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ROAM’s Desperado Hardshell Rooftop Tent

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Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with the ROAM’s Desperado Hardshell Rooftop Tent. The most heavy-duty and reliable option for outdoor adventures. Join satisfied adventurers and say goodbye to hassle during your next season of exploration.

The Desperado Rooftop Tent ($3,499) is ROAM’s best-selling model among their line of popular camping and adventure gear. Designed for thrill-seekers, this hardshell rooftop tent boasts easy setup and durability. With a spacious interior, you can comfortably store all your camping essentials and even invite friends to join you in the Desperado.

This tent is constructed from first-rate materials, making it sturdy enough for tough terrain and inclement weather. The Desperado can be quickly set up in less than half a minute thanks to its aluminum framework and detachable rainfly. Its design reflects the feeling of intrepidness and exploration, making it an ideal addition to any camping or road trip.

The Desperado rooftop tent includes load bars for storing Rugged Cases or any other necessary gear. It’s also equipped with an organization panel above your head and two external boot bags, so you won’t bring dirt or gravel into your sleeping area. You can even use the transparent material pocket on the panel to store a phone or tablet while watching movies in bed!

Photo: ROAM Adventure Co.

The Desperado includes door and window awnings to keep the elements off the tent, as well as a removable LED light strip that you can plug into your battery banks for illumination. Moreover, it offers boot bags so you don’t have to bring your muddy shoes inside and an articulating hinge that increases your foot space by an additional 10 inches, so you stay comfortable.

This rooftop tent offers a convenient and comfortable camping experience. It sets up in under 30 seconds, so you can spend more time enjoying your trip. Inside the Desperado, you’ll find all the premium comforts of home. It has plenty of space for both you and your gear. Plus, it comes with a foam mattress that ensures a restful sleep after every outdoor excursion. The ample room allows you to store all of your items with ease while the foam mattress guarantees a great sleep after an eventful day.

The Ultimate Adventure Tent

The Desperado rooftop tent is the perfect companion for those who embrace life on the road. It’s designed to handle the demands of being constantly on the go, with high-grade materials that won’t wear down over time. When you’re exploring off-road or simply cruising down highways, this tent offers a secure and comfortable space for rest.

With the Desperado, you can take your camping excursions to the next level. Freedom and coziness come together in this sturdy tent, so you can make the most of your adventures. Built to last, it ensures years of worry-free travel. So hop in the car and hit the open road—you’re sure to have a great experience with your new roof-top tent!

Baja California. Photo: ROAM Adventure Co.

Most Comfortable Hardshell RTT Mattress

Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. With a 2.75-inch high-density foam mattress, your nights in the woods will feel like a stay at an expensive hotel. Enjoy the same level of comfort as you have at home when you sleep on this luxurious mattress.

Photo: ROAM Adventure Co.

Load Bars Included

When you have a Desperado rooftop tent mounted to your vehicle, you won’t need to leave behind any of your gear. It comes with load bars that let you fasten Rugged Cases and other accessories on top of the tent.

Photo: ROAM Adventure Co.

Storage and Media Organization

Having enough room in your tent is important. For this, we have included an overhead storage panel for your smaller items along with boot bags that can be attached to the exterior to keep it clean. The panel also has a clear material pocket specifically made to store a tablet or phone so you can watch movies while lying down.

Photo: ROAM Adventure Co.


Window & Door Awnings

ROAM has added awnings to each zippered door openings. This helps keep the elements off of the door and gives you a sheltered place to enter the tent. The awnings are also removable if you want to keep your tent setup minimal.

LED Light Strip

Having a little bit of light in your tent at night makes things so much easier. ROAM has included a LED light strip that you can just plug into any of your battery banks for lights. Note: battery pack not included.

Boot Bags

Included with your Desperado is a boot bag that slides into the channel under the tent so you don’t have to bring your dirty shoes inside.

Articulating Hinge

A-frame tents typically don’t have a lot of room at the foot of the bed. We used an internal articulating hinge that gives you an extra 10″ of foot space so you don’t feel cramped.

Technical Specifications:

WEIGHT 180lbs
SHELL SIZE (CLOSED) 82.5″L x 51″W x 10″H
FABRIC 420D polyester oxford, UV, water, and mold resistant
LADDER 7.5′ telescopic aluminum (no additional extension required for aftermarket lifts)
MATTRESS 2.75″ high density foam, anti-condensation mat
INSTALL Attached via aluminum extrusions on base with universal sliding brackets and bolts


The Desperado tent is backed by a five-year warranty on its craftsmanship and materials. At ROAM Adventure Co., they want their customers to know that their gear will not disappoint them. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, ROAM’s customer service team will be there to help get it taken care of.

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Whether you’re flying solo or with company, the Desperado rooftop tent is the perfect choice to upgrade your camping adventure.

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The Desperado Hardshell Rooftop Tent is an essential accessory for any outdoor enthusiast looking to elevate their camping experience.

About ROAM Adventure Company

ROAM was founded in 2017 by four adventurers from Austin, Texas. Whether it’s a summer spent on the road, or a Friday night drive for a weekend off the grid, we’re there. Their product line is inspired by the mobility and spontaneity of the rooftop tent.

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