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Best Guided Adventures In The State Of Washington

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We were inspired by the “carpe diem” attitude of 57Hours represents a philosophy on recreation – you have exactly 57 hours between 3 PM on Friday (a reasonable time to call it early and leave work) and midnight Sunday, to yourself. 57hours offers numerous guided adventures in the State of Washington. Here are some of our favorites:

Alpine Rock Climbing in Washington Pass

Dates: Late May to September 2022
57hours price: $425 per person

Washington Pass is an amazing, alpine granite paradise that is situated right on the Cascade Crest with a starting elevation of 4,875 feet! Photo by Cody Bradford, courtesy of 57hours.

Washington Pass is an obligatory stop when traveling through the North Cascades. Try out the Liberty Bell Group, Lexington Tower or Early Winter Spire — the possibilities for rock climbing are endless. Discover new lines and climb the awe-inspiring summits with a certified and experienced guide.

Enjoy a customized day of climbing with a private guide for $425 per person.  With dozens of classic climbs covering the full spectrum of difficulties, this adventure is ideal for anyone. Beginner alpine climbers can enjoy a day of learning the basic skills and techniques, while more experienced climbers can reach summits, explore the snow covered peaks and enjoy the distinctly alpine feel Washington Pass offers.

Multi-Day Alpine Climbing on Mount Baker

Dates: Late May to September 2022
57hours price: $900 per person

The Easton Glacier Route is the easiest way up the challenging Mount Baker.

Climb the second largest glacier system in the lower 48! This Cascadian Volcano with twelve active glac­i­ers and breath­tak­ing views is a paradise for any alpine climber! With 10,781 feet, Mount Bak­er pro­vides chal­leng­ing but extreme­ly reward­ing moun­taineer­ing expe­ri­ence for alpine climbers of all skill levels. It is a perfect introduction to roped glacier travel on snow and ice, and to one of the classic North Cascades summits.

The climb the Easton Glacier Route a private guide for $900 per person on this epic 3-day adventure.  It is the best route for first time climbers as it offers a direct and relatively moderate route up the south side of the mountain with the fewest technical difficulties. If you are unsure of your readiness for a first time climb of Mt. Baker, the Easton Glacier is the perfect choice for you! This adventure involves training with crampons and an ice axe, and it covers travel in glacier terrain and fundamentals of crevasse rescue. This is a good introduction to glacier travel for all first timers or a comprehensive refresher course for those with previous experience looking for a spectacular glacier ascent.

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing on Beacon Rock

Dates: The northwest corner is open to climbing year round
57hours price: $330 per person

Beacon Rock State Park reflecting water of Columbia River Gorge offers epic climbing on Beacon Rock.

Beacon Rock State Park on the north shore of the Columbia River in Washington, is a hidden gem of multi-pitch and alpine-like climbing just 45 minutes from Portland! The rock feature rises over 800’ above the river, and offers a wide variety of climbing from hard crack climbing pitches to long moderate routes that feel like they belong deep in the North Cascades.

Explore the various multi-pitch lines that Beacon Rock State Park offers with a professional and experienced guide! Let your guide take you to the best spots on this customized Day of Private Multi-Pitch Climbing. No matter how much experience and skill you have, there are many routes for all levels. Put more experience under your belt and conquer a six-pitched climb.

Backcountry Skiing in Snoqualmie

Dates: December 2021 through April 2022
57hours price: $450 per person

The Snoqualmie Summit sits in the heart of the magical Snoqualmie National Forest.

Spend the day shredding some of the best slopes in Washington with a pro local guide! Whether you want to explore the rugged terrain or ski down steep and amazing couloirs through deep powder, Snoqualmie’s backyard has options for everyone. The Snoqualmie Summit sits in the heart of the magical Snoqualmie National Forest. The Summit West, Summit Central and Summit East areas offer 1,100 acres of terrain with verticals ranging anywhere from 765 feet to 1,100 feet.

If you are new to the backcountry skiing, go out with a professional and friendly local guide, and let them teach you all the basic techniques and skills needed for a safe and fun adventure out of bounds. Snoqualmie offers a few locations for those who wish to uncover the wonders of backcountry skiing. Learn the tips and tricks, and have fun on the low-angle powdery slopes!

Backcountry Skiing at Crystal Mountain

Dates: December 2021 through April 2022
57hours price: $450 per person

Photo courtesy of 57hours.

Still trying to figure out all the quirks of backcountry skiing? Let the guide show you all the tips and tricks, and learn about backcountry safety from a friendly expert guide. The amazingly diverse terrain of Crystal Mountain offers plenty of options for all skill levels! Let your guide plan out the perfect day, and fall in love with the freedom and adventure the backcountry provides.

Guided Adventures In British Columbia

In BC, 57hours offers numerous single day and multi-day trips. Learn more about rock climbing or take a one day mountain biking course in Squamish. For a more challenging trip, check out their 3-day Tantalus Alpine Climbing Tour helping you scale these iconic peaks. During the winter months, explore some of the best backcountry skiing in the world with a four day trip at Journeyman Lodge.


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