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Rudy Project’s Agent Q Sunglasses Are Ultra Versatile, Protective Eyewear

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I’ve been testing Rudy Project’s Agent Q sunglasses for the past few months. I’m impressed by the Agent Q’s versatility, suitable for a wide spectrum of activities and superior durability. 

Uses: Wide spectrum of activities, from hiking, trail running, mountain biking, winter sports and more.

Favorite Feature: The removable interface and the extremely practical temple release system

I tested Agent Q, Rudy Project’s versatile and protective sunglasses.  The Agent Q is suitable for a wide spectrum of activities, from hiking, trail running, mountain biking, winter sports and more. Right from the start, I found the Quick Snap temple release system to be extremely practical as it allows me to change the configuration of the glasses by choosing between temples or an elastic strap (included in the package) in order to adapt to different activities. Without screws and with an integrated mechanism, this system proved to be quick to use, stable and compact right from the start.

Rudy Project’s Agent Q sunglasses are great protection from the Colorado sunshine. Photo by Brian Hamilton.

Ultimately, I can say that Agent Q is an excellent pair of sunglasses that protect my eyes from harmful rays and offer 4 RP Optics High Altitude lenses to expand my field of vision. It also ensures that I am as comfortable as possible, that the sunglasses are durable, and that they offer greater resistance to scratching and sweat and the elements than other pairs of sunglasses.

The Agent Q is suitable for a wide spectrum of activities, from hiking, trail running, mountain biking, winter sports and more. Photo by Brian Hamilton.


Ultra Versatile Protective Eyewear

Removable side shields and inner padded full-face counter mask are easily replaced when they get damaged. The adjustable temple tips and nose pads deliver a perfect custom fit while the flip change lens button allows the wearer to easily replace the lenses. The temple tips are designed to fit perfectly and be worn under a helmet or biker earmuffs.

The lateral side shields have guaranteed extra protection in the eye area while the adjustable terminals and nose pad have ensured a comfortable and customizable fit.

Smart Lock System

The QuickSnap temple locking system has been scientifically engineered to avoid any screws. It is strong and stable, but easy to open and put in. Strong and stable, but easy to remove when you need to.

Removable Goggle Interface

To prevent moisture from building up behind the lenses, dozens of tiny channels have been carved through the goggle casing to allow for release of heat and moisture. The channels are small enough to prevent dust from entering, and release mechanisms can be swapped in and out depending on each mission.

The channels are small enough to act as a barrier against dust or other particles, and they can be easily covered with special filters depending on the type of use.

Also noteworthy is the central lens change button that I found quick and intuitive.

Goggle Strap

Agent Q can be fitted with the included goggle strap to provide a snug, totally secure fit.

ImpactX® Photochromic Lenses

ImpactX® lenses are photochromic, which means they take in low light and block out bright light. The more light in the room, the darker the lenses become. They get to a custom color from an initial clear state within few seconds, which improves contrast and depth perception. ImpactX® lenses are lighter than CR-39 and polycarbonate, with lower internal stress and chromatic dispersion for sharper images, more definition, less “rainbowing”, and more visual comfort.

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