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Poncho Is Changing The Game With Their New Performance Hoodies

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The highlights:

  • Dries fast
  • Super soft
  • Sustainably made

I found Poncho last year and reviewed their button-down and pearl snap shirts. They immediately became my go-to for fishing. Now, they just came out with their lightweight hoodie and crew shirts. I got one of the first ones and let me tell you, these things are the real deal.

Photo by Poncho.

Apparently they spent two years developing this shirt – and it shows. You can tell the quality is top notch right out of the box. It’s not just any old shirt. It’s really soft to the touch and fits really well – not too baggy, not too tight.

Photo by Poncho.


Photo by Poncho.

Key Features:

  • Breathes well and keeps you cool
  • Comfortable, super-soft, lightweight fabric
  • Dries faster than anything
  • Built in UPF sun protection
  • Made sustainably from plastic bottles (more on that below)
  • Thumbholes in the sleeves (to keep your hands covered and sunburn free)

Photo by Poncho.


Photo by Poncho.

Put these to the test and you’ll find that they are the quickest drying shirts on the market. I’ve tried my share of bamboo shirts and while those are plenty soft, they get soggy and stay soggy. I’ve also learned that bamboo fabric is terrible for the environment (you can read here about why companies like Patagonia will never make bamboo products).

Poncho’s website says their shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles. Very cool.

You can tell Poncho put in the work to engineer these shirts for max quick-dry and sun-protection in extreme heat. But they’re so soft I just like to wear them everywhere.

Check out Poncho’s website here.

Photo by Poncho.

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