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Best Guided Backcountry Skiing Adventures in British Columbia, Canada

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Whether it’s a week-long snowcat adventure, or a day trip excursion off of an iconic mountain, a backcountry ski trip to British Columbia is sure to be an adventure one won’t soon forget.

Whether it’s a week-long snowcat adventure, or a day trip excursion off of an iconic mountain, a backcountry ski trip to British Columbia is sure to be an adventure one won’t soon forget.

Beautiful British Columbia is home to some of the best skiing in North America and the entire world. With ten major mountain ranges, and seemingly countless sub ranges, it’s nearly impossible to run out of new backcountry runs to explore in this rugged terrain. If you’re looking for the trip of a lifetime, 57hours has got you covered. The company’s mission is to help you find outdoor adventures and make booking them simple and easy. Their trips are led by highly trained guides, there to help ensure you’re staying safe while exploring the mountains. What’s behind the name 57hours? There are exactly 57 hours from 3:00 pm, Friday, to midnight, Sunday. That gives you 57 hours to pack as much adventure into your weekend as possible.

57hours knows how to connect skiers with some of the most unique adventures that British Columbia has to offer. Whether someone is looking for a week long excursion traveling to a remote mountain hut, or seeking a day adventure along with experts in the field, 57hours has got skiers covered when it comes to exploring BC.

Big Days and Deep Snow in the Selkirk Mountains

This eight-day excursion is the sure to be the trip of a lifetime. Located in the Selkirk Mountains, this trip veers away from normal hut to hut travel. Rather, skiers stay in the beautiful Sunrise Lodge. This quaint lodge sits at the headwaters of the Wisted Creek and offers a base for the numerous day trips. Plus, the lodge’s sauna offers the perfect way to unwind after a long day of skiing some of the best powder in the province.  The hut sits at 650 meters of elevation with average days involving 1200-1500 meters of vertical gain. Skiing in this region of the Selkirk Mountains offers endless powder runs on the non-glaciated terrain. The skill level for the trip is intermediate and group sizes range from 5-12 people. Guides will help take skiers to some of the best powder runs amongst the Selkirk Mountains.

Freeride skiier riding in deep powder snow

Come ski some great powder in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains. You’ll be based at the beautiful Sunrise Lodge. The views are as stunning as the skiing, and the sauna is the perfect place to unwind after an awesome day in the backcountry.

8 days | $2100

Heli-Accessed Backcountry Skiing at the Burnie Glacier Chalet

This trip is full of a skier’s paradise starting off will a helicopter drop at the chalet. Groups stay at the Burnie Glacier Chalet each night while their days are spent exploring some of the most magnificent lines in all of British Columbia. This trip caters to experienced and skilled skiers. Long days of skinning are rewarded with gentle glacier runs, steep tree runs for stormy days, and even the opportunity to experience ski mountaineering trips up in the alpine. The untouched deep powder runs lie below the Burnie and Solitaire Glaciers. Long days skiing up to 1400-meter glacier runs are greeted with cozy evenings in the chalet. From the lodge skiers can take in views of nearby Hut Peak, Burnie Glacier, Solitaire Ski Peaks, and Lakehead Peak. Whether skiers are looking for a long backcountry run, or to challenge their alpine skills, this 8-day trip has it all. Groups range from 1-11 people.

snowboarder were dropped by a helicopter while taking selfie

You’ll depart Smithers via helicopter for eight days of backcountry skiing and mountaineering in Northern Canada, pushing peaks and carving big turns through massive slopes of untouched powder.

8 days | $2300

Heli-Accessed Backcountry Skiing at Selkirk Lodge

This cozy heli-accessed lodge in the Selkirks offers unforgettable adventure for all intermediate and advanced skiers looking for some adrenaline and abundant cold smoke powder. Explore the epic alpine terrain of the Selkirk Mountains and have fun on the challenging slopes. Spend your evenings in a warm and comfortable lodge offering world-class hospitality with an in-house chef, and use your days for guided adventures in deep snowpack!

Selkirk Lodge is a perfectly rustic yet stylish lodge tucked away on the west side of the Columbia Mountains. The snowpack can get up to 10 feet deep and the temperatures are ideal for low density cold smoke powder. The big and steep lines are the perfect match for the intermediate and advanced skiers — let your guide take you to the best spots in the area!


Take a helicopter ride to the lodge and spend a week ski touring with an ACMG-certified guide on day trips from the hut. Make the most of your days by enjoying the diversity of the terrain, try out fantastic glade skiing at high altitudes or explore the more challenging alpine terrain with your guide.

8 days | $2435

Backcountry Skiing at the Journeyman Lodge

Located just 90 minutes north of Vancouver lies the remote Journeyman Lodge. Though near Whistler, BC, the solitude of the lodge makes it feel like the mainstream resorts are a world away. Located in the Coast Mountains, within the Upper Callaghan Basin, lies a 4-day trip one won’t soon forget. Guests arrive at the lodge by snowcat with group sizes of just 1-2 people. The lodge may be remote but it has all the comforts of home, including a sauna to relax after the long days of skiing. Out the front door, guides will lead skiers amongst the 3,500 hectares of seemingly untouched skiing. The ACMG certified guides are equipped to accommodate skiers of varying skill levels, whatever the conditions may be. Whether it’s a run through old growth forest, or a trip to the high alpine glaciers, Journeyman Lodge is the perfect place to start.

Male Snowboarder is riding down a ski run in wintertime. Taken on Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada.

The Journeyman lodge is in the heart of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, deep in the Upper Callaghan Basin at 4,500′ (1,370m) above sea level. Guests arrive at the lodge via snowcat. The lodge has all of the comforts of home and more — in a pristine skier’s paradise.

