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Why The Isle of Skye Should Be Your Next Otherworldly Hiking Adventure

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“Known for volatile weather, jaw-dropping sights and rich history full of turmoil and magic alike, be sure to bring your camera along to the ever cloud-clad, misty Isle of Skye — the crown jewel for hiking in Scotland.”

— Gareth Williams – Mountain Leader

View of the Quiraing hiking trail at sunset with its pink clouds and blue sky, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Quiraing is a favorite of local hikers. It’s an 11km (7 mile) loop that’s a good introduction to what Skye has to offer.

View of the Quiraing hiking trail at sunset with its pink clouds and blue sky, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Quiraing is a favorite of local hikers. It’s an 11km (7 mile) loop that’s a good introduction to what Skye has to offer.

When you think of some of the most incredible places to hike and explore nature in the world, you have to consider the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Isle of Skye, one of the best hiking destinations in the world, is an island about 50 miles long and 25 miles wide off the West Coast of Scotland. It is one of the most famous locations in Scotland and one of the most trafficked and for good reason! Isle of Skye is famous for its scenery and landscapes, its magical feel and it’s great wildlife watching. At the Isle of Skye you can find white tailed sea eagles, otters, seals, whales, dolphins, and red deer to name only a few of what you may run into. Isle of Skye is also known as the Island of Clouds. The weather here can be volatile and change upon a moment’s notice, bringing beautiful clouds and lush forestry. The Isle of Skye is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Famous for its rugged interior, coastal walks, and interlacing miles of hiking trails, this is one of the most popular destinations in Scotland each summer.

Aside from the physical beauty of the Isle there lies a deep history of turmoil and rumored magic. You can find gloomy ruins of old clans and learn about the clan wars that took place on this magical piece of land. Within its small 50 by 25 mile boundary, Isle of Skye will never stop surprising you. You’ll be able to see castles and ruins from clans and dinosaur bones within the same couple of miles of each other. The history here is unique and to some extent, it feels as though the Isle is stuck in time.

Dramatic Rainy Clouds over Scottish Highlands in the Isle of Skye.

Dramatic Rainy Clouds over Scottish Highlands in the Isle of Skye.


This small slice of Scotland is so full of history and magical beauty that it will never stop surprising you. It is one of the best and most recommended hiking destinations in the world with its coastal scenery and beautiful bays and water, to jagged massive mountains. Many travelers feel as though they are stuck in a sci-fi movie with fairies and mythical creatures living beyond the rolling hills and spiked peaks.

Now that we have hooked you by our raving of Isle of Skye, let us tell you how you can get there and enjoy this magical experience with little to no hassle. 57hours is an adventure company that believes in making the most out of our free time by spending it completely emerged in nature. Experiencing nature and feeling the magic that the mountains and different parts of the world have to offer absolutely fulfills that scratch to make the most of all the free time you have. 57hours offers guided outdoor adventures all over the world, including the Isle of Skye. With a local guide, you’ll escape from reality and be completely immersed in the beauty and mystery of the Isle of Skye.

Isle of Skye Hiking Tour

This 57hours’ guided trip is offered from May to October when the weather is most likely the best. For 7 days, you and your family or friends will hike some of the most epic and beautiful sights in the world, something you will talk about for the rest of your life. Group sizes range from 1-12, solo travelers are welcome! This trip consists of long hikes but it is catered towards beginner and intermediate hikers, so you do not have to be in extremely great shape to enjoy the beautiful views and experiences. The program is designed to be challenging but not so much so that you’ll be distracted from the out-of-this-world landscapes. Aside from the beauty of the wilderness and mystery of nature, you will learn about the historic sites along the way and stay in some really awesome rustic and cozy lodges. Read the location review by mountain guide and tour leader, Gareth Williams.

Why 57hours Guided Tours are Worth It

A huge part of 57hours guided outdoor adventures is being led by a certified and experienced local guide. The best part about having a local guide like Gareth Williams is learning inside information. Hiking with a local guide offers you the chance to experience this amazing location with inside knowledge of the beautiful scenery as well as the history and mythical stories. Local guides know all of the hidden gems that the area has to offer and can make your experience very unique.

The Isle of Skye has notoriously unpredictable and potentially extremely nasty weather that could ruin your trip if you do not know how to avoid it and how to utilize it. Your local guide will know exactly what to do when the weather takes a turn for the worst and instead of feeling disappointed, you’ll experience something completely different with the help of local information.

This 57hours trip is unique because instead of signing up for a rigid itinerary, this trip is less structured. You will start in Glasgow and then drive out to Dunvegan where you’ll set up and stay in the historic Uiginish Lodge. Every night you will meet with your guide and go over the next day’s plans and where you want to hike. This is designed so you have choices of what hikes you want to do and how you want to structure your day. This also leaves some flexibility in case the weather does not permit certain activities.

Isle of Skye is really a unique place and a must see, especially if you are already in or going to the United Kingdom. With 57hours affiliated guides and their connections, you are sure to have a great trip and experience this really magical.

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye ,Scotland (Copy)

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Your escape from reality starts in the historic Uiginish Lodge, where you can relax with a cup of tea or admire the neighbouring castle Dunvegan. These seven days are completely customizable to your group. Depending on your skill level and objectives, as well as the mercy of the weather, you’ll decide which trails are of most interest. Leisurely coastal walks with sea otters splashing around? Seeing the iconic Old Man of Storr, or wandering around on landslides with gravity-defying spires above you? Skye never disappoints.

7 days | $920

About Gareth Williams – Mountain Guide

Gareth has always loved the outdoors. He combined his love for nature with skills gained from years of working in publishing and founded Large Outdoors , a guiding service that offers many adventures for their clients turned friends. A certified Mountain Leader, you can find him and his fellow guides all over the UK and Ireland, teaching people how to wild swim, sea kayak or accompanying them on otherworldly hikes.

About 57hours

57hours was built on the idea of packing your weekends with exciting outdoor adventures. Why the name 57hours? Well, there are 57 hours between 3 pm on Friday afternoon and midnight on Sunday. To them, making the most of your weekend means packing your car with gear, heading off to the mountains for the weekend, and returning late Sunday night, exhausted but completely recharged and ready for the upcoming work week.

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