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The Most Essential Item that You Need To Bring on a Hike

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When you find yourself in danger and in need of being rescued you probably will be panicking and not thinking straight. There are important steps to take to ensure that you not only avoid needing a rescue, but steps to take to make that rescue possible should you ever need it. Whether you are alone or with other people, in the city or out in the wilderness, you need to be able to communicate that you are in an emergency and need a rescue. If you are in an urban setting with service, then of course your cell phone would be an essential tool to have on you in case you need to make that emergency distress call. If you are in the wilderness and without cellphone service, then you need to use something else to send that distress call.

A Global Rescue specialist rescues an injured climber at Mount Everest Base Camp. Global Rescue is the leader in travel risk, crisis management and response. According to the New York Times, Global Rescue employs former Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Defense Intelligence Agency analysts to pluck people from precarious situations worldwide. Photo courtesy of Global Rescue.

Global Rescue is an international company that aims to help its members travel and adventure safely. They offer their members with trip advising and coaching to make sure you are set up for safety, as well as field rescue if you find yourself in danger.

According to Harding Bush, a former Navy SEAL and associate manager of operations for Global Rescue, “The ability to communicate with the rescue service allows them to ask you specific questions to help them assemble the most capable or efficient resources to get to you including your location, your physical state, weather conditions and more.” Letting rescuers know where you are is a crucial part of any rescue mission and may be the only reasons rescuers find you before it is too late. So, if you find yourself traveling alone frequently in settings with little to no cell phone coverage or like to take on dangerous adventures, you should familiarize yourself with communication devices other than a cellphone in order to prepare for the worst possible scenario. You need a reliable two-way communication capability, and your cellphone will not always be that.

Satellite messaging devices are the most reliable solution to this need for two-way communication aside from a cellphone. Here are a few satellite communication devices that may come in handy if you find yourself in the worst-case scenario.

The ACR Bivy Stick

Photo courtesy of ACR Bivy Stick.

The ACR Bivy Stick is only 4 inches long by less than two inches wide, making it extremely easy to slip into your backpack or pocket on an outdoor adventure or expedition. Its two-way text satellite communication capability can easily send text messages to phone numbers or email addresses. It also tracks your location and gives you the ability to share it with whoever you want. There is also an extremely easy to use check-in button that sends preset messages to your loved ones to make sure they know you are okay.  It works with satellite coverage so it will work anywhere you are, even when there is no cellphone service. Another great thing about the Bivy Stick is that it can connect you with Global Rescue immediately so they can get to you as soon as possible if you are in need of a rescue.

Zoleo Satellite Communicator

Photo courtesy of Bluecosmo.

Zoleo connects with your phone or tablet to provide seamless global messaging that works even when you find yourself outside of cell coverage. You can easily send SOS alerts and track your location. Zoleo also has a feature where you can send a preset message to your loved ones if you want to quickly check in. The great thing about the Zoleo satellite communicator is that it links to your phone or tablet to offer the familiar interface. This makes it just that much easier to call out for help when you need to.

Garmin inReach Mini

Photo courtesy of REI.

Garmin’s inReach Mini is another great device that will ensure you can get the help you need, wherever you are in the world. As a satellite communicating device, the inReach Mini is a small, palm-sized device that offers seamless off the grid contact. At only 3.5oz, Garmin’s device is easily slipped into a packed backpack or a pocket of a jacket. It is a great tool that will reliably get you in contact with your loved ones and rescuers if you are in need.


Photo courtesy of SPOT.

The SPOT Gen4 is a small satellite GPS messenger that easily tells your family, friends and rescuers whether or not you are okay and where to find you. SPOT Gen4 gives you critical communication when you find yourself outside of the boundaries of traditional cellular service. There is an easy to use SOS feature, excellent and reliable GPS tracking, and an easy check-in button to quickly let your friends and family know you are okay. You can set a preset message that you can send quickly with just a press of a button.

Global Rescue Membership

Skyblue Overland has been working with Global Rescue to spread awareness of their membership perks. Medical and security emergencies happen. When you find yourself in a tough position and are in need of some serious medical or rescue help, you want someone like Global Rescue to call. If you do not have a membership with someone like Global Rescue, an emergency evacuation could cost up to $100,000. That is why over 1 million members globally trust Global Rescue to get them out of those frightening situations.

Memberships start at $119 and as a member you will get unrestricted and unequivocal access to medical consultation services, field rescue should you need it, evacuation back to your home hospital, wherever that may be, security extraction, travel intelligence, and GPS tracking and communication through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Global Rescue has been around since 2004 and since then they have successfully completed some form of rescue and extraction in every major natural disaster that has occurred in the last 17 years. Factors such as extreme weather, terrorist attacks and security situations are hard to plan for and Global Rescue does a great job being there to protect its members when it is called.

Skyblue Overland Strongly Recommends That You Enroll With Global Rescue Prior To Embarking On Your Next Adventure.

Purchase a Global Rescue membership for your next adventure and travel with peace of mind. Single trip, annual and family options are available.

Memberships start at $119.