4 days | $1249

Heli-Assisted Backcountry Skiing at Valhalla Mountain Lodge

British Columbia’s snowbelt is ideal for backcountry skiing with some weeks seeing over 140cm of snowfall! Experience a helicopter ride on the way to the cozy Valhalla Mountain Lodge, and have fun in the ten skiable basins just a short ski from the front door, with terrain for style of skiers — those looking for cruisy mellow runs to those going for extreme descents. The lodge offers a homely feel, and nice and warm rooms after a long day in deep powder. Relax in the cedar log sauna, enjoy apres ski snacks and drinks and meals made by your in-house chef!


Let experienced guides show you the best terrain in the Kootenays! Explore the terrain and the best ski slopes, try out tree skiing or simply enjoy the fresh powder and solitude of Valhalla Provincial Park.

7 days | $2600

Backcountry Skiing in Revelstoke

Tucked away, just west of the Selkirk Mountains lies the city of Revelstoke. This small mountain town offers expansive terrain amongst the Revelstoke Mountain Resort as well as the nearby Selkirk Mountains. Revelstoke offers an immense amount of backcountry that can be accessed right from the city. Often referred to as a true powder paradise, this one-day adventure is the perfect way to have an intro into backcountry skiing. The best way to get into backcountry skiing is to explore the new territory with an experienced guide. Right next to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort lies seemingly endless opportunities to dip one’s toes into the world of backcountry skiing. A day long adventure that can be customized with the guide to ensure skiers build up their new skills.

Snowboarder is riding down the snowy slopes during a vibrant and colorful sunset. Taken in Revelstoke Ski Resort, British Columbia, Canada.

Tucked along the scenic Trans-Canada Highway, Revelstoke is host to expansive terrain both at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort and in the surrounding Selkirk Mountains.

1 day | From $200

Backcountry Skiing in Rogers Pass

Located between Revelstoke and Golden lies Rogers Pass. The region is known for its easily accessible backcountry as well as its unmatched snowfall. Averaging 11 meters per season, the deep and silky snow of the region makes for one unforgettable backcountry trip. There are over 140 slide paths open within this section of backcountry in the Selkirk Mountains. Day trips offer anything from challenging terrain, technical tree skiing, and even descents over a mile long. The versatility of the region allows guides to cater a trip that fits a variety of needs. Skiers have the option to explore the iconic Connaught Creek, 8812 Bowl, or take the day to discover a unique shoot full of some of the best powder Canada has to offer.

Winter rocky mountain view from the Trans Canada Highway in British Columbia near Rogers pass.

Rogers Pass is renowned for its easy access to fresh, untracked champagne powder. Whether you’re looking for a fun, challenging day of ski touring or an advanced backcountry adventure, the Selkirk Mountains will deliver the experience of a lifetime.

1 day | From $200

Backcountry Skiing in Whistler

Whistler is known for its expansive resort, but the true adventure begins just outside the resort boundaries. This iconic mountain is a splendid place to experience a day of backcountry skiing. The accessibility of the terrain allows for routes suitable for nearly every skill level. The well-known light powder dominates the lesser known chutes. Certified guides help show skiers why this mountain is famous, all while exploring terrain that is far less touched than anything in bounds.

Snow covered trees at a ski resort in Whistler, Canada.

Skiing adventures begin in Whistler’s backcountry. With plenty of tree skiing, alpine meadows and steep chutes, you’ll find options for all skill levels, including fantastic beginner terrain just beyond the Whistler Blackcomb resort boundaries. For intermediate and advanced skiers, the options are endless.

1 day | From $188

Backcountry Skiing in Golden

Golden is located within the Selkirk Mountains just east of the Canadian Rockies. Being farther north has its perks, as the backcountry is often without the crowds compared to other parts of British Columbia. Day long excursions take place right from town off of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Lift-accessed backcountry helps skiers enjoy the deep powder runs while letting the lift do most of the uphill work. The resort is also known for having the fourth-highest vertical drop of any resort in all of North America, totaling 1,312 meters (4,314 feet). Skiers and guides utilize the lift to access the backcountry and explore the hidden gem of northeastern British Columbia.

Tourist skiing in valley, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden, British Columbia, Canada

Golden offers miles of off-piste adventures for all skill levels — without the usual crowds. Lift-accessed backcountry skiing from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort lets you spend more time skiing and less time skinning. Let your guide take you to the best untouched powder stashes and explore this Canadadian backcountry touring gem.

1 day | From $120

Backcountry Skiing in British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia is abundant with backcountry opportunities. There are seemingly endless ways to explore the region and discover even more untouched powder. Duffey Lake Backcountry offers numerous day long excursions throughout the province of British Columbia. Whether it’s a tour in the Rockies, Rogers Pass, or around Whistler-Blackcomb, they have something to offer for all skill levels. Explore the Sky Pilot and Stadium Glacier region or discover a new hidden gem amongst the rugged terrain. Duffey Lake Backcountry helps connect adventurous skiers with a multitude of day trips exploring all the backcountry the region has to offer.

Whistler life

From the classic ski tours in the Rockies, to the deep powder of Rogers Pass, to multi-day Coast Range traverses and steep couloir-skiing in the spring, there is something for everyone. Discover world-class backcountry skiing this winter in British Columbia!

1 day | From $163

Skiing in British Columbia

British Columbia is world-renowned for its skiing. While many people may think of the iconic resorts of the region, it’s no surprise that BC is also home to some of the best backcountry skiing the world has to offer. The accessibility of much of the backcountry allows for the perfect introductory to skiing in the deep powdered backcountry. Whether it’s a week-long snowcat adventure, or a day trip excursion off of an iconic mountain, a 57hours backcountry ski trip is sure to be an adventure one won’t soon forget.