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The Basecamp: An Indestructible 4 Person Survival Kit

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Photo by Uncharted Supply Co.

Uncharted Supply Co., a gear company that focuses on emergency preparedness, recently teamed up with Yeti for a complete survival kit. The Basecamp Survival Kit is designed to provide emergency provisions for up to four (4) people, with everything they need to survive the early stages of an emergency event, from first aid and PPE to shelter, tools, lights, and more. It is perfect for your home, RV, and post-apocalypse adventures. The kit is based upon the bear-proof, water-proof, storm-proof, freeze-proof and nearly indestructible Yeti GoBox. You can stack it in your closet, throw it in the RV, or put it anywhere your crew gathers to make sure you’re prepared.

As with all Uncharted products, inside you’ll find each product intuitively organized and housed in resealable packaging for repeated use and long-term protection. Color-coordinated instructions guide you in those adrenaline-pumping moments when you need a helping hand.

This is the finest home preparedness product on the market, brought to you by two companies who have built a reputation for class-leading design and quality.

  • Air & Vision

    • Air Filtration Mask x4

    • Goggles x4

    • Chem Light x4

  • Water

    • 48oz Steel Water Bottle x1

    • Water Filtration Kit x1

    • Water Pouch x2

  • Food

    • Rations x4

  • Tools

    • Knife/Fire Starter

    • Multi-Tool

    • Shovel

    • Paracord

    • Duct Tape

    • Stormproof Matches

  • Warmth

    • Two Man Tent x2

    • Handwarmers x4

    • Knit Hat x4

    • Gloves x4

    • Emergency Blanket x4

  • First Aid

    • First Aid Core

    • Anti-Bacterial Wipes x4

    • Sunscreen

  • Power

    • Radio USB Charger

    • Flashlight

    • AAA Batteries x3