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YETI’s Nordic Collection Is Inspired By The Northern Wild

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YETI is offering 20% off hard and soft coolers in their most recent color way, Nordic Purple while supplies last!

YETI’s lineup of coolers, drinkware and other products are some of my all-time favorites. With YETI’s incredible durability, attention to quality and their ability to keep food and drinks cold for a long time, there is a lot to love. In addition to these amazing qualities, these products have some awesome designs with beautiful colors.

I have to admit that before YETI came along, I never really thought of a cooler or travel mug to be so visually attractive. It’s really YETI’s brand of sleek and sturdy design that I find desirable.  Another thing I appreciate is that YETI does a great job of enhancing their visual appeal by updating their products with interesting color ways and other updates nearly every season.

Nordic purple is inspired by the violet sea urchins found in the oceans. Photo by YETI.

Toward that end, Yeti has just released its limited edition Nordic Collection featuring colors inspired by the wild of the world’s north edge. These new nature inspired colors are inspired by oceanic blues and seaside purples. This new Nordic-themed has a color palette that is inspired by the arctic latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, from seaside Norwegian towns to craggy Icelandic caves and mountains to the fjords and forest skies over Norway.

These colors are also available for customization with Yeti’s drinkware products. Items in the new collection include Yeti tumblerscoolersbackpacks and much more.

Once these products are sold out, they’re gone forever. This color series comes as one of the many collections YETI has released inspired by places traveled. While not every item on the brand’s website comes in these new colors, many popular items are featured in the collection.

Nordic Purple

YETI’s limited edition Nordic Purple is described to be deep and rich, while still saturated and vibrant. Photo by YETI.

Nordic Purple is described to be deep and rich, while still saturated and vibrant. The purple, in particular, seems inspired by the violet sea urchins found in the oceans.

Nordic Blue

Meanwhile, YETI’s new Nordic Blue color is a tinted, hazy blue that is subtle and a bit muted; a classic and versatile blue. This blue colorway brings to mind the dark, deep ocean water in the arctic.

Photo by YETI.

Here are some of my favorites from the new Nordic Collection:

ROADIE® 24 HARD COOLER – $250.00

Photo by YETI.

Tall enough to chill most bottles of wine and keep the essentials fresh while you take the scenic route.

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Photo by YETI.

Not too small, not too big, perfectly tough.

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Easily transport goods to family picnics and that perfect tailgating spot. Photo by YETI.

YETI’s first-ever cooler with wheels, allows you to easily transport your Tundra® Hard Cooler to family picnics and that perfect tailgating spot.

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Photo by YETI.

The Hopper® M20 Soft Backpack Cooler allows you to put the day on your back — literally.

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