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Forest Lantern by Barebones Living

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Barebones’ classic Forest Lantern is perfect for camping trips in the wild, backyard gatherings, and any other outdoor event. The lantern features modern functionality with an old-fashioned design – there’s an on/off button that also functions as a dimmer, a rechargeable micro USB port, and a sturdy stamped steel housing. Create the perfect setting with Barebones’ Forest Lantern and enjoy an outdoor experience without worrying about distractions.

Buy it with a Zippered Lantern Storage Bag

Originally designed to conveniently store the Railroad or Forest Lantern, Barebones’ Zippered Lantern Storage bag’s compact size and utility design make it an excellent all-purpose camp gear companion.

Barebones took a traditional caged lantern and added modern features and superior performance. The rechargeable battery, with adjustable brightness, resembles the glow of a burning wick. A strong stamped steel casing serves as a nod to the original construction while providing an extra layer of security. Features like the nameplate and charge indicator lights give it an elevated look, making it an emblematic item in the Barebones illumination collection. Whether you use it to tackle challenging paths or just to light up a card game in your backyard, this lamp is created for everyone’s delight.

Photo by Barebones.


  • Warm ambient LED light
  • 4-80+ hours run time, depending on setting
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery via micro USB
  • Recharge time 4-6 hrs
  • Available in Antique Bronze, Red, and Vintage White
  • Replacement Battery

My Take

I’m really impressed with the Barebones Forest Lantern. It’s a great addition to my outdoor equipment. It gives off much more light than I had hoped, and I like the dimming option. It works great for use when I’m camping or when I just need a little light while walking to the backyard shed.

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Skyblue Featured Video: How To Charge The Forest Lantern


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