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Epic Trips: Hiking and Sailing Adventure in the Mythical Faroe Islands

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Hiker admiring the view of the Drangarnir rocks at Faroe Islands.


The outdoors have been waiting! After a year of not being able to travel or explore beautiful outdoor adventures past our backyards, the vaccination roll out has shown us a light at the end of the tunnel. Many of us are itching to travel and why not make that trip a beautiful, outdoor adventure? 

About 57hours

57hours is a company that started in Colorado with the simple philosophy that we are obligated to make the most of the 57hours of the weekend. 57hours offer great guided day trips and extended trips. What better way to reintroduce yourself into the world of global travel and epic outdoor adventure? 

Hike and Sail the Mythical Faroe Islands

The Mulafossure waterfall on a sunny day in the Faroe Islands.

One awesome guided trip that 57hours offers is a hiking and sailing trip through the Faroe Islands in Denmark. This is an eight-day guided tour where you will hike trails along steep cliffs and rugged coastlines before getting on a sailboat and exploring the islands by sea. You will navigate the majestic fjords through the 18 forgotten islands of the Faroe Islands where you will find brightly painted cities, an extremely fun festival scene, and one of a kind remote wilderness. 

This trip will take you to beautiful landscapes so mystical you will swear you are in a movie. The Faroe Islands are found in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and the Shetland Islands, forming a self-governing division of Denmark. The 18 islands are made up of volcanic rocks, offering a high and rugged landscape. The coasts offer a unique beauty with deep indents with fjords and narrow passages between islands. 

These beautiful islands offer great hiking and challenging sailing, perfect for an avid adventurer. The climate is oceanic and mild with very little variation in temperature throughout the seasons. It frequently sees fog and rain, accumulating to an annual precipitation of 60 inches! These conditions make it great adventuring all year round. 57hours’s guided trip through the mystical islands is offered at any time throughout the year. 

View of the Funningur fjord from the Funningur top. Eysturoy Island, Faroe islands, Kingdom of Denmark, Europe. Hiker in a red jacket explores natural attractions.

What the Adventure Consists of

This adventure exposes you to the Nordic lifestyle, which you are likely to fall in love with. You will be able to explore the Faroe Islands under the glow of the midnight sun or watch the northern lights like you never imagined before. All year round you can find excellent, challenging hikes with jaw-dropping views of other islands or miles and miles of vast oceans. Your guide will take you on hikes through beautiful villages coated in mist and follow trails to the top of spectacular mountains with incredible views. You will hike more than 82km and visit over 15 beautiful villages and cities. With the expert information provided by your local guide, you will feel fully immersed in the Nordic lifestyle. 57hours’ affiliated guides will teach you about the ancient relationship of humans with the sea, the mythology of the land, and the stories of the landscape that preserve such a beautiful life. 

Hiking will not be your only way of getting around these islands! Aboard a historic sailboat, you will travel over 80 nautical miles, hopping from island to island. From the boat you will not only get a spectacular view of the landscape you were hiking on, but also a glimpse into the fishing and sailing traditions of the area. 

Church in Saksun, Faroe Islands.

Some of the Best Sites to See 

This adventure takes you to too many spectacular places to talk about, but here are a few that are absolutely stunning and feel magical. 

On day 2, you will set out on your first hike to the cliffs and Sørvágsvatn  Lake, where you will be able to see the stunning Bøsdalafossur  Waterfall. Then you will trek to an overlook where you can see breathtaking 360 degree views of the area and hike to Gásadalur, a beautiful and remote village in the Faroe Islands. 

Later in your trip, on day 6, you will hike on Kalsoy Island, one of the most beautiful that the Faroe Islands have to offer. Here, you will hike north towards the beautiful lighthouse, through several villages where you can catch another glimpse of the Nordic lifestyle. This hike will take you through incredible landscapes where the mythological Selkies are said to live. After a day of beautiful views of the landscape and the ocean, your sailboat will be waiting for you in the harbor near the lighthouse. 

Torshawn city, the capital of the Faroe Islands, Denmark. View of Vestaravag Harbor in Torshavn with its boats and colorful buildings.

What Else You Need to Know 

This trip is designed for adventurers who have experience hiking in mountain terrains. The hiking on this adventure is not easy, it is best for hikers who consider themselves of intermediate or advanced level. There is roughly 5-7 hours of hiking per day, reaching up to 20km a day. The volcanic terrain in itself is challenging and the beautiful weather that makes the landscape so spectacular can be unforgiving. 

On the note of unforgiving weather, the infamous unpredictability of the weather means you have to come prepared with the right gear. You should have gear for both sunshine and heavy rain. Your local guide will have the perfect expertise for a course of action if the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

View of iconic Scandinavian church with red roof in Sandavágur village, Vágar Island. This is a Popular tourist spot in Faroe Islands, Denmark.


Before you begin your hiking and sailing adventure, you will fly into the town of Sandavágur where you will stay in twin rooms with a shared bathroom. After one night of preparation and exploration in the town, you will hit the sailboat! During days of the sailboat expedition, you will sleep on the expedition sailboat. The sleeping arrangements are in the common cabin under the sailboat deck. The last night in the Faroe Islands, before you go back home, you will stay in the town of Tórshavn in a similar accommodation to your first night before the sailboat.

Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula arctica) on Mykines, Faroe Islands, Denmark.


Travelers on this guided trip will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner while staying on the sailboat. Lunch and dinner will take place on the sailboat, while lunch is picnic style during the day while hiking. 

Like we said, what better time to get out and adventure the world than after a year of being confined to our respective homes? This year should be a big year for outdoor adventure and you should try to make the most of it. 57hours affiliated local guides know the best areas and will enhance your experience with expertise only a local would have. Make the most of your travel experiences by looking into what 57hours has to offer.

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