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ROAM Academy: Mind Body Prep For Adventure With Pro Skier Lynsey Dyer

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ROAM Academy was designed to help you learn from some of the best adventurers and storytellers in the outdoor industry and Lynsey Dyer’s course is no exception. Lynsey is one of the most well-known skiers in the world and her course focuses on sharing her expertise to ensure longevity when it comes to skiing. Like most mountain athletes, skiers are prone to injury. Lynsey ensures her course can cater to everyone from fellow professionals to those just getting started in the sport. Not only does Lynsey’s talent showcase itself on the mountains, but her work inspires women from all over the world. Her drive and determination have drastically impacted the skiing community as she continually paves the way for fellow women in the field.

Lynsey grew in Sun Valley, Idaho which is also where she learned her love for skiing. She began racing at a young age where her talent quickly shone through. She then went on to win a gold medal in the Junior Olympics for downhill racing. After graduating high school Lynsey went on to attend college at Montana State University while continuing her career in ski racing. Since college she has gone on to win every big mountain competition that she has entered. In between competitions, Lynsey has starred in numerous skiing films such as Teton Gravity Research, Sherpa’s Cinema, Warren Miller, and various others.


Her skiing career has taken her across the globe. Throughout the years she has been awarded the Female Skier of the Year multiple times by Powder Magazine. This award, along with her extensive racing experience has shown that she is one of the most talented skiers in the world. Lynsey’s work spans far beyond her skiing. Back in 2006 Lynsey co-founded the non-profit She Jumps. The organization is centered around getting girls and women into outdoor spaces, avalanche safety courses, and clinics that help people learn to ski. A major part of the organization is centered around mentorship and inspiring more women to find movement through nature.

Besides skiing and starting a non-profit, Lynsey Dyer is also known for her compelling and inspiring Ted talks such as ‘Skiing like a girl’ as well as her film making. Much of the outdoor and skiing industry is dominated by males and Lynsey is working to change that. She directed and produced the very first all-female skiing film entitled Pretty Face. The film went on to win various awards and continues to pave the way for female athletes. She recently started a podcast entitled Showing UP where she shares her personal experiences and continues to inspire others to bet on themselves and dream bigger.

Lynsey’s course is broken down into six unique and in-depth videos where she shares some of her favorite exercises to prepare you for a lifetime of skiing. While most people think about stretching and strength training, this course also dives into the power of our mind and how best to prepare it. An opportunity to learn from one of the best skiers in the world, and take your personal skiing to the next level.

The first lesson focuses on a pre ski warm up so you’re ready to hit the slopes. As someone who has been a professional skier for decades, Lynsey shares overtime with trained professionals. While warming up can often feel like a chore before skiing, Lynsey stresses the importance of this routine to help loosen the hips, legs, and back, to make your day on the mountain that much better.

The second and third lessons in the course hone in on strength training and its importance to building a balance body. Lesson two is another warm up sequence that should be completed prior to the strength training workout. Without a proper warmup, strength training can lead to injury which is why lesson two is so vital. The third lesson dives into key strength training exercises that Lynsey uses on a regular basis to keep increasing mobility, range, and strength all at the same time.

While strength training is vital for skiing longevity, conditioning workouts are equally as important. Long days in the mountains require a lot from our bodies. This session is focused on building up that stamina so we can spend less time resting and more time in the powder. The conditioning workout focuses on multiple reps and sets to simulate burning legs after a long run. Combined with the strength training from the previous lessons, conditioning will allow for stronger legs and longer days of skiing.

Most of us aren’t professional skiers, but rather spend a majority of the day sitting at a desk. The fifth lesson in Lynsey’s series is all about exercises to help with the struggles that come from excessive sitting from traveling or working at a desk. The dynamic stretches and exercises are focused around increasing flexibility, correcting posture, and circulation to mitigate sitting for hours on end. Sometimes excessive sitting can present problems quite quickly while at other times it can lead to chronic pain in the future. Lesson five works to ensure our bodies stay mobile regardless of our lifestyle.

In the final lesson of the course, Lynsey discusses the power of our mind when it comes to preparation. As the longest video of the series, Lynsey leads a meditation centered around Transformational Breathing. While breathing alone may seem like a mundane practice, Lynsey shares how moving breathing techniques can be. Focused breathing in a guided meditation has been known to improve athletic performance, affect one’s physiology, allow old injuries to resurface and fully heal, and so much more. As the final video of the course, Lynsey leaves participants with a unique technique that may just help them reach their full potential.

Lynsey Dyer is an immensely talented individual both on and off the mountain. Her work transcends her skiing skills as she continually pushes the boundaries while inspiring fellow women to dream larger and test their limits. Her course through ROAM academy offers valuable insight into how she cultivates longevity in her career, both physically and mentally. Whether members are looking for a concise strength building workout, or a deep meditation, Lynsey’s course is all about preparing both the body and the mind for your next adventure.

Lynsey Dyer

ROAM Academy: Mind Body Prep Class

Join pro skier Lyndsey Dyer for her class, Mind Body Prep, for some simple at- home exercises to prepare both your mind and body for go time.

ROAM Media, the Colorado-based start-up committed to quality storytelling and outdoor education, founded by the world’s best adventure athletes, photographers, and filmmakers, recently unveiled ROAM Academy, a collection of exclusive online training, from the world’s best instructors and a curriculum focused on climbing, biking, camping, surfing, skiing, photography, and more.