-natural jacket for the job and daily wear, Filson’s archival Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket is the solution that simply works.

Product Features:

  • Archival re-issue
  • Sewn in Seattle, WA with 26-oz. Mackinaw Wool
  • Hip-length
  • Snapped front closure and adjustable cuffs
  • Snap-flap cargo and patch-hand pockets
  • Internal stow pocket
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