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The Timeless Quality Of Filson’s Oil Finish Tin Cloth

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Established in Seattle in 1897, Filson is the leading outfitter and manufacturer of unfailing goods and apparel. Built upon a reputation for reliability, Filson has been trusted by generations of anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, mariners and ranchers, and anyone who refuses to stay indoors.

Clinton C. Filson established his company to outfit prospectors driven to strike gold regardless of environmental obstacles. These miners were soon joined by hunters, anglers, engineers, and explorers. The hardiness of Filson Mackinaw Coats and Wool Field Pants made them unrivaled for keeping comfortable and staying alive in the wilderness.

Part of what makes Filson so unique, is the consistent use of the best materials available. These materials have made truly revolutionary clothing over the years because they are so unique and distinct. Below we are some of the signature materials that have made such an impact today.

Tin Cloth

Born from the need to protect against thorns and briars in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest, Filson’s oil finish Tin Cloth is relied on by loggers, foresters, sportsmen and tradesmen. Timeless quality garment that develops a natural patina over time.

From the beginning, the popularity of the cruiser shirt was undeniable, given its widespread demand by those seeking their fortunes in Alaska and the Yukon goldfields. Photo by Filson.

For every person who struck gold in the Klondike, thousands more fled back to Seattle with pennies or debt. Broke and desperate, many of these once gold searchers turned to the timber industry. It soon became a booming industry. This was not only great for the workers who were desperate for employment, but it was also a huge pivotal moment for Filson. He knew exactly what clothing and gear loggers needed and he had the materials to make it.

This pivotal moment is when he designed and made the first Filson Cruiser. It received a U.S. Patent. It had trademarked pockets to accommodate surveyor tools and the Cruiser quickly became the standard piece for the forests. More than a century later, the 1914 Filson Cruiser is almost identical to today’s version. All clothes with a tin cloth finish are abrasion-resistant and rain repellent. This fabric has been proven to work for over 100 years. You can get almost any outdoor apparel with a tin cloth finish, like a baseball cap, chaps, a backpack, and much more.

Born from the need to protect against thorns and briars in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest. Photo by Filson.

To create their iconic fabric, a tightly woven canvas duck fabric is saturated with a liquefied paraffin wax and oil mixture under heat and high pressure, forcing the wax into the core of the all-natural cotton fibers. Filson’s toughest waxed cotton fabric, oil finish Tin Cloth resists tears, punctures, water and wind for heavy-duty reliability.

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