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Daily Gear Digest For September 15, 2023: Uncharted Supply Co’s Preptember Sale

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This morning, we’re featuring Uncharted Supply Co’s Pretember Sale. It’s the perfect time to stock up on Uncharted Supply Co. gear! They are having their Preptember Sale and you can get up to 50% off all of the gear you need for your next adventure. Explore their selection and save big during this limited-time sale.

Save Up to 50% on all of Uncharted Supply Co’s Preptember Sale

Preptember Sale: Save up to 50% on Uncharted Gear. THE ATHENA ($140) portable jump starter and power bank ($139) has a 16000mAh capacity, perfect for making it home. THE SEVENTY2® PRO SURVIVAL SYSTEM ($590) contains 60 professional-grade tools. The SEVENTY2® Pro Shell Dry Bag ($120) is waterproof, compact, and has 600D tarpaulin construction with welded seams. Ideal for a day’s expedition, the bag has a roll top design and hip straps for secure carrying.

Photo: Uncharted Supply Co.

Uncharted Supply Co’s SEVENTY2® Pro Shell Dry Bag ($120) is the ultimate companion for any adventure. Whether it’s braving a storm during your ascent or needing protection for your gear at the beach, Uncharted Supply Co’s dry bags will keep the elements out and your gear safe and sound. The bag features 600D tarpaulin construction, which means world-class toughness, and welded seams that guarantee nothing leaks in or out. A roll-top design makes for easy closure, expandable capacities, and hip straps help secure and carry even the heaviest loads. The bag is waterproof and compact enough to hold everything you need for a day’s adventure without becoming unwieldy. Say goodbye to black holes of never-ending gear with our roll-top bag!

Skyblue Featured Video: This is Why THE SEVENTY2 PRO SURVIVAL SYSTEM is the Best Go Bag on the Market

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