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Daily Gear Digest For September 8, 2023

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Daily Gear Digest is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from the Skyblue Gear Lab.

Each day, the Skyblue Gear Lab has new product releases and stories to tell. We gather them all together in our Daily Gear Digest, so you can stay informed of the latest gear news.

Today, we are featuring Osprey’s Exos/Eja Pro pack, the latest and greatest ultralight personal backpacks for thru-hikers. We are also taking a look at Topo Designs’ Dirt Collection Lookbook: Fall/Winter 23. This line of apparel offers ultimate comfort combined with sustainable manufacturing. As well, you can receive 25% off TREW Gear’s specialized Nuyarn merino wool clothing.

Osprey Introduces the Exos/Eja Pro – Osprey’s Newest Ultralight thru-Hiking Pack

Introducing the Exos/Eja Pro – Osprey’s lightest thru-hiking backpack yet. It shaves nearly a full pound from the successful Exos/Eja Series, thanks to its lighter materials and frame. If you’re looking for an ultralight, durable pack to take you on your greatest adventures, this is it. The Exos/Eja keeps your gear protected while providing world-class comfort. You can strip away unnecessary features to reduce weight, and the backpanel ventilations system ensures you won’t overheat on long hikes. Enjoy every sunrise and sunset, and every peak you summit with the Exos/Eja Pro.

Photo: Osprey.

Check them out on Osprey’s site:

Men’s Exos Pro 55: MSRP $290 | Weight: 2.91 lbs
Women’s Eja Pro 55: MSRP $290 | Weight: 2.84 lbs.

25% off TREW Gear’s high-end Nuyarn merino wool

It’s time to prepare for the upcoming chill of autumn with TREW Gear’s high-end Nuyarn merino wool T-shirts, long sleeves, base layers, and socks. Take advantage of 25% off — no code needed! Nuyarn amplifies merino wool’s natural benefits, making it stronger, lighter, cozier, and quicker to dry compared to standard ringspun merino. This allows you to enjoy total comfort during both sweltering heat waves and mild fall temperatures.

Photo: TREW Gear.

Get your own high-end Nuyarn merino wool

Topo Designs Fall/Winter 23 Dirt Collection Lookbook: Pure comfort, sustainably-built.

Topo Designs has just released their much-anticipated FW23 Dirt Collection Lookbook, which was created out of a passion for natural textures and earthy colors. They gathered some friends, along with their furry friend Tina, and took to the road in search of adventures. The sun and stars were their horizon as they explored, climbed, sent, failed, and laughed- all while remaining true to their spirit.

Photo: Topo Designs.

Join Topo Designs on this journey for the FW23 Dirt Collection.

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