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Oru’s New Orange Edition Origami Kayaks

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If you’re camping in a car or trekking, Oru Kayak’s foldable boat can get you out on the water quickly. Oru Kayak is now launching a limited Orange Edition Kayak.

In 2022, Oru Kayak launched their first line of colored kayaks—created by infusing color directly into their corrugated plastic shells. After the original Black Edition Bay ST received great feedback, they followed up with the introduction of the Blue and Green Editions. And they just didn’t stop there—now they are launching a limited Orange Edition Kayak.

Oru Kayak revolutionized the idea of a collapsible kayak, making it much simpler for city-dwellers to enjoy their favorite water activities. Now the brand offers five different sizes of the sturdy-yet-collapsible vessels, designed to easily fit into small apartments and tight spaces. Getting the kayak out of its backpack and into the water is no small feat, but even with a few tries, you’ll be an origami master in no time. After that, you can take your Oru out on lakes, rivers and oceans for smooth glides that’ll make every boater jealous.

Oru Kayak’s Complete Line-Up

Oru’s design, inspired by the origami art form, is incredibly useful. It’s lightweight and easy to store; you can fit it in a small car or in the corner of your apartment. With this design, a 16-foot boat is accessible for urban dwellers.

NEW Orange Edition Boats!

The Orange Edition is available in the Inlet, Beach LT, Bay ST, Coast XT, and Haven. The Orange boats will feature the same “box-to-boat” experience that fans of Oru have come to love but now in a brilliant sunset orange. Pre-Order now to ship by January 16, 2023.

Inlet Orange Kayak with Studio Box.


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