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Aventon Bikes: An eBike For Everyone

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Aventon sees themselves as the first eMobility company for the real world. Equal parts form and function, Aventon’s eBikes offer riders the freedom and ability to navigate the day their way, while helping to offset our collective carbon footprint. With a full line of user-friendly eBikes catering to adventure, commuting, and recreational riding, Aventon truly has a bike for everyone.

Aventon is known for its unique blend of quality, design, performance, and real-world pricing. With 10 years of experience in the cycling industry, Aventon is a trusted name with a wealth of experience. Providing affordable ways for riders of all ages and abilities to join the eMobility movement is the foundation Aventon has been building on since day one.

Photo courtesy of Aventon.

Recently named the feature eBike brand of Best Buy, Aventon is reaching more and new riders than ever before. Available and in-stock online with 2-hour Geek Squad support, partnering with Best Buy is helping give eMobility a larger voice and platform, setting Aventon apart from the pack. In-Store experiences at Best Buy will be coming later this year.

Below is an overview of Aventon’s current range of eBikes with new and refreshed models dropping in Q1 2022.

Aventure / Aventure Step-Through

The Aventure bike in the wild.  Photo by Aventon.

As beautifully elegant as it is rugged, the Aventure is the most powerful and versatile eBike in the Aventon range. With a front suspension fork, fat tires, and exceptional handling you can be sure of the most comfortable ride across whichever terrain you choose, whilst built-in fenders and integrated front and rear lights ensure that wherever you go you’ll be both seen by others and protected from the terrain beneath you.

While the Aventure ships as a Class II eBike, it can be configured into a Class III with its high capacity battery and powerful rear hub motor. Topping it off is a color display that syncs to the Aventon app for customizable functionality. Available in conventional and step-through frame styles.

See our review of the Aventure here.


  • 28 MPH top speed (Class III configuration)
  • 45-mile average range
  • MSRP: $1999.00
Aventure – Shop Now!
Aventure Step Though – Shop Now!

Level / Level Step-Through

The Aventon Level commuter eBike. Photo by Aventon.

The Level is Aventon’s flagship commuter eBike with unrivaled ride-ability you can trust day in and day out. The front suspension fork provides ultimate comfort whilst riding across any surface and the incorporated fenders protect you and your outfit no matter what the conditions are like outside. A preinstalled rack ensures that no matter how much gear you have, you can take it all with you. Fun and versatile, the Level is perfect for weekday commutes and weekend rides.


  • 28 MPH top speed (Class III configuration)
  • 40-mile average range
  • Rack and fenders included
  • MSRP: $1799.00
Level – Shop Now!
Level Step Through – Shop Now!

Sinch Foldable eBike

The Sinch foldable eBike. Photo by Aventon.

It isn’t called the Sinch for no reason. Foldable, portable, storable, powerful, comfortable, and ready for anything, the Sinch folding eBike truly makes both riding and storage easy. Your Sinch compact electric bike will fit in your closet and under your desk, meaning it’s almost infinitely portable! The Sinch is a bike that can truly be taken anywhere. With 4″ fat tires and a front suspension fork, simply unfold and cruise pavement and conquer the trails! The powerful motor and stealthily integrated battery mean that you’ll never be short of power, and 5 levels of pedal assist and an on-demand throttle mean that you can go as hard or as light as you want.


  • Foldable frame, pedals, and handlebars
  • 20 MPH top speed
  • 40-mile average range
  • MSRP: $1699.00
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Pace 500 / Pace 500 Step-Through

The Pace 500. Photo by Aventon.

The Pace 500 provides riders with the ultimate balance of comfort and power. With an upright cruiser frame and a cushy saddle, you’ll be comfortable no matter how long the ride! Five levels of pedal assist plus a throttle function mean that you can expend as little or as much energy as you like while doing so. The 750W motor is also usable in Class III mode, upping the top speed to 28 MPH. The Pace 500 is Aventon’s most popular model.


  • 28 MPH top speed (Class III configuration)
  • 40-mile average range
  • MSRP: $1599.00
Pace 500 – Shop Now!
Pace 500 Step Through – Shop Now!

Pace 350 Step-Through

Aventon Pace 350.  Photo by Aventon.

Combining accessibility, comfort, and power with affordability, the Pace 350 breaks the mold of the traditional eBike. A cushy seat and upright step-through frame provide the most relaxed and comfortable ride in its class. Add in 5 levels of pedal assist and a throttle function which removes the need to pedal and you have an eBike that gives the rider total freedom on how hard they exercise and how much help they receive from their eBike. Combined with a 35-mile range, a maximum speed of 20mph, and an overall weight of just 46lbs you can see why the Pace 350 has proved to be so popular.


  • 20 MPH top speed
  • 35-mile average range
  • MSRP: $1299.00
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Aventon is the first e-mobility company for the real world. Every bike Aventon makes is equal parts form and function, giving you the freedom to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be.

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