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Best Options For Technical and High-Altitude Climbs During 2021

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Young woman climbing a high-altitude and technically challenging mountain.

Finding the best high-altitude, technically challenging mountains to climb sounds simple until you overlay your goals with pandemic restrictions.  Members of the Global Rescue Mountain Advisory share their favorite technical and high-altitude climbs. The highest peaks and the toughest climbs are concentrated in the Himalaya, a range stretching through Nepal, China, India and Pakistan. Getting there during a pandemic is either difficult or impossible, especially for high-altitude climbers from North America, Europe and pretty much anywhere else in the world, except Asia.

Eager climbers are looking for alternatives within the countries where they live or regions where they can travel. Whether you’re an expert mountaineer or relatively new to the sport, there is an abundance of pandemic alternatives for technical and high-altitude climbs.  The Global Rescue Mountain Advisory Council provides advice and guidance from world-class experts to ensure enterprise-level member services and overall sport improvement. Council members shared their favorite technical and high-altitude climbs.

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