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Floyd’s of Leadville: CBD Pain Management For Active Pursuits

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When professional cyclist Floyd Landis founded Floyd’s of Leadville, he sought to promote natural and GMO-free pain relief methods for use by athletes. When the 2006 Tour de France winner underwent hip replacement surgery, he discovered CBD for pain management.

Today, Floyd’s of Leadville produces all-natural CBD products in a variety of forms, including full-spectrum and CBD isolate options. Floyd’s products are perfect for reducing pain and inflammation, and for relaxation and recovery post-exercise.

From coffee and hydration fuel to a wide variety of ingestible tinctures and soft gels, Floyd’s has something for everyone.

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Floyd’s of Leadville has a comprehensive line of CBD products for active lifestyles. CBD products are available in Full-Spectrum and CBD Isolates in varying dosages, in both topical and ingestible forms so athletes can choose the best way to integrate CBD into their training and recovery regimes.

CBD Full Spectrum Softgels  From $40 / CBD Isolate Softgel From $4.99

A daily supplement for a healthy lifestyle, these gel-caps utilize the full benefits of CBD Hemp oil and the best positive-property strains to help you relax, rest, and recover.  No additives, preservatives, or GMO, so you can get all of the goodness without any of the pesticides or pain.

CBD Full Spectrum Tincture I From $19.99  CBD Isolate Tincture I From $12.99 

Concentrated CBD that makes for easy consumption; a portable and efficient way to get your daily dose of CBD!

CBD Balms I From $24.99

An aromatic combination of scents, lidocaine, and CBD for advanced pain management. Apply topically and quickly manage sore joints or muscles while soaking in the soothing scents and absorbing its anti-anxiety benefits.

Transdermal Cream I From $2.99

Harness the healing properties of CBD and feel the pain management benefits in a matter of minutes with this topical sports cream. Manages aches, pains, and soreness now, so you can lift heavier and work harder tomorrow.

Recovery Protein I From $2.99

Whatever your sport, recovery is critical. After an intense training session, treat yourself to 27g of protein, 8.5 BCAAs and and the pain management benefits of CBD in just one serving. Make a shake or throw it in a smoothie for an optimal and tasty recovery!

Stage 17 Coffee | $29.99

Recharge and recover with Stage 17 Dark Roast coffee blend. Every Arabica bean is subtly infused with THC-free CBD and artfully roasted by Lion Head Coffee in Granby, Colorado. With 15mg of Floyd’s CBD isolate per 2 tablespoons of ground coffee, this brew is a great way to start your day.

Hydration Fuel I From $2.99

Amp up your hydration before, during, and after your workout. Floyd’s Hydration Fuel is formulated with 5mg of CBD, 30 grams of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates, 3 grams of BCAA, and an electrolyte blend to help replace the water lost when you sweat. Stay a step above the competition and challenge your personal best by fueling your body right.

CBD Isolate Gems I From $1.99 (25mg) From $2.99 (50mg) CBD Full Spectrum Gems I From $12.99   

A tasty solution for rest and recovery that allows you to keep your edge over the competition and take CBD with you wherever you go. Available in a variety of flavors and dosages; packs of 10 mg, 25 mg, or single servings of 50 mg.

FloydsRx Tincture $115 / FloydsRx Tablets $150

Originally designed for the therapeutic needs of chiropractors and other wellness professionals, the FloydsRx line uses a distinctive formulation that adds CBG and a terpene blend to pure CBD. Lab tested and third-party verified like all Floyd’s products, FloydsRx utilizes “The Entourage Effect” to further enhance the many benefits of CBD.


Floyd’s of Leadville is the result of a long journey from chronic pain and depression to health and well being. Floyd is passionate about helping others who may be experiencing physical discomfort, anxiety, or depression. That’s why he carefully developed a premium CBD product line to help people get over the pain and back in the game.

Products from Floyd’s of Leadville are carefully crafted using the finest hemp-derived CBD utilizing an industry-leading extraction process, to maximize the positive properties of CBD. To learn more visit:

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