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ROAM Academy: Learn Climbing Skills With The Mountain Curriculum

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Roam Media, better known as ROAM, is a media production company centered around storytelling and education within the outdoor industry. The company was founded by some of the biggest names within the industry, full of athletes, photographers, filmmakers, and those who work to push the boundaries on what is possible. At their core ROAM is focused on encouraging others to “ROAM towards a life of adventure and purpose”. ROAM understands that when we challenge ourselves, push the limits, and explore the unknown, our lives can become more balanced and closer to who we truly are.

And while ROAM has inspired countless individuals to adventure with purpose, the team at ROAM wanted to help educate their community even further. That’s where ROAM Academy comes into play. The academy’s mission is to train others for the outdoors and inspire them to put those skills to the test. This platform takes individuals past the point of inspiration and provides them with concrete advice that can be implemented in the real world. Members are provided with a chance to learn from the best in the world.

The academy has the opportunity to work with the best athletes and creatives in the industry, allowing for one of a kind courses. Instead of merely educational courses and videos, the academy teaches members to implement the knowledge they learn.

Mountain Curriculum

ROAM Academy is continually adding to their library of courses, helping educate the next wave of storytellers and athletes. This has led to the creation of their Mountain Curriculum; a series of courses centered around climbing in the mountains. Within the curriculum are courses on climbing essentials by Conrad Anker, climbing photography by Jimmy Chin, and route planning by Mark Smiley. Together this in depth courses are creating the foundation for more courses to follow.

Climbing Essentials with Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker is known for being one of the best climbers in the world, with seemingly countless first ascents to his name. In his career he has summited Mount Everest three times, explored Antarctica 12 times, founded the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal, and is on the board Protect Our Winters, one of the leading non-profits within the outdoor industry working to combat the climate crisis.

Conrad’s course is one of the most in-depth video series that ROAM Academy offers. Broken down in 14 separate videos, the Climbing Essentials course provides knowledge for both beginners and experts alike. After a brief introduction, Conrad discusses what adventure with purpose means to him. This philosophy makes up the base of all of his adventures, paving the way for the lessons to come. From there Conrad covers the essentials in planning out your climb, from the gear he loves to how he approaches choosing partners for his expeditions. The middle section of Conrad’s course dives into the different types of climbing and what they entail. To finish the course, you’ll get the chance to learn about the importance of adventure journaling, why taking care of gear is vitally important along with a demo on essential knots to know. By the end of the course, members will have an overview of the climbing experience, from start to finish.

Climbing Photography with Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin is not only one of the best known photographers and videographers in the outdoor industry, but in the entire world. He has won an Academy Award for his work and has been one of the leading creatives in the outdoors since 2002. Besides his incredible work documenting mountain sports, Jimmy is also an amazing athlete. His climbing and mountaineering skills have enabled him to document some of the most iconic photos and videos within the industry.

Jimmy Chin’s course is broken down into six videos. The first video in the series sets the stage by laying out what matters most when it comes to shooting climbing photography. Jimmy shares what steps he takes in order to have a successful shoot and how the planning stages are often the most vital. This message is carried into the second part of the series where Jimmy discusses what details are required for executing a successful shoot. The following videos in the series line out the specifics when it comes to gear. Members have the opportunity to learn about what gear Jimmy uses and take a look into his personal gear room. To close off the course Jimmy goes over a case study of his shoot on El Cap in Yosemite Valley. Viewers can see how his advice is implemented while out on a shoot.

Route Planning with Mark Smiley

Mark Smiley is an expert when it comes to climbing, skiing, and guiding. He holds numerous world records. In previous years he has been on expeditions across the globe, skied across the entire Alps Mountain Range, and is an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide.

Mark’s course contains 18 separate videos outline everything one needs to get started when it comes to route planning. Like other courses on ROAM Academy, the first few videos dive into the beginner stages and what members need to know before their trip even begins. From weather tracking, to making a rescue plan. Many routes in the wilderness are far away from cell service. But Mark’s course details the importance of how to create custom GPX files and ensure you can follow your own route. Mark then discusses how to create a food and water plan, whether the trip is a few hours or multiple days. Lastly, the course leaves members with tips from Mark himself, how to find the right partners, along with mountain terms to become familiar with.

ROAM Academy provides members with the unique opportunity to learn from the biggest names within the outdoor industry. Yet they also know that there are many people interested in getting more involved in the outdoors, or looking to improve their current set of skills. The Mountain Curriculum series provides members with a baseline from planning routes, to learning about the essentials, and even how to execute a successful climbing photoshoot. Learning from Conrad, Jimmy, Mark provides an experience like none other, to both educate and inspire viewers to ROAM.

About ROAM Academy

ROAM Academy, the Colorado-based start-up committed to quality storytelling and outdoor education, founded by the world’s best adventure athletes, photographers, and filmmakers, recently unveiled ROAM Academy, a collection of exclusive online training, from the world’s best instructors and a curriculum focused on climbing, biking, camping, surfing, skiing, photography, and more.