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Jackery Prime Day: Up to 44% Off Solar Generators and Accessories

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The biggest discount event of the year, Jackery’s Prime Day, has officially begun! If you’ve been saving up for a solar generator, there’s no better time to make your purchase than during the Prime Day sale. Jackery offers up to 44% off on a wide range of panels and power stations, ensuring you get the best deal. They also provide a price matching option for one month after your purchase.

To help keep your family powered and protected through any emergency, Jackery is offering their large-capacity flagship generators at never-before-seen prices! Jackery’s 3000 Pro and 2000 Plus solar generators are available at significant discounts and are looking for a new home!

  • Save $500 on the Solar Generator 3000 Pro 2*200W (This price is unprecedented).
  • Save $500 on the Solar Generator 2000 Plus 2*200W.

Whether you have a van, trailer, camper, or RV, Jackery has what you need!

  • Save $1099 on the Solar Generator 2000 Pro 1*200W.
  • Save $400 on the Solar Generator 1000 100W.
  • Save $539 on the Solar Generator 1500 Pro 2*200W.

Jackery also has some small-capacity power stations enjoying significant discounts during this event!

  • Save 28% on our Explorer 500 Portable Power Station, now only $359!
  • Get the Explorer 500 Portable Power Station for just $279.99 today!
  • Save 30% on our SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel , now only $489.00 today!

As if the deals couldn’t get any better, they’re giving away an utterly FREE order daily! Simply shop during Jackery’s Prime Day Sale and enter your contact information on the event page to be eligible. At the end of each day, they will announce the winners, who will receive a full refund for their entire order (excluding sales tax).

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Skyblue Featured Video: Latest Flagship Product – Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro

At CES 2023, Jackery launched their brand new top-of-the-line product: the Solar Generator 1500 Pro!

With efficient charging capabilities, it only takes two hours to be fully powered up. It is designed to work well in extreme weather conditions, making it suited for cold temperatures. The EMI design and BMS system provide reliable safety features. Due to its compact size and lightweight, it can save space, and can power up to 95% of outdoor devices which makes it convenient for using on-the-go.

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