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Vvolt’s Alpha II: The Design-Forward E-Bike with Low-Maintenance Belt Drive

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Vvolt introduces Alpha II, a sleek and UL-certified e-bike that boasts a lightweight design, sensible power, and a low-maintenance belt drive. This cutting-edge e-mobility company is revolutionizing the way we ride.

Vvolt, a company based in Portland, Oregon, has a mission to make electric transportation the most popular mode of mobility. Today, they are proud to introduce their latest product, the Alpha II – an electric bike designed for simplicity and enjoyment. Ever since its start, Vvolt has been dedicated to creating innovative solutions for human transportation through electric mobility. The Alpha II represents their vision of incorporating comfort and fun into e-transportation and sets a new standard for their brand’s products.

Vvolt Alpha II e-bike. Photo: Vvolt.

The Alpha II offers a low-maintenance belt drive, strong hydraulic disc brakes, and a detachable integrated battery for effortless riding and recharging. It also provides five levels of responsive pedal assistance. This newly designed bike is equipped with dependable Shimano hydraulic brakes, a Gates Carbon Drive™ System that requires no oil, and a comfortable upright fit that is suitable for quick trips around town as well as longer rides.

Weighing in at a mere 44 lbs, the Alpha II stands out as one of the lightest e-bikes available thanks to Vvolt’s careful selection of top-of-the-line components and the innovative design created by their team. The new model boasts an integrated battery that meets UL2771 certification standards and provides 375Wh of power, delivering a range of 15 to 40 miles depending on various factors such as terrain and assist level.

“We’re excited about all of our ebikes, but the Alpha II is extra special as it represents the culmination of huge amounts of work from the Vvolt team and is a great representation of our vision for e-mobility: lightweight and low maintenance, super fun to ride and an all around pleasure for both commuting and rides for the sake of rides, and extremely versatile,” said Kyle Ranson, CEO and Founder of Vvolt. “Alpha II offers amazing value, with premium components and a build that will last for years. It’s designed to get more people out on bikes for fun, commuting and errands.”

Vvolt’s Alpha II comes in Black Pearl or Reef colorways and is available now for $1699. Small-size bikes are shipping now, followed by Mediums in early April and Larges in mid-May 2024.

Photo: Vvolt

Vvolt Alpha II Product Specifications:

  • Speed: Class I & Class II 20mph
  • Range: 15-40 mi ​
  • Battery capacity: 375wh / 10.4Ah
  • Motor power: 350w nominal / 550w max
  • Weight: 44 Ibs
  • Integrated lighting with 360-degree illumination
  • Sizes: S,M,L
  • MSRP: $1,699
  • UL2771 and 2849 certified
  • Comes with all the love and assistance needed from Vvolt’s amazing customer service team

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About Vvolt: 

A passionate team dedicated to improving daily transportation. Vvolt makes small EVs that are easier to ride, easier to maintain, and more affordable. The Portland-based company develops ebikes and other EVs to make electric mobility work for more bodies and ability levels. Learn more at:

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