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Daily Gear Digest: Super Pacific X1 Camper

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Today’s top headline is all about the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Camper—an impressive truck camper designed to provide unbeatable comfort in every type of terrain and whatever adventures come your way.

Check out the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Camper – adventure-proof tent made to keep you comfortable in any weather.

Introducing Super Pacific’s Switchback X1 Camper—a spacious, adventure-ready truck camper designed to provide the best in class comfort in all weather conditions and for any adventure.

The Switchback X1 Camper boasts an elevated and modern design aesthetic, setting it apart in the wedge camper category, and it fits most mid- and full-sized trucks.

Photo: Super Pacific.

Super Pacific’s Switchback X1 camper is built to handle off-road conditions, just like an aircraft. It is created with laser-cut sheet aluminum and top quality rivets, the same kind used in airplane making. This versatile and transformable camping system can be customized for various pursuits throughout the year.

The top part of the camper, known as the Fuselage, is composed of sheets of 0.080” 5052 aluminum that are laser cut and then molded into shape with solid rivets. The clamshell which attaches to the fuselage and provides shelter for the tent is made from a combination of the company’s custom extrusions and parts machined from 6061 aluminum. These pieces keep together composite panels which create the floors and ceiling of the clamshell.

Photo: Super Pacific.

The clamshell, which is used in transportation and aerospace industries, is made of a composite material that consists of layers of fiberglass surrounding a honeycomb polypropylene core. This combination gives it an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and allows for the radio signals to pass through its walls without being obstructed. Additionally, all sheet metal parts are covered with a powder coating and all machined parts have been anodized with a UV stable formula that was specifically designed to survive UV sterilization procedures in medical settings.

This all-weather tent is stitched together with care in Oregon using a material called Top Gun 9, making it tough and advanced. The fabric is polyester coated in acrylic for a lasting weatherproof finish. This same textile was devised for sail bags and dodgers that have to withstand extreme marine situations.

The adjustable ventilation system creates a comfortable climate while reducing condensation. To keep the air fresh, a rain fly can be opened from within the tent with a fiberglass batten, and screened vents above each door can be opened for airflow or closed to hold in heat. The XL sleeping loft and functional floor panels provide plenty of sleeping space for multiple guests and their pets. This tent is built around the Exped Megamat Duo LW+ Mattress for maximum comfort while you sleep outdoors. To take full advantage of the view, three no-see-um grade screened doors open to create a 270° panorama.

Photo: Super Pacific.

Versatility and Customization

Adding versatility, the truckbed can be transformed into a full standing height space, better known as Living Room Mode™. By creating a dry and secure space in your truck bed, the Switchback X1 adds value to your truck as a daily driver. The Free Flow™ vent system is designed to give you control over temperature and condensation for the ultimate comfort level. The modular Molle Panels allow gadgets to be kept right where you need them – close yet out of the way. Universal t-slots are included: Awnings, cross bars, solar, you name it, the t-slots can handle it. More features include 3 zippered and screened tent doors, 3 locking canopy doors, a 3rd brake light, and cabside acrylic windows.

Customization becomes effortless with the modular platform, adapting your gear setup to your changing needs. A mobile gear locker (commerical-grade canopy) is built in for secure storage and allows you full access from all sides. All three canopy doors are keyed alike and can be opened with one hand for full access to the sides of your truck bed to easily load and access your gear during your work week and your weekend adventures.

Personalize the look of your setup: you’ll have a choice of 6 premium powder-coated aluminum colors (Black, White, Grey, OD, Green, Tan, and Blue), your choice of 2 tent fabric colors (Grey or Tan) and either a Tailgate Acrylic window or Solid Tailgate Door.

Photo: Super Pacific.

Personalization options:

  • Powder coat options (no cost): black, grey, white, green, tan, blue
  • Tent fabric options (no cost): tan, grey, color blocked navy/oyster
  • Tailgate door options (no cost): fixed acrylic window, solid aluminum
  • Cab-side window options: Fixed acrylic (no cost), operable cab-side slider ($425 upgrade)

Go the Distance with Confidence

The Switchback X1 is USA-made and sourced, ensuring exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and lifespan. Super Pacific is constantly working closely with manufacturing partners, updating customizations so the Switchback X1 base stays compatible with an expanding accessory eco-system designed to help get the most out of your experience. All campers come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Standard Features:

  • A mobile gear locker: Contractor-grade canopy and full access from all sides
  • Exped Megamat Duo LW+ Mattress
  • Three zippered and no-see-um grade screened tent doors
  • Three locking canopy doors
  • Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout
  • Universal t-slots: Awnings, cross bars, solar, you name it, t-slots can handle it
  • Fits most mid- and full-sized trucks
  • 3rd brake light
  • Cabside Acrylic windows
  • 2-Year limited warranty
  • MSRP: mid-sized trucks – $12995 / full-size trucks – $13495
  • Free installation and no sales tax when purchasing and installing in Portland, Oregon
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