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Spring 2022 Finds On Huckberry

Skyblue Overland may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.

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Skyblue Overland is an affiliate of Huckberry and may earn a small commission from links in this article.

Andy Forch and Richard Greiner started Huckberry in 2011 for people who live in the city but live for adventure. Today, they’re still independent and having the time of their lives.

Once again I’m here to help you find the best products on Huckberry. This month, I’ve found some really cool, beautiful and functional products from their catalog. This article features a list of products that caught my attention. Find one-of-a-kind gifts, awesome gear or discover new trends with my Huckberry Picks. So take a look this month’s must-have, must-know and must-see gear. I’m always on the lookout for the coolest stuff, travel essentials for life on the road, new adventure ready gear, new tech stuff and accessories for your everyday carry. Here are a just few of my favorites for this Spring.

Stikkan – Norwegian Kindling Splitter

Prepping a fire—the Nordic way. Photo by Huckberry.

Nothing beats time spent around a fire—whether it’s a humble, crackling fire in the living room during the dead of winter or a roaring bonfire in the backyard fire pit during a long summer night. Having the proper kindling to keep the party going is all too important to make the most out of your fire time, which is why Stikkan developed their simple, yet genius, Norweigan Kindling Splitter. Mounted on the wall near your fireplace, situated on a pillar on the back porch, or hanging near the wood shed, this Kindling Splitter makes short work of the wood splitting chore.

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Seventy2 Survival System by Uncharted Supply Co.

Seventy2 Survival System by Uncharted Supply Co. Photo by Huckberry.

Carefully kitted out by survival experts, the Seventy2 Survival System contains everything you need to survive in a hurricane, earthquake, or any other emergency situation. 95% of emergency survival situations are resolved within 72 hours, so the team at Uncharted worked with first responders, doctors, special forces operators, mountain guides and other specialists to fill this waterproof, durable shell filled with the essentials to get your through those first 72 hours.

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Danner x Huckberry – Vertigo 917 ‘Gold Rush’

Huckberry x Danner Vertigo 917 Gold Rush. Photo by Huckberry.

The Huckberry x Danner Vertigo 917 Gold Rush is inspired by the frontiersmen that settled in Huckberry’s hometown of San Francisco with hopes of striking gold, they’ve cast Danner’s Vertigo 917 in a coveted Gold Ore colorway for the next generation of citydwellers hustling day-to-day in hopes of strike it big on their own. Crafted in small runs and available exclusively at Huckberry.

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Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe

The portable, refillable answer to a mountain of disposable propane canisters. Photo by Huckberry.

Last time you went camping, chances are a green canister of propane was part of the setup. Undeniably useful for camp stove cooking, those one-pounders come with one major drawback—they’re single use, which means 48 million of them head to the landfill each year. Ignik solves that problem in the most elegant way, with an easy-carry, easy-use growler that’s completely refillable. One fillup gives you the same fuel as five canisters, and is as simple at stopping by your local propane filling station. Cleared for transport inside your vehicle, the Gas Growler Deluxe will make your next foray into nature a lot more nature-friendly.

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Trova Go Plus – Discreet Biometric Safe

Sleek and portable biometric safes for items worth protecting. Photo by Huckberry.

There are some things in our life that deserve a little extra security. Whether you’re looking to guard items that are personal, valuable, recreational, or just otherwise best kept private, TROVA has you covered. These discrete and portable safes are made with a lightweight aluminum alloy and are opened by a biometric scan to make sure only you have access. Lock something inside and give yourself some instant peace of mind knowing it’s there when you need it and safe when you don’t.

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DemerBox DB2 – Indestructible Waterproof BT Speaker

The indestructible Bluetooth boombox. Photo by Huckberry.

DemerBox plays as hard as you do. Using the best Bluetooth wireless sound technology and an ultra-rugged Pelican case housing, this speaker is the toughest sound system, and would certainly stand up to any adventures you’ve got lined up. It’s loaded with useful features—50+ hours of battery life, dry internal storage, and a USB port for charging all your devices on the go, plus a sound quality so crisp, three-time Grammy award winner and diehard DemerBox fan, Zac Brown, bought the company.

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Smithey Ironware Co. No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet

Built from premium cast iron that’s intended to last multiple lifetimes. Photo by Huckberry.

Charleston, South Carolina—aka the “low country”—is a hotbed for some of the best Southern-style cooking in the states, and also serves as home to the Smithey workshop where each skillet is crafted by hand. Their collection features skillets of all shapes and sizes, with a unique purpose that will turn you from Chef Boyardee into Bobby Flay. Perfect for pan-frying chicken, searing steaks on the range, roasting game and vegetables in the oven, or even baking biscuits, the No. 12 is designed for tougher tasks that require a little more real estate. To earn the Smithey Ironware stamp under the skillet is no easy task, which is why these American-made kitchen beasts come with a lifetime warranty.

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Relwen Air-Stretch Hybrid Windshort 7″

Heritage-inspired workwear that’s built to stand the test of time. Photo by Huckberry.

Blending the ruggedness of their Midwestern heritage with a nearly obsessive attention to detail, Relwen creates menswear that lasts. While their buttondowns and outerwear get a lot of the shine, they put just as much attention to detail into their athletic gear—and it shows in pieces like the Air-Stretch Hybrid Windshorts. A soft mesh lining on the inside keeps things comfy, while the super lightweight and wind-resistant outer shell keeps you nice and comfy. Even better, they’ve got an athletic cut and Relwen’s signature versatility, so they can handle anything that crops up on your weekend to-do list.

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Wellen Wave Quilted Blanket

A cool-weather take on the trusty beach blanket. Photo by Huckberry.

Wellen is a brand for folks like us with an internal compass that points towards the coastline. Somewhere inside of us we can all access a laid-back attitude, one that draws us into a reclined position at the thought of open skies and ocean spray. That attitude is written all over this blanket—a warm throw with a custom quilted pattern, recycled polyester insulation, and a water-repellent shell. Perfect for warming up after a frigid surf, taking a chilly morning stroll down the boardwalk, or getting cozy around an ocean-side bonfire, this blanket has you covered so you don’t have to wait for a heat wave to enjoy the beach.

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Roberta’s Pizza Wood Fired Margherita – 10 Pack

An authentic, wood fired pizza from one of Brooklyn’s most famed and fabled pizzerias. Photo by Huckberry.

Maybe a trip to Bushwick just isn’t in the cards right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the best pizza Brooklyn has to offer. Roberta’s, the world-renowned NYC pizzeria has started firing up and freezing some of their top selling pies. Once we stopped heating and eating more than our fair share, we thought you might like a taste too. Packed in a set of ten (because nine is not enough, trust us) these ship frozen, straight to your door so you can have a taste of wood-fired pizzas with real, quality ingredients whenever you dang well please.

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Adventure is…

At Huckberry, they love a good adventure. And sure, some are more obvious than others—like a 72-hour trip to Iceland, a climbing weekend in Yosemite, or surfing in Bali. But Huckberry believes it’s time to expand the definition of what an adventure could be.

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