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Overland Skills Training at E3 Overland Association

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Enjoying another awesome Colorado overland adventure with Skyblue Overland.

Enjoying another awesome Colorado overland adventure with Skyblue Overland.

My Connection of Overlanding

My connection to overlanding is the adventure of going on long journeys to explore parts unknown—the Alaskan wilderness, journeys to the Arctic, driving to the tip of Baja California, and an overlanding expedition in Africa. But my connection to overlanding goes beyond exploration. I like to combine overlanding with my favorite endurance adventures like mountain biking, hiking/backpacking, or trail running for a full off-the-beaten-path adventure. You can go for overlanding for just a weekend, a few months, or more than a year. I enjoy skipping out on work on Friday at 3 pm, packing the Jeep with overland gear, driving off to the backcountry to hike, trail run, or mountain bike, returning late Sunday, tired, happy, and fully recharged.

After I bought my Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Chief Edition, Skyblue Overland in May 2017, I had a ton of questions. I was looking for advice and resources about a variety of topics including upgrading my Jeep, basic overlanding gear, best practices for trail navigation, camp cooking basics, vehicle recovery methods just to name a few. I’m so happy to find a resource like the E3 Overland Association. E3 empowers members to discover and explore what it means to make informed decisions while overlanding, so you can appreciate and grow more comfortable with the overland lifestyle.

Overland Skills Training

The E3 Overland Association takes the guesswork out of my journey so I can experience more and have peace of mind, from all the useful resources, while creating memories with friends and family that last a lifetime…Because isn’t that what it’s all about? Your family means the world to you, don’t you want to be able to experience all life has to offer? E3 Overland is for your entire family to discover the best ways to enjoy quality time together, sitting in the moonlight around your campfire, laughing and enjoying each other’s company again and again.With excitement for the next day, when you pull up camp, pack your gear, and set your GPS for the next beautiful destination, and more overlanding conversations, stories, fun and family time.

However, when the time comes for having fun with your family, will they be prepared? Well, don’t worry. Getting the best overland training is easy…visit E3 Overland Association. The E3 Overland Association has some of the top overland experts you’ll find, and they are there to answer all your questions. E3’s overlanding training courses are high-level and leave nothing out. Their level of overland education and training is the best I’ve seen. And when you need it, they also provide safety and best practice courses for off-roading. So, you don’t have to worry if you get stuck in the rocks or mud.

I first completed my refresher training in “Basic Overlanding Gear” and “Trail Navigation.” My next classes will be on “Camp Cooking Basics” and “Vehicle Recovery Methods.”

I suggest brushing up on training to all my overland friends. And the best part is that it’s all online. I highly recommend the E3 Overland Association! Your one-stop source for expert overland information, saving you time and money.

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