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Remote Backcountry Ski Lodges in British Columbia

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“With the best skiing B.C. has to offer, backcountry lodges are your perfect unplugged getaways hidden deep in Western Canada’s jaw-dropping alpine paradise.”

— Tom Wolfe – ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide and Owner of Sawback Alpine

Burnie Glacier Lodge is B.C.’s northern most ski lodge. The terrain around this lodge is perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers. Photo by Tom Wolfe

Burnie Glacier Lodge is B.C.’s northern most ski lodge. The terrain around this lodge is perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers. Photo by Tom Wolfe

Beautiful British Columbia is home to some of the best skiing in North America and the entire world. With ten major mountain ranges, and seemingly countless sub ranges, it’s nearly impossible to run out of new backcountry runs to explore in this rugged terrain. If you’re looking for the trip of a lifetime, 57hours has got you covered. The company’s mission is to help you find outdoor adventures and make booking them simple and easy. Their trips are led by highly trained guides, there to help ensure you’re staying safe while exploring the mountains. What’s behind the name 57hours? There are exactly 57 hours from 3:00 pm, Friday, to midnight, Sunday. That gives you 57 hours to pack as much adventure into your weekend as possible.

57hours knows how to connect skiers with some of the most unique adventures that British Columbia has to offer. Whether someone is looking for a week long excursion traveling to a remote mountain hut, or seeking a day adventure along with experts in the field, 57hours has got skiers covered when it comes to exploring BC. In a recent edition of  57hours Adventure Talks series, we learn what makes the backcountry mountain huts in British Columbia an amazing basecamp for backcountry skiing adventures from local guide, Tom Wolfe.

British Columbia Has Perfect Conditions For World-Class Skiing

If you’re looking to go beyond the resorts for turns in top-notch powder and the ultimate unplugged getaway, there’s no better choice than British Columbia’s backcountry lodges. British Columbia has a well deserved reputation for having the best skiing in the world, and its backcountry has seen a major surge in popularity amongst skiers in recent years. BC’s backcountry ski lodges are perfectly situated in ideal ski terrain and offer pristine wilderness ski touring with a high level of service and guiding that make for a relaxing world-class ski holiday. Most of the ski touring and ski mountaineering that is available at backcountry ski lodges tends to be classic skiing that is accessible to anyone with solid downhill ski skills and a good level of fitness. Think 30-35 degree deep powder, not Alaska couloirs!

In this 57hours Adventure Talk, IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide Tom Wolfe talks about:

  • ❄️ Why British Columbia has the ideal climate and terrain that makes for legendary powder and perfect skiing conditions

  • ???????? His favourite backcountry ski lodges that offer the kind of classic ski touring and ski mountaineering opportunities that skiers from across the world come to BC to discover ⛷️ Sunrise Lodge and what makes it a great entry-level lodge for those who are new to ski touring but still want world-class skiing

  • ???? Why Burnie Glacier Hut’s terrain is second to none, but demands a higher level of skill and fitness to make the most of this jaw dropping gem

  • ???? What makes the Loft Peak run so special (think 4700 feet of powder skiing to awesomely steep gladed tree skiing)

  • ????️ A typical day at a backcountry lodge — from sun up to skinning, the runs, the food and the evening stories If you’ve wondered what it’s like to be at a lodge, now is your chance to tune in and hear firsthand from a guide who’s been hosting clients at these lodges for more than a decade.

Watch Tom Wolfe’s 57hours Adventure Talk on Remote Backcountry Ski Lodges in British Columbia here:

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