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Daily Gear Digest For September 14, 2023

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Daily Gear Digest is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from the Skyblue Gear Lab.

Each day, the Skyblue Gear Lab has new product releases and stories to tell. We gather them all together in our Daily Gear Digest, so you can stay informed of the latest gear news.

This morning, we have two exciting product announcements to share: BOTE’s newly designed Rackham Gatorshell and Ruffwear’s BackTrak™ Dog Evacuation Kit. This emergency kit includes a dog sling and a first-aid muzzle.

BOTE unveils the newly designed Rackham Gatorshell with APEX Pedal Drive technology

BOTE, the top manufacturer of aquatic lifestyle products, reveals its reworked Rackham Gatorshell incorporating APEX Pedal Drive compatibility. Winning Best in Boats and Watercraft at ICAST 2022, this platform underwent a major makeover, allowing it to seamlessly switch from a stand-up paddleboard to a pedal kayak.

Photo: BOTE

BOTE’s Rackham paddle boards are renowned for their excellence when it comes to fishing expeditions. These incredibly stable boards offer a secure stance, thanks to its wide base and recessed deck that keeps the center of gravity low. They’re also designed with durability in mind, using advanced ballistic-grade composites and proprietary Gatorshell technology which fortifies it against abrasion. Heat-sealed multi-textured deck pads provide grip and comfort, while the displacement hull features an efficient pointed nose that allows the board to cut through choppy waters with ease. Perfect for long fishing trips or just casual paddling.

The included Aero Paddle Seat is custom-built to seamlessly convert the Rackham from stand-up paddle board to sit-on-top kayak. Height adjustment is a breeze through four G-clips, catering to both kayak and pedal-driven paddling preferences. Paddle lash-downs are included on each side of the seat for storage of both a kayak and a stand-up paddle, and the APEX Pedal Drive rudder control system can be attached to either the right or left side of the seat for ambidextrous steering.

Photo: BOTE

The Rackham’s feature set is nothing short of impressive, including front and back bungees, grab handles, gear straps, accessory mounting points, the innovative MAGNEPOD magnetic drink and accessory retention system, and a wide array of add-ons. Among these, the all-new mini Rocket Rac stands out, offering three rod holders – two angled for trolling and one for storage.

The introduction of the re-imagined Rackham Gatorshell marks an exciting addition to BOTE’s lineup of APEX Pedal Drive-compatible watercrafts, including the Rackham Aero 12’4” and LONO Aero.

Available in two sizes, the new Rackham Gatorshell 12′ ($2,149) and Rackham Gatorshell 14′ ($2,349), along with the  APEX Pedal Drive + Rudder System ($899) are available online at

Ruffwear’s BackTrak™ Dog Evacuation Kit: Emergency Dog Sling & First-Aid Muzzle

The BackTrak Evac Kit ($120) is the newest addition to the brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection. It is created to give you peace of mind during times of disaster. The kit comes in three different sizes and consists of two parts: a lightweight, first-aid dog muzzle and a vest that has a special pouch designed for you to transport your canine companion with ease.

Photo: Ruffwear.

This comprehensive kit gives you the ability to bring your pup to safety no matter what situation arises on the trail.

Get your own BackTrak Evac Kit

Skyblue Featured Video: About the Ruffwear BackTrak™ Dog Sling Evacuation Kit

The BackTrak™ Evac Kit is an emergency dog sling carrier that’s prepared for the unexpected so you and your dog can confidently go out and go further.

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